The Peace Pack: Perfect Harmony for Your Pooch’s Tummy

The Peace Pack
Anna Smith
Written by Anna Smith

When it comes to nutrition for your pet, you only want the best. That’s why more and more dog owners are checking the labels to see what their beloved pets are actually getting. But one place where most owners don’t bat an eye is with the treats they give their dogs to keep them from getting bored.

From rawhides to squeaky toys, if they aren’t made properly or with the right materials, your dog can get sick, or it could even prove to be fatal. Although these cases are rare, it’s still a real possibility that no dog owner wants to go through.

Peacebone treats for pet dog

That’s why, the guys at PeaceBone Pet decided it’s time to provide customers with treats they can trust, that are all natural, and that they know their dogs will enjoy. Their offer is quite large so today we’ll take a look at one of the best treats package being offered by this great manufacturer.

About Peacebone

They’re a family-run company with the sole focus of providing treats that are not only healthy for your dog, but are also affordable. With the age of going for all-natural, non-GMO products, it’s difficult to find them at the store within your price range.

Well, you won’t have to worry anymore, as this site provides plenty of wonderful options to keep those voracious chewers from choosing your favorite shoes or gloves instead.

You can tell that they care about all dogs, as they even take the time out to donate some of their treats to local shelters. They offer the option for customers to help out too by offering an item in their store to help out shelter dogs in one of the three listed shelters.

ABout us peacebone

You can choose to provide a doggy dinner, help pay for vaccinations and a check-up, provides beds and toys, or spay/neuter dogs in order to help decrease the population of stray puppies. You can choose to add one or all of them to your cart if you’re interested in providing care and assistance to a poor pup in need.

What’s not to admire about a treat shop that cares so much about making all dogs happy?

The Peace Pack Review

If you’re looking for a way to keep your pooch busy without having to go back to the store time and time again to get a new bone for them to chew on, then the Peace Pack is definitely the one for you. But first, let’s get down to what makes this option so great.


This option comes with five great products that your dog is guaranteed to love: It comes with one large Peacemaker, two Bare Bones, and two Pacifiers.

  • The Peacemaker is a 7 to 9-inch hind leg bone, from a cow that has been grass-fed and has not been injected with hormones. It’s a great treat for those avid chewers who need something to work on for a long period of time. This makes it an excellent option for those who need a break from play but don’t want their dogs to be bored.
  • The Bare Bone is a beef center bone, between 4 to 6 inches, that contains marrow, which no dog can resist. Not only is marrow good for your dog’s digestion, but it will definitely keep him interested in getting out all that delicious goodness from the bone’s center, so your dog will be focused on this treat for a good while.
  • The Pacifier is a beef kneecap that’s designed to serve as a small treat for those who aren’t so avid at chewing. It’s sturdy enough to keep bigger pooches interested, while also serving as a way to keep those smaller canines busy.

Peace pack content

Value for Money

You’re definitely saving a lot of money with this package. For the time being, the approximate price is $21.15, which is great value for the amount of quiet time your dog will have working on these bones. If you were to buy the different products separately, it would add up to about $25.35, allowing you to save a bit more in your pocket.

And you can save even more money by subscribing and saving a further $2.39 on each order to receive in the mail. You can choose to get a package every 15, 30, or 60 days, depending on how avid a chewer your dog is.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about their products (this one included) on their homepage at PeaceBone Pet.


With the focus on providing dogs with treats that they enjoy and are actually good for them, this is a package you shouldn’t pass up. It provides a variety of options to find out exactly what your dog likes, instead of taking a risk on individual products and discovering that it’s not your dog’s cup of tea.

Chewing peacebone treat

Peacebone has put in the effort to finding bones sourced from responsible farms that aren’t going to use hormones or antibiotics on their cows that may jeopardize your dog’s health. They also don’t use any preservatives, and cold smoke their bones naturally to provide smell and flavor that no dog can resist.

And if this package isn’t something you’re interested in, there are plenty of other great products to choose from, such as their bully sticks, ox tail treats, and arrangement of squeaky toys that will get your dogs riled up for a great game of fetch. Everything they have to offer was definitely made with love in mind, for both humans and their beloved pets.

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Have you had any experience with Peacebone and their products before? Are you eager to give any of these wonderful products a try? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.

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Anna Smith

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