Best Dog Cooling Pad: Keeping Man’s Best Friend Cool and Comfortable

Best Dog Cooling Pad
Emily Young
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Summer time is the best season for outdoor fun and recreation. It’s all about flip flops, tank tops, shorts and a dip in the beach or pool. Humans have many ways to keep cool during the summer ranging from finding the right attire to sipping cool drinks and switching the air conditioning to full blast.

However, man’s best friend needs to keep cool too. A dog’s fur can retain heat, making it hard for them to cool down when temperatures are high. A good solution to overheating is buying them the best dog cooling pad.

For many people, keeping the air conditioning on while they’re at work is a luxury they can’t afford. As a result, their pets suffer at home. Bowls of water left outside can evaporate quickly making it hard for your pet to hydrate. Dogs usually result to panting to regulate their internal temperature.

Dog Cooling Pad

It is also important to leave the fan on so that your pets will have a source of ventilation if they’re stuck inside the house. Another good solution is to buy a watering system that hooks directly to the faucet.

These solutions can help keep your dogs cool during the summer heat. However, a fan that is left on can cause electrical problems and even fire. Cooling pads on the other hand are a safer and easier way to keep your dog cool. They also prevent your pets from shedding too much because of the heat.

It also helps to keep your dogs clean since they don’t have to lie on the floor or dirt. A cooling pad also acts as an insulated layer to protect against colds and achy joints. Most of all, your dog will be comfortable in his own territory.

Our top picks

ProductDimensionsCooling MaterialElectricPrice
The Green Pet Shop Self Cooling Pad35 x 23.6 inchesGelNoCheck price on Amazon
Easyology Pet Cooling Mat27.6 x 16.5 inchesGelNoCheck price on Amazon
Coleman Comfort Pad Mat24 x 30 inchesGelNoCheck price on Amazon
Whalek Pressure Activated Cooling Mat35.4 x 19.7 inchesGelNoCheck price on Amazon
Kingstar Pet Chilly Gel Mat25.6 x 19.6 inchesGelNoCheck price on Amazon
Hugs Pet Products Cooling Gel Pet Pad36 x 20 inchesGelNoCheck price on Amazon
Arf Pets Self Cooling Mat Pad23.6 x 35.4 inchesGelNoCheck price on Amazon

Features to Look For in a Dog Cooling Pad

There are many different dog cooling pads available in the market. It can offer coolness and comfort on a hot day. They are a good alternative for senior dogs who like to lie on wooden or concrete floors to try and cool down. Aside from this, it prevents dogs from overheating and getting dehydrated. Here are some features of a cooling pad you should consider when looking for an ideal cooling pad for your pet.


Toilet training your dog can be a chore and some dogs are harder to train than others. With this in mind, you need a cooling pad that is waterproof. This will make it easier for you to clean up spills and urine and stools if your dog or puppy is still undergoing training.

Waterproof Dog Cooling Pad

Read the label of the product you’re buying to ensure that it is really waterproof. This will make it easier for you to keep the pad clean and comfortable for your furry friend.

Easy To Clean

Aside from being waterproof, the pad should also be easy to clean. There are cooling pads that are made of fleecy materials that attract hair, stain or dirt. Look for a dog cooling pad that is made with easy to clean materials. Fabric like nylon is easy to clean and maintain. Remember that most dogs shed their fur all the time. An easy-to-clean fabric will make your job easier.

Easy to Clean Dog pad

Pet and Environment Safe

This feature is particularly important for gel-based cooling pads. The gel that is placed inside the pad is composed of chemicals and materials that could be dangerous for your dog when ingested and for the environment when you dispose of the pad. To keep dogs from getting poisoned and from contaminating our planet, choose a cooling pad with gel that is rated as pet and environment safe.


Cooling pads like dogs come in different sizes. Choosing the right size for your dog can make the pad more comfortable because it can cool all parts of your dog. For big dog breeds, choose large or extra large cooling pads so that the product can cool your dog’s whole body. For small dogs, choose a smaller sized pad because a large or extra-large pad can take up a lot of floor space.

Dog Cooling Pad Size


There are materials that your dogs will not like. Many dogs for example do not like the feel of rubber. Avoid buying a cooling pad made from rubber because it can harbor bacteria, is difficult to clean (especially fur) and is usually heavy. Plastic cooling mats are also a bad idea.

These types of mats are not breathable so they can cause your pet to sweat instead of cooling them down. They are also not very durable and have a tendency to crack.

