Dog Shedding Tool: How to Keep That Flying Fur Under Control

Dog Shedding Tool
Wyatt Robinson
Written by Wyatt Robinson

There are many essential buys when you are welcoming a dog into your family. Most of these are obvious to everyone like the feeding bowls, collars, leads, flea treatments and toys etcetera, etcetera. Some however are less than obvious but truly are just as vital. Ask any dog owner what these are and the number one answer will be the dog shedding tool; trust me (and other owners) you are not going to want to be without one.

Just ask any existing dog owner about their dogs shedding and they will tell you what a nightmare it can be without the right tools and regimen to deal with it. Clothes, furnishings and flooring are all victims of dog hair and though there are ways to remove it such as pet vacs and lint rollers, as always prevention is better than cure.

It will also benefit your dog to put in place a good deshedding regimen. Excess dog hair in your dogs coat will make your dog uncomfortable and can be extremely irritating for them. It can also increase the chances of your dog contracting skin parasites.

The way to prevent these problems? The best dog deshedding tool for your dog.

What if I choose a non-shedding dog?

There are actually very few non-shedding dogs out there. You will find dogs less likely to shed and you will find prolific shedders. Here is a guide, the top ten of both.

Worst sheddersBest shedders
American EskimoYorkshire Terrier
Great PyrenesShih Tzu
Labrador RetrieverMiniature Schnauzer
New FoundlandBoston Terrier
Shetland SheepdogWest Highland Terrier
Mixed BreedsBichon Frise

To learn more about other breeds, check out this article on non-shedding dogs.

There are so many… which tool should I choose?

The simple answer to this is that all dog shedding tools are not created equal and you should choose the best tool for your dog.

Pet Grooming Brush Large Deshedding Tool

Here is our top five:

  1. Granpaws deshedding tool and brush. This is a one size fits all dog shedding tool that will reduce the shedding of your dog instantly in one session. It has a 100% unbreakable handle which comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you break it, they’ll replace it; no questions asked. Costing around $15 it is a reasonably priced option but not the optimum choice. It is always better to buy a shedding tool designed for specific types of dog e.g., long hair, short hair, small or large breed.
  2. Miu COLOR pet grooming deshedding tool. This innovative grooming tool is suitable for long and short haired dogs alike. With a four inch stainless edge and safe blade cover it is robust and strong.  It is used and recommended by vets, groomers and dog professional. The Miu pet grooming tool is the cheapest of the top five at around $13 but again not the ultimate choice. Its lack of options for specific breeds, coat lengths lets it down.
  3. Desheddinator 2 in 1 comb and brush by Pet Grooming. Costing approximately only $16 this is the best ‘bargain’ tool. Reducing shedding by up to 90% it is vet approved and pain free for your dog. It has an easy grip handle and comes in three sizes. These are: 46mm for smaller breed dogs; 76mm for medium sized breed dogs; 100mm for large breeds.
  4. DakPets deshedding tool and pet grooming brush. Suitable for small, medium and large dog breeds this shedding tool can reduce dog hair by 80 to a 100%. It comes with an unbreakable guarantee that if you break it, they’ll refund it. At around $22 it is pretty middle of the road price wise and does the job it is intended for. Again the lack of options for specific breeds and coat length lets it down.
  5. Furminator deshedding tool for dogs. This tool is confident in its abilities guaranteeing that it will ‘reduce shedding better than any other brush, rake or comb.’ Reducing yours dog shedding by up 90% it reaches deep down into your dogs coat and with gentle brushing easily removes all the loose hair.
    The Furminator comes in many shapes and sizes including long and short hair, extra small. Small, medium, large and giant. There is guaranteed to be a tool in this collection to suit your dog. It is constructed from stainless steel with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable and makes the tool easy to use. Designed by a groomer with a patented technology it really is the king of deshedding tools and even comes with a FURejector button for easy release of your dogs hair into the bin.
    Prices start at around $32.As a novelty or perhaps enhancement depending on your view you can also buy a Furminator deshedding tool and comb which attaches to your vacuum cleaner via a hose which will fit all vacuums.

But do they actually work? The answer to that question is better answered by those who have actually used them.

Therefore here are some actual customer reviews on each brand.

ToolThe GoodThe Bad
Granpaws deshedding toolPeople enjoyed this tool and love to use it with each occasion they gotThe main complaint is related to the fact that the blade comes off the handle too easy
Miu COLOR deshedding toolYour dog will look better than ever in less than 15 minutesUsers don’t enjoy the construction that much
Desheddinator 2 in 1 by Pet GroomingUsers appreciate this tool as being effectiveIt doesn’t work on long hair so it’s not for all dogs as described
DakPets deshedding toolCheap and effectiveIt has the possibility to irritate your dog’s skin
Furminator deshedding toolPeople are very excited about this toolNONE FOUND

How often and how should I groom my dog?

When dogs were in the wild they would shed twice a year dictated by temperature and day length. Now we have domesticated them this no longer applies as we now subject them to unnatural temperatures through things like central heating and by having them live indoors. Dogs will now shed all year round to some degree.

Why groom your dog

Signs that your dog is in a high shedding phase will be quite obvious as your furniture, clothes and flooring will be coated in their hair and they will scratch more often than usual. This is their own attempt to rid themselves of excess hair. During these phases you may need to deshed your dog every day. During lower shedding phases you may only need to do this once or twice a week. Both will also depend on the breed you have.

To learn how to do this and how often, check out this article on how to groom your dog.

How you deshed your dog is important as it will dictate how successful your deshedding is and how comfortable your dog is. Excessive hair build up in your dogs coat can be irritating and uncomfortable for them.

Four tips for successful deshedding:

  1. Brush your dog on a regular basis as this is the best way to manage shedding. As a guide short haired dogs should be brushed once a week and medium to long haired dogs up to three times. Some dogs may benefit from daily and you should check whether this applies to yours.
  2. Avoid brush burn by never pressing the bristles of a brush or comb into your dogs skin. Don’t tug at any knots or tangles, gently ease them out of your dogs coat. Avoid brushing or combing over warts, moles, whiskers and any other lumps or bumps your dog may have.
  3. Bathe your dog as washing can help as a prelude to grooming. It softens the coat and maximises the release of hair. If you are in the camp that does not feel baths are beneficial to your dog then try just wetting them thoroughly as this will also help.
  4. Calm your dogs coat by spraying them with a static cling reducing spray. A gentle leave in conditioner will also do the trick. Simply mist it lightly over your dog and stroke into the coat.

I think my dog may be suffering from excessive shedding, what should I do?

Judging whether your dog is excessively shedding can be extremely difficult as some dogs naturally moult more than others. The easy to spot signs are balding patches or complete baldness in certain areas.

Excessive shedding

Excessive shedding can be a sign of serious health issues such as skin parasites, hypothyroidism, excessive grooming, nutritional issues and even cancer. If you are at all concerned by your dogs shedding you should consult your vet.

All in all deshedding your dog of excess hair is beneficial to both you and your dog. It will save you time cleaning up all that annoying shedded hair and make your dog happier and more comfortable. And if your dog enjoys being groomed it is a great way to spend a few minutes every week pampering and spoiling them with nothing more than the best dog deshedding tool and your gentle touch.

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Wyatt Robinson

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