Best Dog Grooming Clippers: How to Make Grooming A Fun Experience

Best Dog Grooming Clippers
Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

When it comes to keeping your dog healthy, there’s more than just the right food and lots of exercise. Keeping him well-groomed can make all the difference in the world, as it prevents matting and tangles from occurring in his fur. Mats can sometimes lead to hot spots, where the skin becomes inflamed and itchy from trapped moisture. This can lead to excessive licking and create sores on the dog’s skin.

Grooming can be a regular part of your dog’s upkeep, or it can be done as needed, but many dog owners choose to have a professional do it for them. However, this can become quite costly over time, and in an effort to save money, owners choose to do so themselves. The equipment can be easy to find in any pet store or online, but it pays to know what the best dog grooming clippers are in order to make the experience as easy as possible.

The kind of clippers that you need are dependent on the kind of grooming that you plan to do and how often you’re going to be doing it. Frequent grooming will require a professional kit, which may cost a little over $100, while less frequent grooming probably means that you can choose a less expensive tool.

Dog hair clippers

When looking for dog clippers, you want trimmers that are going to be as quiet as possible. Dogs can be nervous around instruments that are a little too loud (we’ve all seen our dogs run from vacuum cleaners), so it’s important to make the experience as comfortable for him as possible. They may already be suspicious of this tool that’s removing their fur and vibrating against their skin; removing the element of noise can make it easier for him to become more acclimated to being trimmed.

So which options should you go for when looking at grooming clippers?

Corded versus cordless

This is one of the more important questions that dog owners have to consider. There are pros and cons to both, which can make it a very tough decision. Cordless clippers do give you the freedom of movement of getting to certain areas of your dog’s body. On the other hand, that means that they need to be charged, and it can be annoying for the battery to die while you’re in the middle of clipping. This can make the process extremely frustrating if you have to charge in the middle of a grooming session.

Dog corded clippers

Corded clippers, on the other hand, don’t need charging and will provide a strong clip through the session, but there is the concern about the cord getting in the way or not being long enough.

Human clippers?

Many owners don’t want to purchase a new pair of clippers, and would prefer using the ones that they already have. However, this is not the best idea. Dog clippers have a lot more teeth per blade, as they have more hair that needs trimming. More teeth mean that the motor of the clipper doesn’t have to work as hard to deal with the thicker coat, which means less overheating and damage being done to the tool. Dog clippers also have stronger motors in order to deal with higher quantities of hair.

Dog clippers blades

A cooler motor also means that your dog is less at risk of being burned in the process. Human clippers can get extremely hot if they’re overworked, and you have no real way of knowing whether your dog is being burned until the damage has already been done.

The blades of dog clippers are also a lot stronger and sharper; human clippers could probably endure a few grooming sessions before the blade becomes dull. If you don’t want to shell out money to replace your blades more often, then a pair of dog clippers is a much less expensive choice.

Making the experience enjoyable

Once of the best ways you can help your dog to enjoy the experience is to keep a container of treats nearby when you’re using the trimmers. First, simply allow your dog to smell and see the clippers that you’ll be using without turning them on. This makes him aware of its presence so that he gets used to seeing it on a regular basis. Provide treats for as long as he is behaving in the presence of the trimmer.

When you first turn it on and start using it, you should start clipping in an inconspicuous area that your dog won’t notice and that it’s tolerable to make mistakes on. Use short quick strokes so that your dog gets used to the hum and the feel of it, and provide even more treats if he continues to behave. Once he’s adjusted, you can start to make longer, more professional strokes so that you can get an even cut across the entire body.

Wahl U-Clip Deluxe Home pet grooming kit

The Wahl U-Clip pet grooming kit is the perfect set for taking care of your dog’s grooming needs. It’s good for trimming, touch-ups, and working on full body grooming jobs on both fine and medium dog coats. It allows any owner to achieve professional quality trims from the comfort of their home, and that means more money in their pockets they’d normally spend at a professional groomer’s.