Foam is another material to avoid. This material is used as insulation for your sofa and does a better job at retaining heat rather than dissipating it. Foam will make your dog hot and uncomfortable.

Cooling Pad Material

There are a lot of choices when it comes to a dog cooling mat. Before buying a cooling mat for your dog to relax and sleep in, you need to understand the needs of their breed so that you will be prepared for your purchase. Here are some of the top cooling pads and their reviews.

Dog Cooling Pad Product Reviews

Aside from cooling your dogs, cooling pads have other benefits like comfort, relieving achy joints, keeps dogs clean, prevents colds and insulates your dogs against drafts. A cooling pad is also a more energy efficient way of cooling down your dog. Here are examples of dog cooling pads and their reviews.

The Green Pet Shop Self Cooling Pad

Dimensions: 35 x 23.6 inchesThe Green Pet Shop

Cooling Material: Gel

Features: Easy fold sturdy construction, safe for people, pets and planet, easy to wipe clean

Best Use: Cooling overheated dogs

The Green Pet Shop Self Cooling Pad does not need refrigeration, water or electricity for your pet to use. It is very easy to use and there is no need to fill with water every day. The cooling material is non-toxic gel so it is safe for pets, people and the environment.

The pet pad is pressure or weight activated. It does not use batteries or electricity to cool your pet down. The gel will start to absorb the heat dissipated by your pet as soon as they lie down on the mat and recharges automatically with 15-20 minutes of non-use.

Aside from cooling, the pad can also help alleviate aches, pains and swelling of senior dogs. It can also help with other dog health problems like Cushing’s disease, epilepsy, seizures and allergies. The pad is very convenient to use and easy to clean.

Just wipe it down using a soft rag with mild detergent and water and its good as new. You can place it inside or outside the house. It can also be integrated in most dog beds.

While the pad is made from durable materials, there are customer complaints of poisoning due to the ingestion of the gel cooling material. There are also reports of the pad being too stiff after taking it out of storage. It is best to observe your dog during the first few days with this cooling pad before leaving them on their own.

It is also best to seal the product in the plastic bag provided if you’re planning to store the product during the winter.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Gel material might not be pet friendly

Related: Make cleaning easier with The Green Pet Shop Pet Pad Cover. It covers your cooling pad perfectly while preventing damage from scratching or chewing.

Check the price on Amazon

Easyology Pet Cooling Mat

Dimensions: 27.6 x 16.5 inchesLarge Pet Cooling Mat - Cold Gel Pad

Cooling Material: Gel

Features: Extra thick cushion (1/2 inch thick), fits inside Easyology Pet Mat, easy to clean

Best Use: Cooling station for small to medium dog breeds

This cooling pad for dogs is extra thick with soft-gel cushioning. The Easyology Pet Cooling Mat will surely keep your pet comfortable and cool even when it’s sizzling outside. It can sit perfectly on top of your couch which is a big advantage if your pet is a couch potato.

This feature is good news to pet owner who have guests since it prevents dog hair from getting into your sofa. This product can be integrated into the Easyology Pet Bed that is sold separately so that your dog can enjoy the cooling benefits even when they are asleep.

This product is made from ultra-lightweight material and is easy to maintain. To clean the cooling mat, simply shake off the dirt and hair. You can also give it a quick rinse to remove any debris. The pad can also be vacuumed or wiped down with a damp rag.

One of the best things about this product is the ½-inch thickness of the cushion. This enables the product to withstand sharp claws.

The product is advertised as «large» but it is better to measure your dog to make sure that he can fit comfortably inside the cooling pad. Smaller dog breeds like Cotton de Tulare and English Bulldogs will have no problem getting comfortable in the cooling pad.


  • Thick cushion is more comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Size is not suitable for large dogs despite the label

Related: Some pets are over active and don’t like to lie on their mats. Keep them cool even while on the go with Arf Pets Dog Cooling Collar.

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Coleman Comfort Pet Pad Mat

Dimensions: 24 x 30 inchesColeman Comfort Cooling Gel Pet Pad

Cooling material: Gel

Features: Easy wipe shell, non-toxic gel, no refrigeration needed

Best use: Cooling and resting area for large dogs

The Coleman Comfort Pet Pad Mat can stay 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature. This translates to more cooling comfort for your best friends. It can be used as a standalone mat or you can integrate it with their doggy bed or carrier. It is made from tough material so your dog will have a hard time destroying this cooling mat.

