Best Dog Carrier Backpack: Hands-Free Convenience While Traveling

Best Dog Carrier Backpack
Emily Young
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The summer season is one of the best times for traveling. The weather is usually good and the temperature warm so it’s the best time to explore new places. Families usually travel together during the summer. School is out and traveling gives kids and their families’ opportunity to experience or discover new places, lifestyle and culture.

Families that take their dogs with them when traveling need a best dog carrier to make pet transport easy. Dog carriers can help secure your pet or you can take it with you as a carry-on. It also provides your pet with their own space during the commute.

Aside from traveling, dog carriers have a number of different purposes. If you can’t leave your dog alone at home, you can put your dog in the carrier to take with you when you’re running errands. This way your dog does not have to stay inside a hot car.

Dog Carier

A dog carrier is also a great way to keep pets safe when traveling. Your dog can move inside the carrier but not too much that they injure themselves while the vehicle is running. There are also some airlines that allow small dogs to stay in a soft carrier as a carry on.

Owners who do not travel should still consider buying a dog carrier. It is a great tool to have around the house when you need to transport a sick pet to the vet. The carrier will make it easier to transport your dog and prevent the dog from hurting himself. There are some vets that request dog owners to transport their dogs using a pet carrier even for routine checkups.

Our top picks

ProductStyleSizeBest Use ForPrice
Casual Canine Ultimate Backpack CarrierBackpack17 x 11.5 x 18 inchesDogs up to 22 lbsCheck price on Amazon
Wacky Paws Sporty Backbag Pet CarrierBackpackLargeDogs below 10 lbsCheck price on Amazon
Outward Hound Kyjen PoochPouchFront carrierMediumSmall to medium sized dogsCheck price on Amazon
Pet Gear I-GO2 Traveler BackpackBackpack16 x 12 x 15 inchesSmall sized dogsCheck price on Amazon
Cosmos Front Carrier BagFront carrierLargeSmall dog breeds or puppiesCheck price on Amazon
Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carriers BackpackBackpack13 x 11 x 17 inchesPets up to 15 poundsCheck price on Amazon
KritterWorld Pet Carrier BackpackBackpack11.5 x 9 x 16 inchesSmall dog breedsCheck price on Amazon
OxGord Dog Pet Carrier BackpackBackpack14 x 11 x 19 inchesSmall dogs and puppiesCheck price on Amazon

Key Features of A Dog Carrier

The best dog carrier should not only make transport easier for their owners but they also need to be safe and comfortable for the dogs. They should also include features like ventilation, straps and easy access. Here are features you need to consider if you’re in the market for a dog carrier.

Waterproof Bottom

Let’s face it, dogs are messy creatures. Even the most well trained dog can still have accidents even if they’re well trained. This is why you should consider getting a dog carrier that has a waterproof bottom. This makes it easier for you to clean and maintain.

Waterproof Dog Carrier

Plus, it could help with longevity as well because packs with waterproof bottom tends to last longer.

Ventilation and water access

Sitting in a confined space can be very hot. The pet carrier you buy should have enough ventilation to keep your dog cool. Consider pet carriers with Velcro material or use lightweight and breathable materials on the sides and panels to make sure that your pet does not overheat. Of course, the more ventilation features a carrier has, the higher the price tag will be. However, this is a good investment if you’re traveling during hotter months.

One of the ways our dogs keep their temperatures regulated is by drinking water. A dog carrier that has access to water is recommended especially if your dog is going to spend a lot of time in it. Just don’t forget to top it up periodically to keep your dog from overheating.

Dog Carrier Ventilation


Dog carriers are made from many different types of material including plastic and soft padded fabric. Consider how long your dog is going to be in the carrier and how much room he has inside. He should be able to stand up and move around a bit.

However you don’t want to have too much free space when carrying your pet. An excessive amount of space can injure him while you’re on the go.


The dog carrier you choose should also withstand bumps and scratches especially if you travel frequently. Some dog carries are expensive so you don’t want to find yourself buying a new one every couple of months.

Best Dog Carrier Backpack: Hands-Free Convenience While Traveling

Some carriers have straps to secure dogs to the car. You should look into this feature if you frequently travel using a car.


