Dog Breeds

Big Dog Breeds vs. Small Dog Breeds: Which Is Right for You?

Choosing the right dog breed is a significant decision, and one of the fundamental choices you'll face is whether to go big or small....
Teacup Dog Breeds

Top 6 Teacup Dog Breeds – How to Choose the Right for You

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15 Cutest Dog Breeds: a Top of Cuteness in the World of Dogs

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Low Energy Dogs: 17 Most Popular Breeds

Low energy dog breeds are the ones that do not require much exercise since they prefer to be coach potatoes and just lay around....
German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer – Dog Breed Care, Shedding, Feeding & More

The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) is a dog breed of medium to large size that originated in the 19th century, in Germany. This breed...
Mountain Dog Breeds

Mountain Dog Breeds: Top 10 Dog Breeds Who Love Physycal Activity

Choosing the right breed for a new dog can be one of the most difficult decisions for a dog lover to make. There are benefits...
Meanest Dog Breeds

Meanest Dog Breeds – Top 10 Breeds With a Bad Reputation

We live in a world where dogs are considered to be part of the family. Elderly, adults and children love, live and play with...
Best Companion Dogs

30 Best Companion Dogs: Best Breeds Suited for Families and Elderly People

The best companion dogs are really hard to choose because every individual or family is in need of a different type of dog. An...
Sporting Dog Breeds

Sporting Dog Breeds – How to Sustain Your Buddy’s Athletic Nature

Sporting dog breeds, we all love them; the sleek agile physiques, the energy, the exquisite beauty that comes with them, however, we tend to...
Most Beautiful Dog Breads

10 Best Looking Dogs: A Guide to the Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say, and it is a fact that mongrels can be as beautiful dogs as any...