Organic Dog Food: Nourishing Natural Ingredients for Your Dog’s Diet

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Organic food is produced without using a series of chemical substances such as pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, industrial solvents or food additives. The result of not using such substances when growing the ingredients used for making organic dog food is a healthier product that can be safely fed to any canine specimen, thus avoiding food allergies most of the time.

For the past decades, people started to buy or to grow organic food for themselves, so they should also consider feeding their pooches more natural too. The benefits of choosing natural foods are countless in case of both humans and dogs.

Fortunately, there are numerous dog food producers that have carefully put together a series of organic types of food. Because of the love they have for dogs and because they wanted to achieve success in their businesses, these companies have created a way for your dog to have a healthier life and to suffer from as few conditions as possible by mixing organic ingredients and selling them under the form of dry beans for all kinds of pooches to eat. As it follows, you will find a few examples of brands that have dedicated a part of their work to making natural food for dogs.

6 reasons to choose pure viands

The term “organic” refers to the method used by manufacturers who grow agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and meat. For any food to be certified as organic, it has to come from certified producers. The inspectors who check these manufacturers must ensure that the production process includes only organic methods and the growing environment is not contaminated with pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.

The whole concept of organic food appeared in the US, in the middle of the ‘50s. This type of food has emerged as a necessity in the modern society because eating less healthy foods can be harmful on the long run. Some dog foods might be considered fast food compared with organic food especially conceived for dogs.

Biologically appropriate dog food

Although having a balanced diet and eating organic products is a concept implemented in the US for tens of years as a response to the massive industrialization of agriculture, most dogs do not benefit from this type of natural ingredients.

However, the number of people who have started to feed their dogs with it is growing constantly. All the chemicals used for fast grow and other reasons cannot be washed away. Any food that is not organic contains a high number of harmful substances that affect dogs just as much as they affect humans. The 6 reasons to choose pure viands are as it follows:

  1. Several studies have shown that organic fruits, vegetables and grains contain more nutrients than the conventional ones, as well as polyphenols and antioxidants. It seems that organically grown plants are 25% more nutritional dense than the other ones. Therefore, the effort of growing them the right way and not speeding the process pays off.
  2. Organic food is a pure food with no added E Numbers, hydrogenated fats, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives. Most dog foods that can be found online or in pet shops are processed and unhealthy. All these little details such as the E Numbers can be easily overlooked, but the affections they cause cannot be easily cured.
  3. Since organic food is produced without the usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it does not contain trances of strong chemicals that have a harmful effect on a dog’s body, causing a number of dangerous diseases. Dogs, just as people, could get different types of cancer from the ingestion of strong chemicals over a long period of time.
  4. Organic food tastes better because it is obtained through natural ways. A dog always appreciates organic food more than processed food. The fact that organic food tastes better is a general opinion of countless consumers. Just as you can taste the difference between a home grown tomato and one bought from a supermarket, so can your dog. There are indisputable differences between these two types of foods when it comes to taste.
  5. In the manufacturing process of organic food for dogs, the pollution of soil, water and air is minimal because there are no additives or chemicals involved. By feeding your dog pure food, you can contribute to the creation of a safer environment for future generations to enjoy. Furthermore, if you follow the same lifestyle, you double the good.
  6. Animals such as chickens and cows are fed with organic grains and they are grown outdoors. It is well known that usually meat comes from tormented animals that live in awful conditions until they end up in freezers. In addition, these animals are not injected with growth hormones, so the risk of your dog getting cancer because of that is not existent.

Dog food is also required to meet certain federal standards to ensure that your dog is getting the best food he deserves. We’ve made it easy for you to see what those regulations are, so please read our article on the regulations and standards for quality dog food.