Check with your airline restrictions for dog carriers. Some airlines allow soft carriers to be carried on while others require dogs to travel in the cargo inside a USDA-approved carrier. Dog owners should also consider storage when buying a carrier. Some dog carriers can be folded down so that it does not take up a lot of space while others are inflexible

USDA Approved Dog Carrier

Now that you know what to look for in a carrier, it’s time to take a look at some highly recommended dog carriers

Best Products on Today’s Market

Not all dog carriers have the same styles and features. There are dog carriers that will be more suitable for your lifestyle and your pet. Here are some recommended dog carriers and their reviews.

Casual Canine Ultimate Backpack Carrier

Style: BackpackCasual Canine Ultimate Backpack Carrier

Size: 17 x 11.5 x 18

Best Used By: Dogs weighing up to 22 lbs

Features: Easy-clean berber mat, 100% polyester with self-locking zippers, optional mesh tent

Take your pet wherever you go with the Casual Canine Ultimate Backpack Carrier. This backpack-style carrier has comfortable shoulder straps for your hands-free convenience. The carrier features an optional mesh tent so that you can let your dog peep out and observe his surroundings. The tent also offers more ventilation and room for your pet for added comfort.

This carrier is easy to clean thanks to the removable berber mat. If your pet makes a mess it can be a headache to clean up. The berber mat only needs spot cleaning with a wet rag and line dried. It is so easy and convenient to clean so you can use it as often as needed.

Constructed with 100% polyester, it is not only comfortable but durable too. It features self-locking zippers and high-quality components designed to last a long time. Additional features include storage pockets for treats, toys, medical records and personal belongings and mesh side-doors.

Past owners of this product also reports that the carrier passes airline regulations for carry-ons and can be used in international and domestic flights; making it a perfect choice for dog owners that frequently travel by air.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Nice ventilation
  • Durable berber mat
  • Expensive
  • Fits small dogs only

Related: Don’t forget to keep your dog hydrated with the Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture. It features a collapsible design for easy feeding, drinking and storage.

Check the price on Amazon

Wacky Paws Sporty Backbag Pet Carrier

Style: BackpackWacky Paws Sporty Backbag Pet Carrier

Size: Large

Best Used By: Dogs below 10 lbs

Features: Space for dog’s head to pop out, hook that attaches to a harness to keep pet safe

Your dog will love traveling in the Wacky Paws Sporty Backbag Pet Carrier. Well constructed and made from quality materials, your dog has the best view when you strap him inside the carrier. Dogs like to use it because they can easily pop their heads out and observe their surroundings.

The strap goes on both shoulders so the weight of your dog is evenly distributed. This is a good carrier for people that like to take their pets with them when hiking or cycling.

The materials are high quality and can withstand the gnawing and biting that some dogs are prone to. This means that the backpack will last a really long time. The carrier is versatile. It can be used by dogs, cats and other small animals comfortably.

Some users have problems with the product’s sizing. Even though the manufacturer specified it as «large», this carrier is best used by small dog breeds like Chihuahuas and Yorkies or pets that weigh less than 10 pounds.

There is also not a lot of wriggle room inside the carrier. It does not have proper ventilation so make sure to take your dog out periodically to prevent overheating.


  • Cute design and durable materials
  • Cut out hole gives dog a great view
  • Not the best ventilation
  • Ideal only for small dogs

Related: Keep your dog cool inside the carrier with the K9 Chill Dog Cooling Collar. It features a built-in leash hole so that you are ready to go.

Check the price on Amazon

Outward Hound Kyjen PoochPouch

Style: Front carrierOutward Hound Kyjen PoochPouch

Size: Medium

Best Used By: Small to medium sized dogs

Features: Mesh sidings and lightweight design, water resistant nylon fabric, side pockets for storage, safety harness for security

The Outward Hound Kyjen PoochPouch is the perfect carrier for small to medium sized dogs that are not ready for long hikes but like to observe their surroundings. This carrier has an open top that allows their heads to pop out. The carrier is especially designed with warm weather in mind.

It has mesh sidings and a lightweight design to keep you and your pet cool when you hike. The water resistant nylon fabric helps to keep sweat and excess heat away for better comfort.

The product also has side pockets perfect for carrying essentials like your money, Chap Stick, money or your keys. As an interior safety feature, the dog carrier has a harness that clips comfortably to the collar to keep them from jumping out of the backpack if they spot a squirrel and other animals on the trail.