This pad is a bit small but it can accommodate a 90lb Pit bull and Labrador mix comfortably. This is a good alternative to your pets cooling down using your floor since it does not take up a lot of space. This can easily become your dog’s new favorite hangout spot.

There is no need to put this product in the freezer to achieve the cooler room temperature because the product is self-cooling. It is easy to use and no need to cool or fill with water every day. The product can be cleaned by wiping down the easy wipe shell with a clean damp cloth.

To get rid of the plastic-y smell once you open it, put it outside to help dissipate the smell of «new». This way your dogs will like using the pad immediately.


  • Affordable
  • Cool mat temperature
  • Plastic smell can deter dogs from using it

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Whalek Pressure Activated Cooling Mat

Dimensions: 35.4 x 19.7 inchesWhalek Cooling Mat Pressure Activated

Cooling material: Gel

Features: Pet friendly, eco friendly, non-toxic materials, waterproof, easy to clean, comes with pet comb

Best use: Prevent dehydration or overheating of dogs, helps alleviate achy joints

The Whalek Pressure Activated Cooling Mat is versatile and can be used as a puppy pad, canine mattress and dog cooling pad on hardwood floors, marble, tiles, concrete surfaces, carpets and other types of flooring materials.

Whalek designed this pad with comfort in mind and is made with the most durable and comfortable materials. The gel cooling material of the pad is made non-toxic making it people, pet and planet safe.The cooling effect of the pad is not just ideal for pets who want to cool down.

Usage of the product can also help alleviate pain in dogs that suffer from chronic pain, inflammation and sore joints. The cooling mat does not use electricity and is pressure-activated. It is also made from polyester fiber composite PVC material so it is easy to clean and maintain. Just clean with a soft brush and you’re done.

If you have problems cooling the pad, gently remove your dog from the mat and place it in an area of the house without direct sunshine for 20 minutes. After recharging, the mat is good to go again.

Even though the cooling pad is made from durable materials, it can still tear due to long nails. Make sure to clip your pet’s nails for better longevity.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can tear due to untrimmed nails, scratching

Related: Ease your pet’s thirst by keeping their water chilled with the Whalek Solid Cooling Feeder. It keeps water cool for up to 8 hours.

Check the price on Amazon

Kingstar Pet Chilly Gel Mat

Dimensions: 25.6 x 19.6 inchesKingstar Pet Chilly Gel Mat

Cooling material: Gel

Features: Up to 4 hours cooling, pressure activated cooling gel, tough puncture resistant material, easy to wipe clean, non-toxic gel

Best use: Cools down small to medium sized dog breeds

The Kingstar Pet Chilly Gel Mat keeps your pet comfortable for hours without the need to chill or refrigerate the product. Give your dogs a more comfortable summer with the soothing coolness and comfort of this cooling pad. The pad will always be cooler than the surrounding area for up to 4 hours despite constant use. It will slowly return to its gel state after 15 minutes of non-use. You can also stick it in the freezer to speed up the process.

The foldable design makes it easy to transport so you can take it with you on your trips. You can also use the cooling pad in different areas of the house so that your dog can cool down anywhere.

The pad is made from durable material that is tough and can withstand punctures so that it can last a long time. The product is also easy to clean and maintain. Simply shake off hair and debris to dislodge them from the surface. You can also wipe it down with a clean damp cloth.

The cooling mat is not only recommended to prevent overheating and dehydration in dogs. It also helps alleviate pain, aches, allergies and skin diseases. Old dogs with hip dysplasia will love this product’s cooling effect. The cooling pad is weight-activated so it can keep your dog comfortable for hours without the use of batteries or electricity.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Might be too small for large breed dogs

Related: Keep your cat fur free with the Kingstar Universal Dog Back Seat Protector. It does not only protect your car seats but also prevents your pets from jumping out the door if it is opened or from falling on the car floor.

Check the price on Amazon

Hugs Pet Products Cooling Gel Pet Pad

Dimensions: 36 x 20 inchesHugs Pet Products Chillz Pad

Cooling material: Gel

Features: Durable polyurethane foam material, lightweight, portable, for indoor and outdoor use, non-toxic gel

Best use: Keeps pet cool indoors and outdoors

Keep your pet cool and comfortable with the Hugs Pet Products Cooling Gel Pet Pad.  Hugs products can fit any size pets and promises to keep your dogs comfortable indoors and outdoors. The material of this cooling pad is made with puncture-proof fabric for durability. The cooling pad is also an ideal mat for dogs that suffer from joint pain.