3 benefits of organic food in dogs

Besides the benefits listed so far, dogs have 3 other major benefits from consuming all natural food, as it follows:

  1. Reduction of skin diseases and allergies in dogs.
    Your beloved dog might have had allergies or skin rashes and you have probably tried everything to relieve its discomfort and cure its affection as soon as possible. However, sometimes the usage of special sprays, shampoos, creams and medication is not affective or they only work temporarily. In addition, there are premium brands of dog food that have harmful effects on some pups, generating allergies instead of curing them, like organic food can. A dog that eats organic food has better chances to fight skin infections and allergies in a timely manner.
    As said, this type of dog food is prepared without artificial colors, flavors, additives and toxic pesticides that could trigger dog allergies. Such natural foods for dogs contain high quality proteins and grains with an exceptional nutritional value. All these strengthen a dog’s immune system, so it becomes less prone to different affections.
  2. More energy and normal weight in dogs.
    A fat pup might look sweet, but when it starts having back pain, dysplasia or even diabetes, things change. Just like people, dogs that are overweight tend to have less energy to exercise. Exercising would normally improve their overall health and physical condition. Organic food can be helpful in this case too because it contains a higher nutritional level, which really makes the difference. Since this food is more nourishing than the other one, dogs eat less. This is a verified fact by numerous dog owners.
    In addition, although it might not be pleasant to know, regular dog food contains a lot of filler ingredients, including sugar. Organic food does not contain sugar. It only contains the ingredients needed for a vigorous and healthy dog to live a happy life. If you switch your dog from a regular diet to an organic diet, you can expect it to lose weight and become more active in a matter of weeks.
  3. Fewer digestive problems in dogs.
    Thanks to the ingredients rich in proteins and the lack of chemical substances, organic food is digested easily. Cases when a dog vomits after eating, is bloated or gets diarrhea are often caused by conventional dog food. A veterinarian’s first advice is to change your canine pet’s diet and replace it with natural ingredients.
    Sadly, most dogs end up consuming the same food after they get better. Filler substances such as those based on corn are useless. Organic food offers just the needed nutrients and nothing else. Thus, dogs’ metabolisms are normal and the odds of changing over time are minimal.

4 producers of organic food for dogs

Acana, Equilibrio, Bosch and Royal Canin are among the producers who manufacture the best organic dog food.

Acana produces dry dog food and it is renowned for keeping a high quality when it comes to producing healthy food for dogs. Their ingredients are carefully selected in order to offer the best canine care that can be offered through food. It has a large range of foods varieties for every type of dog. Acana’s food is dedicated to both young and adult dogs, including any stage of growth. As soon as a canine pet is used with eating dry food, there is no need to replace it or supplement it because it is the type of food with complex ingredients that provides the necessary intake every day.

Acana Wild Prairie

Acana dog food is based on balanced ingredients, containing chicken meat from chickens that were grown in freedom, fresh vegetables and other nutritive elements such as salmon oil and other varied oils. It offers an extra delight for any canine specimen since its food is cooked according to original recipes that have interesting combinations like honey, lamb, chicken and potatoes.

Bosch has bio food for puppies, adults and seniors as well. That for puppies is recommended for the first year of life and it contains high-quality organic ingredients and lots of carrots. This particular product with carrots does not contain grains of wheat because they can cause allergies.

Bosch High Premium Dry Dog Food

All the ingredients come from ecological farms and crops. The adult and the senior kinds contain organic poultry, fishmeal rich in Omega-3 acids that have high biological value, organic poultry fat, bio-barley, organic brown rice, peas, tomato, apples and pears. Brown rice does not cause allergies and it is a digestible carbohydrate source. Peas are rich in antioxidants, while tomatoes support the immune system. Apples are sources of fiber that support the digestive processes.

Royal Canin follows the principle of preventing than treating, so its dog food is necessary and appropriate for all kinds of dog specimens. Adult or large pooches eat more, so that’s why this brand uses big packages for their most greedy consumers.

Royal Canin

However, the advantage of this brand is not quantity, but quality. Royal Canin adds in its organic products beneficial supplements such as vitamin A, D3 and a lot of minerals such as iron, copper, zinc and selenium among others. One of the most appreciated products manufactured from natural ingredients contributes to the health of a dog’s bones and joints. This is suited to older dogs.

