What Can I Give My Dog For Pain: A Detailed Guide

Dog pain medications
Wyatt Robinson
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Pets, just like humans, can suffer from different health conditions that lead to physical discomfort. To prove this, a question commonly found on dedicated forums and blogs is: «What can I give my dog for pain?». When you see that your four-legged friend is not behaving as usual, it may be suffering from a disease, injury, or even an infection. The most accurate diagnosis is given by the veterinarian, so the first thing that needs to be done in such situations is to ask for specialized help.

However, once you know the cause that makes your dog feel miserable, you can consider helping it feel better. This article aims to teach you different ways through which you can ease its pain.

A natural approach

Aches can be approached in different ways, according to their intensity and origin. Though the pain medication for dogs is safe as long as you administrate it correctly, if the problem is not very serious, it is better to opt for the natural alternative. The optimum way to establish a treatment is to find out what the veterinarian has to say about how your dog behaves. After the check-up, you can learn more about its condition. If the situation is not very serious, you can consider the following solutions:

  • apply compresses;
  • limit the daily movements;
  • provide healthy food;
  • try acupuncture.

Most people prefer to opt for natural remedies because pills can do good on one side but cause problems on the other. They are filtered by the liver and kidneys, and this can lead to heart and intestinal problems.

However, there are situations when drugs are the only way to make your dog feel better. It is also important to understand that there are various types of aches. The most common one is caused by arthritis, and it occurs when the dog is aging. If you notice that your pet is whining for no evident reason, is shivering, refuses to eat and tends to be aggressive, it is definitely not feeling well. At this point, it is best to try to relieve the pain without the help of any drugs and see how it evolves.

Dog pain score

If your dog has any kind of swelling, you can ease its pain with a cold compress. Hot compresses can be used on joints, shoulders and back to make the dog feel better if it suffers from arthritis, or has muscle aches. Another great way to decrease the ache level and ensure a rapid recovery is to limit the movement. If you have an active dog, it is better to crate it for a while. It is also important to avoid long walks and to spend less time outside. A dog that suffers tends to refuse food and water. However, they are both mandatory.

It is recommended to assist your pet while it eats, and insist to take at least a few bites. If this problem persists for several days, it is important to see a vet to prevent dehydration. Acupuncture is an ancient way to deal with various health problems that can help both men and pets. Find a veterinarian who is aware of this technique and see how your dog reacts, and if it feels any improvements.

Many of the solutions in our article about caring for senior dogs can also be used to help make your dog, no matter what age, feel more comfortable if he’s in a great deal of pain. Why not take a look?

Household solutions

The best way to keep a dog healthy is to take it to the veterinarian on a regular basis, provide good food and treat it with love. However, it is completely natural that at some point in its life to suffer from an illness or an injury. While some can turn out to be serious, others are superficial and can be treated at home. For these types of pains and aches it is good to know several household solutions that can ease the discomfort. To be more precise, there are certain medicines that are acceptable for both pets and humans.


All that you need to do is to learn how to administrate them correctly. Conditions like diarrhea, pain, itches and inflammations can be treated really easy, as it can be seen in the table below.

Benadryl— allergies- itches1 milligram per lb.
Aspirin— pain- inflammations5 milligrams per lb.
Hydrogen Peroxide— to induce vomiting10 milliliters
ImodiumKaopectate— diarrhea1 milliliter per lb.
Mineral OilCanned Pumpkin— constipation1-4 tablets2 teaspoons
Dramamine— motion sickness12-50 milligrams
Pepto Bismol— diarrhea- gas- vomit1 teaspoon per 5 lbs.

NSAIDs for dogs

NSAIDs are drugs specially designed for dogs to make them feel better. The best thing about these dog pain relievers is that they have only few side effects. They are generally used to treat arthritis, but can also be used as post-surgery solutions. However, it is mandatory to be very careful when you give your pet these drugs.

In some cases, they can lead to liver, kidney or digestive problems. If you spot skin redness, any change in its behavior, diarrhea, vomiting or lack of appetite, you need to go to the veterinarian immediately. They are signs that the organism rejects the medication, thus it must be eliminated in order to prevent further damage.

