Best Dog Bones: What Treats Are Best for Your Dog?

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Anna Smith
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There are many different views on what the best and healthiest dog bones are.  No matter what breed of dog you own, they are going to have the natural instinct to chew. This not only helps to strengthen their teeth, it helps to keep their teeth clean as well. So if you prefer not to take a tooth brush to your dog once a day to keep his teeth and gums healthy then getting the right type of dog chew is essential.

We’re going to cover different types of bones from raw hide to chews manufactured specifically for dental cleaning as well as all the benefits of each. You may want to get a combination of these to keep your dog occupied or you may find one that your dog absolutely loves and just buy that type. As long as you are buying your dog a healthy and safe to chew bone your dog will be one happy camper.

Not only will a bone keep their teeth clean, but it can help to stop problematic behaviors, which we’ve detailed in this article on how to stop your dog’s chewing problems.

Treats for your dog bones for your wallet

On the other hand, you should never feed your dog cooked chicken bones, pork bones or anything from your meals as most of them are going to have a good chance of splintering. This can cause your dog to cut up inside his mouth, esophagus or even his intestines so it is important to only feed your dog bones that are intended specifically for a dog to chew on them.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t share the food from your fridge with your dog. In fact, most of it could be very beneficial for your dog’s diet. Want to make sure you’re not giving your dog a harmful treat from your plate? Check out our article containing some great tips on which human foods your dog can eat.

Nylabone Healthy edibles dog treat bone

These dog bones come in many different flavors and sizes for every type of dog. They are meant to be longer lasting chews so it is important that you keep an eye on your dog while they gnaw on these treats. If you are looking for a flavorful chew that will keep your dog occupied for 30 minutes to an hour then this might be a suitable treat for your dog.

In order to make sure that these treats last as long as you are hoping you need to make sure that you purchase the right sized bone for your dog. These bones are edible and will not last as long as many raw-hides but they will absolutely last longer than a traditional dog biscuit which they are likely to scarf down in one bite. (Typical dog eating action – inhale the food and consider taste later?)

Nylabone Healthy Edibles Dog Treat Bone

The sizes for these bones range from dogs under 15 lbs to dogs 50+ lbs and if you do not get the right size, they are likely to gobble it down too quickly, which can cause stomach upset or even blockage of their intestinal tract if they do not chew it up properly. This is one of the reasons that it is so very important that you supervise your dog no matter what kind of chew you are getting for them.

If you are looking for a type of chew that even your dog with food allergies can handle, then this may be a good option as it is made with many fresh ingredients and supplemented with the lacking vitamins and minerals. Overall, they are a highly praised healthy dog bone with a 4-star rating on Amazon and it comes in many flavors so there is bound to be one your dog will love.

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C.E.T. Enzymatic oral hygiene chews

When you find out that your dog has dental issues (common more so in certain breeds, Poodles, Maltese and Pomeranians for example) you will probably be looking at quite the vet or groomer bill to have your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned. If you want to be able to save a little money and keep your dog’s teeth in a healthy condition then finding the right dental chew is a must. Not all dental chews are created equal and some will have better effects than others.

The C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews are recommended by many vets as a great accompaniment to your dog’s diet as a way to keep his teeth and gums healthy. These chews are made with a variety of vitamins, minerals and even small chunks of raw hide in a formula that is specifically to help your dog’s oral health stay in tip-top shape.

Many dog owners use these treats daily and saw a significant difference in the shade of their dogs’ teeth and gums as well as a much better smelling breath! (And no one likes dog breath…) They also have a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, which lets the products effectiveness and customer (and dog) satisfaction speak for itself.

C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews

These chews come in different sizes for different dogs just like the Nylabone products, so if you have a larger dog you might want to consider getting the larger treats. This can prevent choking hazards and will absolutely keep the dog from attempting to swallow the bone whole. If you have an “excited chewer” then a larger bone could be better simply to keep them occupied a little longer.

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Healthy Hide Good N Fun treats

These healthy dog bones come in a variety of flavors so there is bound to be one your dog will love. They come generally in packs of three for the larger bones, so buying one package to see if your dog likes them is not a problem since you will not be stuck with a whole box of them. These bones are a raw hide type of bone that is meant for your dog to chew on for at least 45 minutes to an hour depending on the size of your dog and how much he loves to chew.

Raw hides like this are great – especially this brand – because they focus on having natural materials that are not only good for keeping your dog from chewing on shoes or furniture but also help to keep their teeth clean and they are filled with protein and other vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to stay healthy. While these bones are healthy for your dog it is recommended that you only feed them one a day and supplement with other chew toys when the bone is gone.

Healthy Hide Good 'n' Fun 22-Pack Triple Flavor Chews

If you were looking for a superb way to keep your dog happy during the afternoons when the weather does not permit your normal walk, these are an excellent option as they will keep your dog focused on devouring the bone rather than complaining about the lack of exercise. So if you live in an area where you might not be able to get a good walk in due to snow storms, regular thunderstorms or any other kind of weather, then these bones are a great alternative.