The cooling pad does not need freezing or chilling to recharge. If the pad is warm, simply remove your pet from the mat and the ambient air will cool the pad. It is also very easy to clean and maintain just by using a damp cloth to wipe down. The pad can also be used in doors, outdoors, inside the carrier or draped on your back seat. The pad folds easily so that you can transport or store it.

There are reports of the cooling pad tearing despite the materials used by the manufacturer. In this instance, it is better to keep your dog’s nails trimmed and smooth so as not to damage the material or cause the gel to leak.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Not puncture proof according to some users

Related: Some dogs like to play despite the heat. For dogs that are active wrap them in the Hugs Pet Products Cooling Cloth for Dogs and help them stay cool for hours.

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Arf Pets Self Cooling Mat Pad

Dimensions: 23.6 x 35.4 inchesPet Dog Self Cooling Mat

Cooling material: Gel

Features: Versatile mat design prevents overheating, up to 3 hours cooling relief, non toxic gel, retains shape even after folding, folds flat, ideal for travelling

Best use: Cooling and recovery area for dogs especially post-surgery

Keep your pet comfortable even in during the summer season with Arf Pets Self Cooling Mat Pad. The pad is made with durable nylon cushion material with innovative cool gel interior that absorbs your dog’s body heat to soothe and cool them for up to 3 hours.

This product is self-charging and does not require water, refrigeration or batteries to cool your dog. The mat is fully charged after 15 minutes of non-use. It is low-maintenance and very easy to use and clean. Simply wipe down the mat using a clean rag soaked in mild detergent and water.

This product is a multi-use pet care tool. It does not only do a good job of making your pet comfortable, it can also help dogs that suffer from swelling, aches and skin conditions alleviate their pain. It can also help pets relax after recovering from surgery.

The nylon construction of the cooling pad is not only pet safe but human and environment friendly too. The product is a versatile space-saver that provides cushioning support and can be used in their crates, bed, or the backseat of your car. It has an easy-fold design that makes transport and storage easy.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Easy to store
  • Expensive

Related: If you want to provide maximum coolness for your dog, consider getting the Cooling Vest for Dogs. It utilizes natural evaporative cooling to make sure your dog don’t overheat.

Check the price on Amazon

FrontPet Dog Cooling Pad

Dimensions: 36 x 36 inchesFrontPet Dog Cooling Pad

Cooling Material: Gel

Features: Cool cushioning, can be placed on top of your dog’s bed, folds quickly for easier transport and storage, for indoor and outdoor use

Best use: Portable cooling are for dogs that you can take with you in your car, their carrier or while traveling

The FrontPet Dog Cooling Pad makes it easier for dog owners to take their pets with them anywhere. No need to worry about high temperatures because this product can keep them cool indoors and outdoors. This self-cooling mat is designed to provide a comfortable and cool place for your best friend to relax and chill.

The gel material of this product keeps your dog cool by redistributing their body heat across its surface away from your dog. There is no freezing or filling required because the gel automatically stays chilly. It folds easily and quickly so you can bring it with you anywhere you go.

The pad is also easy to clean. All you need to do is to shake off the hair and debris or wipe it with a clean damp rag and it’s fresh and ready for your pet.

The size of the cooling pad also makes it easy to fit into your couch, backseat, dog bed or dog carrier. It is created for all dog breeds so that they can stay cool even when the weather is hot.

There are disappointed customers who reported their dogs chewing through or puncturing the product.


  • Easy to clean
  • Very portable
  • Expensive
  • Pets can chew through it

Related: The 4-inch memory foam of the FrontPet Memory Foam Pet Lounger can give the bones of your senior dog a rest. It also prevents dogs from developing joint and hip issues.

Check the price on Amazon


The idea behind a cooling pad is to keep your dog comfortable and cool even during the warmest weather. Most dog breeds have a coat of fur which makes high temperatures unbearable. Dogs also do not have a lot of sweat glands and regulate their body heat by panting and sweating through their paws.  A cooling pad absorbs and dissipates their body heat to make him feel more comfortable.

Dog Cooling Pad

Using the internet to research the ideal cooling pad for your pet will make it easier for you to buy the most suitable product that meets both of your needs. Pet owners want something that is durable and easy to use and maintain while dogs just want something that can keep them cool and happy when it’s hot.

The right product for you and your dog is something that meets both your requirements. Have you used a cooling pad for your dogs before? What kind of dog cooling pad are you going to buy for your pet? Tell us by leaving your comments below.

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