The motor of these clippers is super fast and super quiet: it’s capable of 7200 strokes per minute but is quiet enough not to startle noise-sensitive pets. This is especially helpful for those who are grooming for the first time and if their dogs have never been trimmed before. Grooming should be a comfortable experience for both parties involved, and these professional trimmers help to achieve that goal.

Wahl U-Clip Deluxe Home pet grooming kit

The grooming kit is complete with sixteen pieces all included with a carrying kit. You’ll get the clippers, seven color-coded combs to trim hair of various lengths, a pair of scissors, pet styling comb to create the final look, blade oil, cleaning brush, and blade guard to keep your clippers clean and ready for the next use, a vinyl styling and bathing apron to keep you clean and dry, and an instructional DVD that teaches you how to clip most dog breeds and provides tips on maintaining your clippers.

All of the parts included in the kit comes to about $35.00. With its two-year warranty, you know you’re getting a durable grooming kit that will last a long time. Any damage to the clippers or its parts are replaced for free within the warranty period, making it easy for you to keep grooming without any worry on your part. These were made to last, and you’ll be satisfied with the quality of clips every time you use them. All Wahl products come with a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed, so you can return the clippers with no questions asked to receive a refund.

The only con to this grooming kit is that its cordless, which means that it’s going to require recharging on a regular basis. It does use a lithium ion battery, however, which can prevent overheating and damage being done to your dog’s skin. The battery lasts for about 120 minutes, which provides you with ample time for those big dog jobs.

Many customers have rated these clippers quite highly, as they’re capable of getting a professional cut, but without the professional prices. With how many tools are provided in the kit and at such a low price, more and more dog owners have been choosing to make this their grooming kit of choice. It works well on most dog coats, and the instructional DVD makes it easy for inexperienced dog owners to learn the best ways to trim their dogs without risking injury.

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Andis Pro-Animal detachable ceramic blade clipper kit

These corded clippers make it easy for you to take care of even the toughest grooming jobs. The rotary motor is quite powerful at 3700 strokes per minute, but you’ll never have to worry about overheating. The blade stays up to 75% cooler than other clippers, so your dog is always comfortable. And with the motor being so quiet, even the most nervous of dogs can enjoy the grooming experience.

These clippers are contoured to fit your hand, so that you’ll always be comfortable when giving your dog a trim. The stainless steel blades make it easy for quick and consistent trimming, so your dog will always look his best every time.

The clipper is resistant to breaking and is maintenance-free. The blade is easily detachable for easy cleaning and changing to another blade, if you need to deal with various lengths of dog hair. If you ever need to replace the blades, the clipper works with all UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades, so you don’t have to feel pressured into buying the brand’s blades over and over again. That allows you to find the best deals while still ensuring that your dog’s looks are maintained.

Andis Pro-Animal detachable ceramic blade clipper kit

The clipper itself can withstand harsh chemicals, as the housing is sealed quite tightly to prevent breaking. There’s also no need to grease or oil any internal parts, so it will last longer and you don’t have to spend time maintaining the various parts. It works with all kinds of coats, and it powerful enough to deal with even the thickest and most stubborn of coats. The rotary head also makes it easy for you to get to those more stubborn areas of your dog that require careful manipulation of the clipper in order to obtain an even cut.

The kit itself comes with seven pieces and will run about $73.00. It includes:

  • the rotary motor clipper
  • four separate attachment combs for various hair lengths: 1/2″, 3/8″, 1/4″, and 1/8″
  • blade oil in order to keep your blades clean and functioning properly
  • a storage case for all your parts

The kit can also be ordered with an additional instructional DVD to make it easier for first-time groomers to learn the best methods in keeping their dog’s coat looking its best.