Dogs of all sizes enjoy these bones, though the brand does have smaller options for small dogs who may lose interest in something they cannot easily finish. Also, if your dog takes to hiding his treats for later, these bones are safe for them to come back to hours or even days later. Remember though, that your dog should always be supervised when they are enjoying a treat like this! With the many uses for a raw hide and the option of so many flavors, it’s no wonder these bones have a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

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Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Gourmet Jerky treats for dogs

These treats are interesting because they are not technically a dog bone – but they are still one of the most popular dog treats around. This mostly comes down to the fact that they are one of the only 100% natural treats made from all-American beef. The company that makes them is a family owned business that has been perfecting their jerky treats for dogs over many years and they have done a great job which has led to their 5 star Amazon product rating.

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Gourmet Jerky treats for dogs

If you are looking for a treat that works well for training, this is definitely the sort of thing you are looking for. Just opening the bag you and your dog both know these treats are a great quality simply from the smell. They are not overly greasy like some other jerky styled dog treats and they never contain gluten, grains or any other fillers. These dog treats are made by smoking the meat for at least 15 hours before they are dried out to become Jerky.

These treats are great for dogs of any size and can easily be ripped into pieces for smaller dogs if necessary. This company really knows what they are doing with these treats – they smell so good that even you might be tempted to try one. Whether you are looking for just an all-natural dog treat that is good for a dog with food allergies or you are looking for something so tempting that you dog will focus more on training, then these are a great treat to try out.

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Grade-A Split Elk Antler chew

These healthy dog bones are of a rather unique type. They are made from naturally shed elk antlers, meaning that there are never animals harmed or slaughtered to make this product. After the elk sheds its antlers in the wild, they are gathered and sent to the company to be cleaned, cut and packaged. From there they go straight to you and your dog, making them one of the most natural bones you can ever buy for your dog. It’s no wonder that they have a 4 star rating!

Grade A Split Elk Antler chew

If you are looking for a chew that you can trust, one that has absolutely no chemicals, fillers or anything artificial, then this is it. These bones are great for promoting strong and healthy teeth. They will easily stand up to even the roughest of chewers and last for days at a time, which will be something that both you and your dog love. Even better is that they are said to be odorless – and many reviews show that this is true. With other raw hide bones, when your dog chews on them they start to get a “stink” to them – not these great elk antler chews.

The elk antler chew is great for dogs of all sizes and they do have different sizes so make sure to get the right size for your dog! Buying a large chew for a small dog can end up causing your dog jaw pain from trying to get his mouth around something too big – while if you buy to small of a bone for your large dog then it could end up as a choking hazard, so absolutely pay attention to what size antler chew you are buying!

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Zuke’s Z-Bone dental chews

These dog chew bones are excellent for almost any dog. They are made from several natural ingredients and come in flavors like cherry and green apple which dogs seem to absolutely love. If your dog has health concerns or food allergies then this treat is a great option though a little on the expensive side. They are meant for daily consumption but many pet-parents say that their dogs are happy with one every other day or so.


Zuke’s are dental chews much like the C.E.T. chews, meant for them to get out their need to chew and clean their teeth naturally all at the same time. Your dog will have no idea that these are so good for their teeth and they will gobble them up like no other treat. For homes with dogs from the hound group who are known for their super smeller, you may have to double bag them to keep the smell from your dog. Otherwise, you may come home to find that your dog found the entire bag, or he may sit in front of the cabinet where they are kept waiting for their next treat.

These chews are meant to be long lasting so even for larger breeds and heavy chewers you should be able to see at least 30 minutes of chew time action before the treat is gone. If you have been looking for something that will keep them busy and keep their breath fresh then this treat is it. One of the major perks to these treats is the fact that they contain herbs like mint, parsley and vanilla, all of which are known to help freshen breath and many pet parents praise these chews for exactly that!

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Tips on choosing the best product

No matter what sort of chew treat you choose for your furry friend, it is important that you take the time to look at the ingredients as well as where the ingredients are coming from. This will help you to know exactly what is going on into your dog’s system and help keep him happy and healthy. Not all dogs will enjoy or even be tolerant of the same chews – some dogs have food allergies making them intolerant of ingredients in some dog foods and even the healthy dog bones.

When picking out the best bone for your dog you should not only do the research on where the treat is made and what’s going into it, but also consider the needs of your dog. Are you looking for a bone specifically to keep him busy chewing for a couple of hours or are you looking for something that fights bad breath? Maybe your vet has mentioned that your dog’s teeth are not as clean as they could be and you are looking for something to remedy this situation. Those are all factors that will help you make the best dog bone buying decision for your particular pup.

Also, once again, it cannot be stressed enough that you supervise your dog at all times when he is chewing on one of these dog bones or any treats or toys at all. Your dog could easily bite off a portion of a bone and go to eat it so quickly that it gets lodged in their windpipe and could choke them. Also, small pieces can be just as hazardous as the splintering type of bones mentioned at the beginning of the article. The last thing you want is a trip to the emergency vet because your dog ate a sharp piece of bone!

Left untreated these sort of conditions can be very serious, which is why it is so important that you keep an eye on your dog. You cannot plan for something like this, but you can do your best to prevent it! The treats you chose may say they are perfectly safe, but in all honesty, anything can happen and you need to do your best to keep your dog safe – even when he’s just chewing on his favorite bone.

If bones aren’t your dog’s thing, we have a great list of some of the best chew toys to consider for your dog to help keep his teeth clean and prevent him from getting bored.

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