Best Orthopedic Dog Bed: Choose The Best for Your Pet

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed
Wyatt Robinson
Written by Wyatt Robinson

If your furry friend is old or he is sick, then he will need a specific bed that would suit his needs. It would not be good for him to sleep on the hard and cold floor or just on a rug. That’s why specialists have designed the best orthopedic dog beds that are both practical and comfortable. They can be a great place for your dog to rest during the day and to sleep during the night.

Another great thing about this bed is that you can mostly pack it up and take it with you on a trip or anywhere that you are traveling and taking your dog with you as well. Additionally, a bed of quality can alleviate your dog’s pains and aches, especially if he is old and already has a problem with bones.

Orthopedic dog bed for senior dog

In this article we are going to cover some of the most sought after orthopedic dog beds, and point out their great characteristics and why are they some of the best products for your furry companions. They will definitely love them!

Tips on choosing the perfect orthopedic dog bed

Below are a few important tips to keep in mind when choosing a bed for your pooch:

  • Choose a bed size that matches your dog’s size: which means that it should not be too small or too large; the first would be uncomfortable and the latter would only take up too much space in your apartment / house.
  • Make sure that you can remove the cover of the bed in order to wash and dry it properly. If the cover is not removable, it will prove far too difficult to wash the entire bed, and it will take too much time to dry it.
  • Choose the fabric that is soft on your dog’s nose and paws and that is not attracting too much hair and dirt.
  • You should place the bed somewhere where it is quite and where it is not too much hot or cold. It definitely should not be in your living room or in the hall where the dog would be disturbed all the time.

Reviews for top products on the market

To make your job a bit easier, we put together a few reviews for the best products on the market. We included both our personal opinion on the product and opinions from people who already own the product for a while and are more entitled to identify strengths and flaws.

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort™

This amazing bed promotes a great, innovative design that offers amazing comfort and support. If you have older dogs and cats that can’t move as agile as they did once, this is the perfect bed for them. Even more, the bed is extremely soft and allows for a comfortable sleep. The fabric that covers it is called Sherpa. You can feel free to wash it and dry in a machine.

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort infographic

The size of this bed is 25 inches (20 x 20 x 12 inches) and it can be bought in: Fuchsia, Brown, Teal, Black, and Pink for only $38.  However, the bed cannot be shipped internationally, only within the USA.

It is designed to provide maximum comfort and support. The bed features a high (12 inches), an overstuffed rear wall that provides back support and relieves unwanted pressure on the joints, plus a front wall that is carved lower (9 inches) to support the head and neck.

The matching bottom is made with durable oxford fabric that does not attract dirt or dust which is great since you do not want your pet’s bed to be smelly or full of hair. More than 700 customers rated this product positively, so you should check it out.

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NAP Pet Bed Egg-Crate Orthopedic Pet Mattress by Furhaven Pet

This luxuriously bed is equipped with an Ultra Plush Deluxe Ortho Mat which allows for a more relaxing sleep. This is great especially if your dog is ill and he needs to be as comfortable as possible.

FurHaven NAP Pet Bed Egg-Crate Orthopedic Pet Mattress

For only $32 your dog gets a soft fur fabric surface that is gentle on his nose and paws and the cover is zippered and removable; which means that you will easily wash or replace it. Nobody wants a dog’s bed that is smelly or dirty, so you can wash and dry it regularly. That is because of a suedine gusset and a water-resistant base.

Besides the cover, which is made in China, this pet bed is completed create in the USA. The material is 100 % polyester and it is easily machine washed and dried.

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Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed with Waterproof Cover by Laifug

For only $78 you get a large (46 x 28 x 4 inches) dog bed that consists of soft, comfortable bed for your friend. The cover is zippered and easily removable which means that you can machine wash it and dry it really fast.

Laifug Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

The orthopedic memory foam design will provide your pet with comfortable and healthy sleep, which is the most important, especially if your dog is already suffering from bone aches.

Additionally, this bed is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites which is really safe and you won’t have to worry. More than 60 customers rated this bed with the highest rating, so you should check it out.

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Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed by Milliard

For only $44 you can get this amazing dog bed equipped with an anti-microbial cover which is both waterproof and non-slippery. This bed is great for pets that have problems with bones and moving. The best characteristic of this bed is its memory foam which achieves maximum support and comfort for arthritis and aching joints.

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

It is certified by CertiPUR-US® which vouches for its quality.

Another great thing about this bed is that it is machine washable and dryable which means that it will take you no time at all to wash it and have it ready for your dog to sleep on it soon.

Additionally, depending on your pet’s size, the bed is available in different sizes as well: small, medium, large and extra-large. This bed is a great investment because it is durable and your dog will love it for sure. The measures for the medium size are 34 x 22 x 4 inches. More than 600 customers rated it with positive ratings.

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Dog Bed — Orthopedic Memory Foam by The Smokey Dog Co.

This amazing thick and extra-large orthopedic bed has a removable cover which will make it easier for you to wash and dry it. It is made of unique gel memory foam that makes it a right choice for bigger dogs. Your pet can find as much comfort as he needs because this bed is made exactly for that one purpose. The measurements are 40 x 35 x 4 inches and the price is $80.

Dog Bed - Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large 40x35x4 with Durable Waterproof Liner

Having in mind that more than 90 customers have rated this bed positively, then you can imagine how good it is. The mattress is hypoallergenic and it is best for older and senior dogs with joint issues, hip dysplasia, and arthritis. The bed is also resistant to molds, mildews, and dust mites; which is a great addition, you do not want to risk the health of your already ill dog.