Equilibrio offers a wide range of foods for dogs that meet the demands of any dog breeder. It is the type of food that must be chosen according to the pup’s age, height and activity level. This product earns trust from every dog and respect from every owner. Equilibrio produces dog food that doesn’t contain chemical preservatives. It only contains vitamin E and rosemary extract, which is a natural antioxidant that helps control free radicals. Its super-premium products are always in the advantage on their consumer.

Equilibrio dog food

Not all the food varieties from this brand are organic, but those that are should not be overlooked.

The products listed above are mostly dry food, but organic dog food is also available in the wet food variety. Please read our article in finding the best nutritional canned food for your dog if he’s not a fan of dry kibble.

Types of organic dog beans

If you choose to feed your dog with organic food under the form of beans, you should carefully choose the right variety for its needs. There are renowned dog food companies that pay special attention to a pooch’s nutrition. In time, they have created precise nutritional solutions that are tailored to every dog breed, lifestyle and activity level as well.

An organic dry food is supposed to meet a dog’s daily necessary of proteins, minerals, fats and vitamins. Your canine pet should get everything it needs from its diet without having to ingest supplements. This type of food can be fed to puppies that are one or 2 months old, as well as to juniors, adults and seniors.

There are also types especially made for dogs with different conditions such as overweight problems, obesity, liver, kidney or gastrointestinal problems. There are certain brads that have altered the shape and the texture of the grains depending on which type of dog should eat them.

For example, there are beans with a coarse texture that ensure a correct oral hygiene for a Yorkshire. In addition, there are special beans for Boxers that are affected by jaw brachycephaly and smaller beans for Labradors to swallow slower. Moreover, organic food is also administered according to your pooch’s weight, but the quantities are different since they usually ingest a smaller quantity of natural food.

Cooking Dog Food at Home

In case you are growing your own vegetables or animals in an organic way, you should consider if you have enough to cook for your dog and if you know what quantities are best for your dog’s breed, size and so on. Cooking for your canine pet with natural ingredients only might be a great idea, but you might not feed it the right amounts of protein, fibers, carbohydrates and fats.

If you have enough home-grown vegetables, fruits, grains and meat, then you can look up healthy recipes for you dog. However, expect it to have abnormal reactions to new food. It might get constipated, bloated or even get diarrhea. Before you change your pooch’s diet, you can consult a veterinarian that is a specialist in dog nutrition.

Organic meal for dog

That is the only way you can make sure that you are doing everything right. The recipes that you find online are great. The only difference is that you will use organic ingredients, not the ones bought from regular supermarkets or hypermarkets. If you trust a local farmer, then you can simply purchase the needed ingredients from him or her. Therefore, if you switch to a healthier diet, don’t forget that your dog might use one as well.

But you don’t have to go far to find great recipes; we have a great article on recipes and nutritional information for making dog food at home.

Organic conclusions for a healthy diet

When it comes to pricing, you don’t need to look first before knowing that anything grown organic is more expensive than what was not. However, considering the reasons why naturally grown food is better, it should also be worth every penny. On the same train of thoughts, paying more now for food could lead to actually saving on the long run in case your dog doesn’t get sick and stays in shape thanks to eating right.

Therefore, money-wise, choosing a chemical-free diet for you canine pet could be less expensive. This is because it should help avoid situations like spending on different treatments for your pooch to recover from different affections. Keeping that in mind, checking out the organic food types available on the market and especially made for dogs sounds like a great idea.

Organic food for dogs

There is a saying that states, “You are what you eat”. This could be applicable to both humans and dogs. Try not to live with the wrong idea that your dog can eat anything and stay in proper shape. It will definitely not stay healthy and happy if it is ingesting the wrong food for a long period of time.

People still feed dogs their table scraps and that could not be more wrong. Dogs should not eat salt, dough, as well as other ingredients that are beneficial and tasty for humans. Dogs should be fed with special food, just like any other pet with special needs. Don’t be tricked by a dog’s greediness when it comes to food.

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