Best Area Rugs for Dogs: Choosing the Right Floor Cushion for Your Canine

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

For a dog parent, there comes a time when some decisions need to be made as to the lifestyle of your pet. It might be on the kind of food they take, their habits, or even their accessories. Getting just the right accessories – especially one as important as an area rug – to make life easier for yourself and your pet is surely no small task. That is why, today, we are going to check out some of the best area rugs for dogs.

On this subject of area rugs for dogs, we have discussed with a lot of experts in the field. Not neglecting our own in-house experts, we have come across some rugs that do more than just get the job done. Of course, there are a lot out there, but not everything is right for your dog.

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Today, we are going to list out the top dog rugs that we have found in the course of our search. Safe to say, before you leave the comfort of this blog post, you would have made a decision on what rug you’ll be getting your beloved canine.

Product NameSize(s)WeightPatternPrice
Dog Gone Smart Large DoormatMedium, Large and Runner3 poundsYesCheck price on Amazon
AKC Microfiber Chenille Pet RugSmall, Medium and Large1.1 poundsNoCheck price on Amazon
Soggy Doggy Microfiber Chenille DoormatLarge1.4 poundsYesCheck price on Amazon
Soggy Doggy Pet Door MatMedium2.2 poundsYesCheck price on Amazon
Zen Garden Grass RugsSmall, Medium and Large2 poundsNoCheck price on Amazon
EOUS Patterned Fleece Dog RugSmall0.15 poundsYesCheck price on Amazon
Super Absorbent Doormat, Microfiber Pet PadLargeN/ANoCheck price on Amazon
Walky Dog Dirty Dog RugLarge2 poundsYesCheck price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

What seems like a simple decision might snowball into a great load of thinking. What kind of area rug should I get for my dog? What specific needs does my dog have that I should take into consideration? How well will my dog be able to adapt to whatever kind of rug I get it? These, and many more, are sure to be the thoughts crossing the mind of a dog parent.

Even with the large volume of dog rugs out there, it is still a challenge to get the best one for your dog. There are just too many factors to take into consideration. Before we go on to list the dog rugs that we have found matching for your dog’s specific needs, how about we look at some of the things to keep in mind while browsing through the list?


Size is an important consideration when picking a rug for your dog. How big your dog is would determine the kind of rug they would need. You would want one big enough to totally accommodate all fours on your pet.

Image showing a withe and black dog sitting on his rug

Look at the rug options you have then compare them to the height of your dog (measured to the shoulder). You are surely one step closer to getting the best fit.


Some breeds of dogs can eat anything they see in sight. To them, it’s a plaything, and they cannot be blamed for giving into their nature. That makes it important to consider the durability of whatever rug you’ll be ordering for your dog.

Image showing a dog sitting on his rug in a house

Some rugs cannot stand the brutality that your dog would unleash upon it. Thus, it is advisable that you choose the tougher materials for those ‘excited’ dog breeds.


The ideal rug for your dog also depends on where it will be used. If you are very mobile, and you tend to take your dog with you, you would need a different rug than a stay-at-home dog parent.

Image showing a Large Dirty Dog Doormat

Likewise, a dog that is allowed to roam the house might not enjoy the same rug as one who spends most of its time in a cage. After all, the latter would be in more contact with their rug than the former. Manufacturers usually list out the different places where the rugs can be used, so it’s not a waste to check.

Best Products on Today’s Market

Now that you have all the basic information you need, we will introduce you to our list of top dog rugs and trust you to make the best decision for your canine.

Dog Gone Smart Large Doormat Dog Gone Smart Large Doormat

Price: approx. $34

Color: Brown, Grey, Khaki, Maroon, Pacific Blue

Dimensions: 35 x 26 x 0.5 inches

Specific Features: prevents skidding, durable and rugged, dries fast, machine washable

Best Use: in cars, crates and indoors

Description: The Dog Gone Smart Large Doormat is made of a superabsorbent material, ensuring the mud and water get soaked up as fast as they come. The deal is even better, given that the doormat dries five times faster than the competition. Since most dogs don’t have enough patience to stay on a rug till their paws get dried, the Dog Gone Doormat has made provisions for that.