This is a front facing carrier so you will be able to keep an eye on them especially when they are signaling for water.

This product is available in multiple colors and in small size. This product is a perfect carrier for people who want to bond with their dogs on walks or on hiking trips. Carrying it is easy and even though it is a front facing pack, you won’t have problems wearing it as a backpack.


  • Affordable
  • Good ventilation
  • Front facing view makes it easier to monitor dog
  • Best suited for small dogs even though capacity is for a 20 lb dog

Related: If you are frequently traveling by car, the Vastar Seatbelt Harness will keep your dog restrained in the vehicle when you’re driving. It is a hassle-free clip designed to latch on your car with ease for distraction-free driving.

Check the price on Amazon

Pet Gear I-GO2 Traveler Backpack

Style: BackpackPet Gear I-GO2 Traveler

Size: 16 x 12 x 15 inches

Best Used By: Small sized dogs

Features: Tether, telescoping handle and wheels, sides expandable up to 3 inches

The Pet Gear I-GO2 Traveler Backpack is a carrier, car seat, backpack, roller bag and tote for your best friend. This product is one of the most versatile dog carriers available today. The frequent traveler design is perfect for dog owners who travel using different modes of transportation. The functional design allows the product to adapt to your dog carrying needs.

But that’s not all; the product also has its own tethers so that you can secure your dogs properly. It also has a removable pad for easy cleaning. This backpack has your dog’s comfort in mind because you can unzip the sides to expand the capacity by 3 inches giving your pets more room to stretch and wriggle around.

The wheels really come in very handy for people who live in the city because the product is the perfect carrier for taking your pets places when you don’t feel like driving. Just secure your dog inside the carrier and pop out the telescoping handles and you’re ready for a hassle-free walk around the block or for a trip to the vet.

It also features pockets. However, they are on the small side so you can only use it for their leash and other small items. The product also does not pass airline standards as the base is too wide for a soft carrier.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Good ventilation
  • Cannot be used in airplanes
  • Lack of deeper/bigger pockets

Related: After a trip inside the carrier, groom your dog using the Crusty Comb. Made with stainless steel, this comb is easy to use and highly durable.

Check the price on Amazon

Cosmos Front Carrier Bag

Style: Front carrierCosmos Colorful Strip Pattern Pet Dogs

Size: Large

Best Used By: Small dog breeds or puppies

Features: Infant-style design, canvass material, adjustable shoulder strap

Carry your dog in comfort and style in the Cosmos Front Carrier Bag. The striped design is made from durable canvass material. Each carrier features 5 holes; 4 holes for the legs and 1 for the tail. The product comes in small, medium and large size with large measuring 12″ from neck to bottom and 8.2» in width. It is best used by dogs weighing 4-7 kg and with chest circumference less than 24 inches.

This front facing carrier is a good option for owners of small dog breeds and puppies. The infant-style design lets you monitor your dog’s condition easier especially if you’re hiking or taking a walk.

Your best friend also enjoys a better view if sitting in front instead of the back. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easier for you to carry the dog with the weight distributed evenly between both of your shoulders.

The product is a good option if you want to keep your hands free. Aside from walks and hikes, the carrier can be used when you’re running errands or transporting your dog to the vet.

It is affordable so dog owners can purchase this for their puppies and not worry about spending too much on a carrier before they are fully grown. The product can be used as a backpack too.


  • Affordable
  • Stylish pattern
  • Only for small pets
  • Dog’s feet can fall asleep if in the carrier too long

Related: Take your dog for a drive in the Etna Pet Booster Seat. This booster seat will keep your dog comfortable while hitting the road.

Check the price on Amazon

Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carriers Backpack

Style: BackpackPetsfit Comfort Dogs Carriers

Size: 13 x 11 x 17 inches

Best Used By: Pets weighing up to 15 pounds

Features: 4 mesh windows for ventilation, removable bottom for easy cleaning, adjustable shoulder straps, folds down flat for easy storage

Cool and secure is how your pet will feel inside the Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carriers Backpack. Made from 600D X 600D Oxford cloth and 230D polyester, this product is built to last.

The product has a removable bottom for easy cleaning. It also has padded back and shoulder straps to make it easier and more comfortable for you to carry. Aside from this, the backpack also has a waist strap and chest strap for added security.

