Sporting Dog Breeds

Sporting Dog Breeds – How to Sustain Your Buddy’s Athletic Nature

Sporting dog breeds, we all love them; the sleek agile physiques, the energy, the exquisite beauty that comes with them, however, we tend to...
Australian Cattle Dog Breed

Australian Cattle Dog – Breed Personality, Character & More

Initially bred as a herding dog, the Australian Cattle Dog, or simply Cattle dog is a very active and intelligent dog, which needs a...
Best Dogs With Brindle Coats

Brindle Dog Breeds: Top 12 Most Popular Mentions

Brindle dog breeds are those dogs that have a coloring pattern on their coat. This pattern is often described as “tiger-striped” because it resembles...
Meanest Dog Breeds

Meanest Dog Breeds – Top 10 Breeds With a Bad Reputation

We live in a world where dogs are considered to be part of the family. Elderly, adults and children love, live and play with...
Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier – Small Sized Dog Breed

Although the Yorkshire Terrier is quite small in size, they make up for it with a large personality. They can be a feisty and...
Mountain Dog Breeds

Mountain Dog Breeds: Top 10 Dog Breeds Who Love Physycal Activity

Choosing the right breed for a new dog can be one of the most difficult decisions for a dog lover to make. There are benefits...
Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute – Dog Breed Characteristics

The Alaskan Malamute is an extremely powerful dog with a sturdy body that was meant for stamina and strength. It is considered one of...
Scariest Dogs

Scariest Dogs – Dangerous and Aggressive Dog Breeds

Considered man’s best friend, a dog can become as precious as any other member of the family or it can turn into a fearsome...
Quiet Dog Breeds

List of 7 Dog Breeds That Don’t Bark – Quiet Dog Breeds

When it comes to dog selection, the decision that a potential dog owner is required to make should rely on imperative factors such as...
best indoor dogs

Best House Dogs – Best Canine Companions for Your Household

We all know that dog is man’s best friend, and over the millennia we have come to know and love them almost as much...