With millions of soft microfibers at the ready, your dog gets their feet dried almost as soon as they get in contact with the rug.

If you are concerned about regular skidding and movement of the doormat, this one has that taken care of. With a “Gripper Non-skid’ technology at the base of the mat, it remains where you have left it. The visual representation of paws on this doormat not only makes it an eye candy for you but maybe for your dog too. After a while, you could be sure your pet would get used to spending more time on their mat.


  • Grip technology to prevent skidding
  • Availability in various colors
  • Super-fast drying abilities
  • It can be easily washed by machine
  • Rugged and highly durable


  • Tendency to get heavily soggy due to excess micro fibers
  • Fabric is not breathable

Related: When going for the mat listed, you could also pick up the Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy. The small, sponge-like add-on helps you spend some quality time with your dog after they have been out to play in the rain or mud. As your dog is drying off their paws, you can use the Shammy to dry off their hair too. Keep those couches safe from the dripping dogs.

Check the price on Amazon

AKC Microfiber Chenille Pet Rug AKC Microfiber Chenille Pet Rug

Price: approx. $29

Color: Brown, Grey, Navy

Dimensions: 24 x 36 x 1 inches

Specific Features: odor-free, skid resistant, soaks up to 7x its weight, machine washable

Best Use: indoors and outdoors

Description: The AKC Microfiber Chenille Pet Rug is an ideal choice for pet grooming. The rug promises to dry up mud and soak moisture five times faster than ordinary mats. This makes it an ideal choice for much younger, active dogs.

Weighing just 2 pounds, it is not much of a baggage when you are going outdoors with your pet. Don’t let the thinness of the rug fool you. As slim as it might look, it is able to soak moisture up to seven times its weight. The deal is even better, considering this rug would do for mud the same thing it would water.

This area rug reduces the rate at which your normal doormat skids across the floor. No matter how excited your dog gets, the anti-skid mechanism at the base of the mat keeps it in place. Thus, you can be sure that the mat would always be where you left it.


  • Has a skid-resistant bottom
  • Soaks up large volumes of water and mud
  • Drying abilities is almost instant


  • The rug is too thin
  • It can be easily destroyed by pets
  • It is not suitable for very big dogs

Related: For a great time with your pet, you could pick up an extra Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Beige with this particular offer. Your mat would just get the dog’s paws dried. However, with the Shammy, their body is not left out. We all know how much the dogs love spending time with you, so consider this an excuse to spend more time with your furry pal.

Check the price on Amazon

Soggy Doggy Microfiber Chenille Doormat Soggy Doggy Microfiber Chenille Doormat

Price: approx. $40

Color: Brown

Dimensions: 36 x 26 x 0.8 inches

Specific Features: soft and snuggly, highly durable, high soaking ability, machine washable

Best Use: in crates, indoors

Description: The problem is when your dog wants to go out to play in the rain. The worry comes when you remember the hours of cleaning up you have to do when it comes back in, tails wagging. The solution is what Soggy Doggy Microfiber Chenille Doormat looks to provide to such dog parents.

Absorbing five times more water than the regular doormats, you don’t need to lose sleep over a muddy floor anymore. The rug also has an exceptionally fast drying time. After every extended use, you can use it again soon after spreading it out for a brief while.

The ability to soak up to seven times its weight and dry at a fast rate makes this an ideal choice. The fact that it is made from a soft and snuggly material makes this rug the best fit for lining your dog’s crate. To cap off, the rug is wide enough to fit even dogs from a larger breed.


  • Made of soft, dog-friendly material
  • Can be used in crates
  • Soaks up water and mud fast
  • Width makes it suitable for big dogs


  • Soft material reduces durability

Related: For easier cleaning and grooming, the Paw Cleaning and Grooming Glove comes in handy. This helps you get to the mud in between your dog’s paws where the area rug might not be able to cover.

Check the price on Amazon

Zen Garden Grass Rugs Zen Garden Grass Rugs

Price: approx. $44

Color: Green

Dimensions: 4 x 2 inches, 6 x 4 inches, 12 x 6 inches, 24 x 12 inches

Specific Features: life-like grass, drainage holes, durable grass, highly durable, not machine washable

Best Use: outdoors

Description: Does your pet like to play out in the open? Then these Zen Garden Grass Rugs got it covered. Personally, we find this one initiative as it solves two problems with one swipe. The rug would dry off your dog’s paws, making your home cleaner for it.