Powerful medications

There are situations when NSAIDs cannot relieve the pain efficiently. This is why veterinarians prescribe more powerful medications to help your dog feel better. They cannot be taken without talking to the vet first. They are generally administrated for a short period of time in order to avoid side effects. The most common options are the following three:

  • Amantadine is generally prescribed for Parkinson. However, it is also good for dogs who suffer from serious health conditions like cancer, or disk disease.
  • Gabapentin is a drug that can help both people and dogs. It can relieve pain, but can also make your dog sleep more in the first days of administration.
  • Tramadol is generally prescribed when the dog is in pain for several days. This painkiller can cause some unpleasant side effects, like constipation, upset stomach and panting.

If holistic medicine is something you’d like to consider as an alternative to medications, please check out our article on holistic medicines for dogs.

Top 3 products for dogs

There are various products that can be found on the market that can help your dog feel better. However, before purchasing any of them, it is advisable to ask your veterinarian if they are suitable for your pet. It is more than clear that pain indicates an illness. This means that it must be approached accordingly.

Nutri Vet

If the symptoms do not disappear in a couple of days, or throughout a week, the health problem can be serious, thus the veterinarian needs to identify the cause immediately. Arthritis, for example, appears when the dog becomes older. In this case, all that you can do is to help your four-legged friend feel comfortable and to avoid rapid movements. Pain killers are the best alternative during the periods when the ache is more intense.

Vets best aches and pains dog supplement

Vets Best Aches and Pains Dog Supplement is the product perfect for all dogs, regardless the size. It can be purchased here. However, the dog needs to be at least 10 months old in order to take it. It does not contain aspirin and can help your pet feel better after intense exercises. It is designed for active dogs and can ease the discomfort after training.

Vet's Best Aspirin Free Aches & Pains Formula Chewable Tablets

The tablets are chewable and have natural flavorings. All the reviews of this pain killer are positive, thus it means that it manages to do its job efficiently. The major characteristics are:

  • it relieves the pain fast and the dog can behave like itself again;
  • perfect for old dogs that find it hard to move due to arthritis;
  • it is very efficient after a day spent outside training.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, then you can buy it on Amazon.

Glucosamine for dogs

Glucosamine for Dogs is the perfect alternative for stiff and painful joints. If you want to give it a try, you can find it here. It is ideal for all breeds, and it is specially designed for pets. Your four-legged friends will feel the benefits after 7 days, and the improvements will be observed over a period of four weeks. It is easy to administrate because it is water soluble, and can even be mixed with dry food.

H3 Essentials - Glucosamine for Dogs

The overall positive customer reviews state is as a reliable product, with the following features:

  • perfect for old dogs as they can move easily;
  • it does not have a bad taste;
  • the results can be noticed pretty fast.

Like this great product? Then you can check its price here.

Dog supplements for joints

Dog Supplements for Joints is a premium product offered by Bluedog Pet Supply. It can be purchased at a reasonable price here. It is perfect for dogs that suffer from joint aches, skin problems, parasites, inflammations and stomach ailments.

The active ingredients are glucosamine, chondrotin and MSM. It is natural and does not only make the pet feel better, but it also treats the cause that made it sick.

Dog Supplements for Joints Premium Quality MAXIMUM STRENGTH

As most of the reviews are positive, it seems to be a reliable product. The major features include:

  • it makes old dogs feel better and move easier;
  • it is liquid, thus it can be mixed easily with the food;
  • it manages to relieve hip aches.

This product is also great at helping to alleviate the pains of arthritis. If you’d like to learn about this debilitation condition, please check out our article on arthritis in dogs.

If you interested you can check its price here.

As it can be seen, dogs (especially when they get older) can suffer from various illnesses that cause discomfort. Pain makes them more agitated, irritated and with no mood to do anything.

Dog supplements for joints

Fortunately, with the right products, your pet can feel better in no time. There are various medicines that are suitable for both people and pets. However, it is not recommended to administrate them before talking to the veterinarian. All drugs can cause side effects, so it is important to monitor the evolution of your dog during the treatment. With lots of care and love your dog will feel better in no time.

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