Although the price is higher, the benefits of a corded clipper can outweight the need to be constantly charging your clipper. Many customers have been quite happy with this grooming kit, as it makes grooming easy to do at home, and can cut through even the toughest mats. These clippers are designed to last for a long time without breaking, and one owner has been using his clippers for over ten years with no complaints. It’s definitely one of the better grooming kits that you can get if you’re concerned about professional quality trims.

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Oster A5 Turbo Two-Speed Professional animal clipper

Oster is known for being at the high-end of dog clippers, as they were made with dog owners in mind. These corded clippers come equipped with a rotary head that makes it easy to trim those difficult areas on your dog’s body, so that the finished look will be even throughout. It comes with two speeds, so you can finish a job quickly, or take your time in ensuring that your dog’s mats are being taken care of. It runs at 3000 strokes per minute on the low speed and 4000 strokes per minute on high speed.

It runs cooler than most clippers, so your dog won’t be at risk of being burned, and it won’t burn your hand either from extended use. The blades contain an antimicrobial coating, which kills any microorganisms that may be present. This keeps your blades cleaner for a lot longer, and won’t your your dog at risk for infections. The clipper comes with an Oster #10 blade, a blade guard, blade oil and grease, a cleaning brush, one extra brush, a spring set, and instructions.

Oster A5 Turbo Two-Speed Professional animal clipper

The clipper itself is a bit more expensive than other grooming kits — pricing at around $130.00 — and doesn’t come with a lot of features that some of the other kits have. There are no instructions, so this isn’t recommended for those who are first time groomers. Another con is that additional blades have to be purchased separately when the one that it comes with becomes dull.

There are also no extra blades for various coat lengths, so that’s another investment that needs to be made. On the plus side, the high price ensures that you’re getting quality, so these are clippers that are not going to be breaking any time soon.

Customers have chosen these clippers over cheaper kits, as they’ve found that they last a lot longer, and work even better on tougher coats.

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Wahl Pet-Pro clipper

If you want professional grooming at only a fraction of the cost of paying a professional, then these cordless Wahl trimmers are for you. The kit provides everything that you’ll need to provide a wonderful bonding experience with your dog while you provide him with a professional look. The clipper comes with carbon steel blades that are self-sharpening, the superior blade geometry provides even trimming, and it has wonderful fur feeding so you can avoid having your pet’s hair being pulled on in the grooming process.

When you purchase the kit, which is about $60.00, you’ll receive the trimmers, blade guard, storage case, oil, cleaning brushes, scissors, mirror, styling comb, color guide combs for various hair lengths, and an instructional DVD guide that you can use as reference when you’re feeling a bit lost on what you should do next. A perfect tool for first-time groomers! And with a five-year warranty on your kit, you’ll always have the parts that you need if everything ever breaks before it ends.

Wahl Pet-Pro clipper

The pros of this product are that you can save a lot of money in the long run by doing it yourself, the clippers are extremely quiet so your dog will have a better experience being trimmed, and the fur feeding ability makes the trimming process take a lot less time. However, that isn’t to say that this clipper is absolutely perfect. The fur does require some prepping before it can be trimmed: it needs to be washed and brushed thoroughly to ensure that the clippers will move through them easily.

However, if you do want to consider grooming without having to pay a lot of money to get it done, then this grooming kit is for you. And the more often you groom your dog, the more comfortable you’ll become with the process so that it will start to take you less time for each session.

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No matter which brand you choose, it’s important to invest in a pair of clippers that is suitable for your dog’s breed and hair type. Not all dogs’ coats are the same, so you’re going to have to do some research to determine which ones are capable of cutting your dog’s hair effectively. Getting the wrong set of clippers will not only be ineffective, but it can also cause some pain to your dog if his fur is snagged, and you won’t end up with a very good look once you’re finished.

Hiring a professional groomer may seem like an easy choice in taking care of your dog’s coat, but with all of the tools that are being provided on the market, it’s become much easier for dog owners to do it themselves. It can not only help them save a lot of money from future visits to the groomer, but it also strengthens the bonding experiences that they can have with their dogs.

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