Not only that, but you can be sure your dog would be attracted to this mat all by themselves. With multicolor tone blades used to replicate the color and feel of true grass, your pet would not know the difference between these and real grass.

There are drainage holes at the bottom of this piece. They are there to ensure the grass don’t soak up too much water and breed bacteria. After all, those would be harmful to your beloved dog. If your dog likes to dig their teeth into everything, they would find it hard to destroy this rug. The grass might look easy on the eyes, but they are as durable as can be.


  • The rugs come in multiple sizes
  • Highly attractive to the dog
  • The grass does not need mowing
  • Since the grass is synthetic, there is no need for pesticides and insecticides
  • Grass content is moderately dense


  • Synthetic grass can be irritating to some dogs
  • There is no anti-skid mechanism in place

Related: To create an indoor play space for your pet might be a challenge. With the grass rug listed above, coupled with a Dog Exercise Pen, you would be able to find the answer to this question. It limits the area of play for your pet, but they still get the feel of outdoors from the grass rug.

Check the price on Amazon

EOUS Patterned Fleece Dog Rug EOUS Patterned Fleece Dog Rug

Price: approx. $22

Color: Brown

Dimensions: 10.6 x 7.7 x 2 inches

Specific Features: breathable fabric, adjustable Velcro closures, stylish cuts, not machine washable

Best Use: indoors, as a wraparound towel.

Description: Your dog deserves a wardrobe of its own, and purchasing this EOUS Patterned Fleece Dog Rug is one step to completing a great dog wardrobe. Taking one look at this rug, there are a lot of impressive things to be reported. On one hand, there are several adjustable Velcro closures on the mat. This makes it possible to, in a manner of speaking, wear the area rug around your dog.

The breathable fabric comes with its own 270-gram anti-pilling fleece. This fabric is also very lush. As soon as your dog gets used to the mat, it could be spending more than just drying time there.

The major downside this rug seems to have is the size. Likewise, it doesn’t dry water nearly as much as the others we have recommended. However, they would handle the needs of your small dog to the fullest. If you are thus in the market for something useful, yet stylish, for your little canine, this could be an option.


  • The design on mat fabric is gorgeous
  • Fabric is well suited for small dogs/ puppies
  • Fabric on the rug is soft.
  • It can be wrapped around the dog


  • Drying ability is not pronounced
  • Not suitable for much bigger dogs
  • Not very durable against dog attacks

Related: You can take things up a notch by adding a KEKS Set of 2 Stainless Steel Bowls to the surprise your dog is getting. Once in a while, even your dog deserves a little breakfast-in-bed treat. Combined with the anti-skid mechanism, the stainless bowls would train your dog not to make a mess with their food.

Check the price on Amazon

Soggy Doggy Pet Door Mat Soggy Doggy Pet Door Mat

Price: approx. $33 for a new one, approx. $25 for a used one

Color: Brown

Dimensions: 18 x 6 x 1 inches

Specific Features: absorbs 5 times more water, durable, wide rug, machine washable

Best Use: indoors, in crates, travel beds

Description: Yet another one from Soggy Doggy, the Soggy Doggy Pet Door Mat can serve anywhere from small to big dogs. Just like the former, this one also has the ability to soak water up to seven times its weight.

The material it is made of has been carefully chosen to suit a dog’s needs. The surface area of the mat is made to look bigger than it actually is. This is achieved by the millions of woven interlocks of fine fibers on the surface of the area rug.

It is even more impressive in its ability to dry five times faster than a regular doormat. On closer observation, the fibers on this rug look a little coarser than what can be found on other rugs. That would ensure your dog has a firmer grip when they want to dry their paws.

The patterned, brown rug has been made to fit the needs of playful dogs. Being highly durable, they can withstand attacks from your canine’s teeth.