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Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed by dogbed4less

This bed measures about 40 x 35 x 4 inches and is made of a memory foam pad designed for therapeutic needs. The external cover is made out of denim which adds a bit of style to the entire product. You also get one free bonus which is an external brown cover, in case you ever want to remove the denim one.

For only $90, you get a bed of high quality that is protected by two layers of covers which provides comfort and rest. You won’t have to worry that your dog will feel uncomfortable or that his joint aches would become even worse.

Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed by dogbed4less

The most interesting fact is that this bed is very similar to those therapeutic mattresses used for people. Just by knowing that, you’ll understand why your pooch is getting better sleep, and the joints feel more comfortable. This memory foam is five times denser and four times heavier than regular foam, which will not flatten overtime and it will last for many years to come.

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Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed with Removable Waterproof Cover by Brindle

Tired of having your furry pet sleeping on hard floor or your bed? Then it is time to find a new place for him to sleep and a bed of high quality would be a great choice. Brindle offers this fantastic bed in a small, medium and large size; depending on your pet’s size.

There are also three different color options: Khaki, Charcoal Black or Mocha Blue. This means that you can also match your doggie’s bed to the décor of your home.

Brindle 4 Inch Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

The price is only $45, the cover is 100 % waterproof and it protects your pet from dirt and accidents. This thick bed features two inches of comfort memory foam and two inches of high-density support foam. You get a 3 year warranty and the hypoallergenic cover is easily removed and washed. More than 700 love this bed, make sure to check it out!

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Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs by Big Barker

Having a large dog breed for a pet is definitely not easy. It is logical to assume that even their space for sleeping should be spacious and comfortable enough to sustain their weight and muscles. Big Barker is a company that takes care of that and specializes in large dog breeds. This bed is available in three sizes: large, extra-large and giant.

You get a 10 year guarantee which is a plus; the foam is supposed to retain 90 % of its original shape for 10 years or you can get your money back.

Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs by Big Barker

Handmade in the USA, for $200 you get a dog of highest quality that won’t flatten or pancake over time and your big furry friend will love it. The most important aspect of a dog bed is definitely its foam. In this case, the foam is made of 7″ American-Made foam — a 2″ layer of H10 Comfort Foam, a 3″ middle layer of H45 Support Foam and another 2″ layer of H10 Comfort Foam.

The last one is actually the same foam used in expensive furniture and you might have heard of it. More than thousand positive votes means that customers agree with this.

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Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed by Go Pet Club

Available in four colors: brown, charcoal, denim and khaki; this amazing bed is also available in four sizes. Choose the one according to your dog’s measurements, and make sure you like the color as well.

Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed

They are all hypoallergenic and will always keep their shapes over time. It is 4 inches high and 100 % made of memory foam. If your dog suffers from arthritis or muscle problems, this bed may be the key to his discomfort. The dimensions are 28 x 36 x 4 inches.

More than 400 customers have responded with their feedback and said that their pets are enjoying their new beds. The bed can be even shipped to selected countries outside of the USA. It is easily changed and washed as well.

If you interested you can buy it on Amazon.

Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed by Better World Pets

This bed is ideal for aging dogs because it helps ease pain of arthritis and hip dysplasia. It is also waterproof and it has a 180 GSM removable washable cover. For only $39 it is available in two sizes and two colors – Grey and Ocean Blue and Grey and Rave Green.

The bed has been designed in the USA, it is 5 inches thick and your little dog will love it. It is its durable cover, waterproof lining and non-skid bottom that give added protection to your dog.

First-Quality 6 Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed

You get a 1 year money back guarantee, so you can return the bed and refund your money easily. The bed is a perfect balance of support and softness, it is made of 100 % memory foam filled with the best quality at the market.

Additionally, with each purchased bed, the company in question donates 10% of profit to the Humane Society of the United States; America’s largest animal-protection organization. Make your pet feel comfy and protect other animals!

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Ortho Bolster Sleeper by K&H Manufacturing

This luxurious orthopedic bed is not only plush, but it is also made of a medical orthopedic foam. Your pet will be surrounded by the overfilled bolsters, but do not worry; the cover and liners are removable and easily washed and dried. The dimensions are 27 x 26 inches and they are available in four sizes and two colors.

Ortho Bolster Sleeper by K&H Manufacturing

However, almost 600 customers believe that it is the foam and comfortable mattress that matter. You will get a great and luxurious bed for your small furry friend and he will love it. The bed also looks amazing when matched with the rest of the furniture at home.

This bed can be shipped to selected countries outside of the USA, so if your pet is of smaller breed, make sure to check it out as soon as possible.

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In conclusion

To sum up, we have covered a wide range of orthopedic dog beds, but you should be the one to choose the most suitable one for your dog. The prices vary and mostly depend on the size and structure of the beds.

It does matter whether your dog is of small or big breed, whether you need a new bed because he is ill and old or it is simply for his comfort. Make sure to decide and pick the one according to your dog’s needs and your own budget. Your furry friend will be more than happy to have his own bed and a place to rest.

Therefore, make sure to pick the bed with a foam of greatest quality, then choose the size according to your dog’s measurements and pick the color that goes well with your dog and home. If your dog is suffering from some medical problems, then the bed should be of better quality than the one that you would buy only to be a place for sleeping.

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