The backpack has a top and front entrance so that you can put your pet inside more easily. The fleece mat inside is soft and comfortable so your pet will love staying inside the carrier. It also has side pockets for treats and toys.

The 4 mesh windows give your dog not only great ventilation but a view of the outside world too. There is also an inside clip to make sure that your dog is secure inside the carrier.

The product looks bulky when you look at the pictures but it folds down flat so you can store it more easily when not in use. However, it can be a bit heavy (even without the dog) especially if you need to walk or hike a long distance.


  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Good space inside
  • Fully collapsible for storage
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Expensive

Related: The Comsun Collapsible Dog Bowl is a collapsible and expandable pet bowl which is great for traveling. The BPA-free dish can be used for water or dog food when traveling.

Check the price on Amazon

KritterWorld Pet Carrier Backpack

Style: BackpackKritterWorld Pet Carrier

Size: 11.5 x 9 x 16 inches

Best Used By: Small dog breeds

Features: Adjustable padded straps, soft sided breathable mesh in front and top, removable fleece bed for cleaning, includes collapsible dog bowl

Carry your pet with confidence with the KritterWorld Pet Carrier Backpack. Their products are best suited for small dogs and puppies as it is essential for dog owners who want to travel safely with their pets. The zipper entry of the carrier offers easy entry and exit for your pets.

Dogs can’t resist the soft plush interior of the carrier and will love the big mesh windows for ventilation. It also has a top window made with mesh to make it easy for owners to check their pets. The fleece bed is removable so it can be conveniently cleaned.

The carrier is made with durable materials that are resistant to bites and abrasions. It can be used for indoor and travel. With dimensions of 11.5” (L) x 9” (W) x 16” (H), the Backpack is airline approved. The sides of the carrier have pockets to store water bottles and other necessities. As a bonus, KritterWorld is including a pet travel bowl that can hold up to 12 fluid ounces of water or 1.5 cups of dog food.

The BackPack is ideal for traveling, hiking, biking or trips to the vet. The adjustable padded straps are comfortable to wear and help to help lessen the burden of the weight. The extendable straps with buckle help to secure the bag in place for your peace of mind.


  • Affordable
  • Easy access to pets
  • Dogs sometimes have to crouch to see out the front mesh

Related: Keep your dog safe indoors and outdoors with the Parkland Pet Portable Playpen. It is lightweight, extra-strong and great for traveling or outdoor activities.

Check the price on Amazon

OxGord Dog Carrier Backpack

Style: BackpackOxGord Dog Pet Carrier Rolling Backpack

Size: 14 x 11 x 19 inches

Best Used By: Small dogs and puppies

Features: Telescoping handles and wheels, zippered side pockets for storage, mesh side panels and front door, durable and washable durable 600D Polyester material

The OxGord Dog Pet Carrier Backpack lets you take your friend with you. It features mesh side panels and front door for great ventilation and view. The telescoping handle and dual wheels allows pet owners to take their pets with them everywhere they want to go with ease.

It is airline approved so you can say goodbye to your pet sitter. Made from durable and washable durable 600D polyester, it is easy to clean if it gets soiled.

Take your dog on a hike or to visit your parents or on strolls and hikes around the park. You can also use the zippered pockets to store treats, supplies and other necessities. It also features a tether so that your dog is secure inside the carrier. The front panel can be opened to give you easy access to our dog or if you just want to let him pop his head outside.


  • Affordable
  • Great ventilation
  • Flimsy mesh can tear when scratched

Related: If you want to walk your dog instead of carrying him or her, you should consider the Aipet Retractable Dog Leash. The durable retractable leash can support dogs up to 25 pounds.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrap Up

A good dog carrier is like your dog’s home when you’re traveling. It should be something that is comfortable to use for both the pet and owner. Look for a product that is made with comfortable material so your dog will like going inside the carrier. Aside from this, dog carriers should be easy to clean. Features like water resistance and easy to clean materials can make a big difference especially if you’re traveling for a long period of time.

Dog carriers can offer owners convenience in traveling. Now, you don’t need to leave your dog in a kennel or with a dog sitter when you travel. Just look for a good carrier and you can take your dog with you on your next adventure. Which dog carrier got your attention? Why do you think this carrier is the right choice? Leave your comments below.

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