  • Absorbs moisture faster than ordinary rugs
  • Remains free of bacteria and odor
  • Has micro fiber ‘chenille’ to give dogs snuggle effect
  • Pattern makes it desirable to pets


  • No size variants available
  • Color options are limited

Related: For even bigger dogs, there is the option of a Soggy Doggy 26 x 36” mat. You don’t even need to have a big dog to consider this. You might just want to give your pet more space to have fun and get dried. Coming in various color options, your dog would be living larger than life.

Check the price on Amazon

Super Absorbent Doormat, Microfiber Pet Pad Super Absorbent Doormat and Microfiber Pet Pad

Price: approx. $14 (M), $18 (L)

Color: Brown

Dimensions: 22 x 14 inches (M), 30 x 18 inches (M)

Specific Features: diversity of usage, size variants, machine washable

Best Use: in cars, outdoors, indoors, crates.

Description: The Super Absorbent Doormat and Microfiber Pet Pad also happen to be one of the area rugs that find favor with us. We have chosen this one not because it is good to look at, but for a variety of other reasons.

Considering your dog, this is an ideal choice for them if they are in a crate, traveling with you, or just indoors. Coupled with the great absorbing ability of this rug is the lush feel of the material. Thus, your dog doesn’t need to be wet to enjoy their time on the rug.

Considering yourself, the dog parent, this rug is great if you’re always on the go. It is lightweight, helping you to quickly roll and pack it when going on the road with your pet. It’s simple yet elegant design also makes it a good fit for diverse interior décor styles.

One other thing to strongly consider here is the size of your dog. While the mat is ideal for small and medium-sized dogs, your big pet might not find it a fancy fit at all.


  • Has a wide variety of uses
  • Design is simple
  • Available in different sizes
  • Uses chenille microfiber to ensure increased absorption
  • Lightweight


  • Durability is not at a high
  • Easy prey for dogs due to its light weight
  • Some dogs may not like the spongy spores on the mat

Related: Since this mat works better with small and medium-sized dogs, you can pick up an extra Tiny Dog Collar for your pet with it. The neck is adjustable, and they make your already cute dog even cuter.

Check the price on Amazon

Walky Dog Dirty Dog Rug Walky Dog Dirty Dog Rug

Price: approx. $20

Color: Chocolate

Dimensions: 35.5 x 26 inches (L)

Specific Features: super-dry feature, fast soaking, soaks high volume of water and mud, machine washable

Best Use: in cars, crates, under food bowls.

Description: The Walky Dog Dirty Dog Rug may be the last on this list, but it is definitely not the least in any way. This patterned rug has enough micro fibers to make your dog feel loved, even when you are not around to caress its fur.

There aren’t many suitable rugs for very large dog breeds. If you are a parent to one in this size range, your dog would thank you for this option. For smaller dogs, the mat can double as a feeding area too, since it is large enough.

It dries very fast, making it suitable for continued use in very little time. Also, the almost-excessive microfibers are not there for mere decorations. They ensure the dog gets their paws dried well on contact.

This is an ideal solution for leaving your floors free from dirty paw prints. With tough, non-skidding material sewn beneath the material, this rug doesn’t need to be told ‘sit’ before it stays put.


  • Multi-use of this rug is possible
  • Dries faster than the conventional doormat
  • Soaks up mud and water up to seven times its weight
  • Non-skidding technology to keep the rug in place


  • Only available in large sizes
  • The size and weight don’t make it ideal for traveling

Related: If you’re considering this option, you should consider a Mugzy’s Mutt Towel too. The towel can be used to dry off your dog after a bath or play time in the rain. The towel draws your pet’s hair towards itself for better drying but never causes it to shed.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrap Up

So, there you have it. These are some of our top picks when the subject of picking the best area rugs for your dog comes up.

A lot of effort can go into choosing what kind of area rug would best suit your dog. It can also be challenging to pick any one manufacturer that has their head in the game. Either way, we believe that after going through this list, you will have a better idea of what to get your furry friend for Christmas.

Image presenting a pet zen garden in a house

If you find anything in there that catches your fancy, you can let us know about it in the comment box. If you happen to have used one of them before too, let us know about your experience. Got a great area rug for your dog that didn’t make this list? Let us know about it.

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John Walton

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