Best Dog Nail Grinder: Treating your Pooch to a Pedicure

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

Tired of your dog clawing at your legs when he’s excited? Want to maintain his nails so that they don’t get too long and start causing problems? It can be difficult to get your dog to sit still while you work those guillotine clippers against his nails without cutting the quick, but there’s an easier solution that will keep both you and your comfortable without the pain and bleeding of cutting your dog’s nails too short. That easy solution is getting the best dog nail grinder to ease both yours and your dog’s fears.

More and more people are choosing to go with nail grinders when it comes to trimming their dogs’ nails, as they reduce anxiety and stress as well as developing a soft, smooth finish that won’t tear up your clothes and skin. Regular nail clippers can leave jagged edges on your dog’s nails, which can make playing with your pooch even more unbearable, but a nail grinder merely buffs the nail shorter without actually cutting it, so there’s no hard edges against your skin and clothing.

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So what exactly should you be looking for when it comes to finding the best nail grinder? They come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and functionality, so knowing which ones will fit the bill is key. To make your job easier, we’re going to discuss the features you should be looking for, as well as recommend a few of the best products in the market as a starting point for you to work from. So let’s get started!

Product NameNumber Of SpeedsNumber Of Replacement BandsSafety GuardPower SupplyPrice
FURminator Nail Grinder22Yes4 AA batteriesCheck price on Amazon
Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder24Yes4 AA batteriesCheck price on Amazon
Dremel 7300-PT Pet Nail Grooming Tool24NoRechargeable in 3 hoursCheck price on Amazon
Innopaw Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder1NoneNo2 AA batteriesCheck price on Amazon
miPets Rechargeable USB Pet Nail Grinder1NoneNoRechargeable via USBCheck price on Amazon
URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder1NoneNoRechargeable via USBCheck price on Amazon
CONAIR PRO 741027 Dog Nail GrinderVariable5NoPower outletCheck price on Amazon
Wahl Professional Ultimate Nail Grinder Trimming KitVariable6NoPower outletCheck price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

Knowing the variety of options that are available when it comes to finding a dog nail grinder can really make all the difference in the world. Although the majority of nail grinders perform the same job, that doesn’t mean that they’re all built the same. Some are corded while others are cordless; some products require the use and replacement of batteries, while some are rechargeable.

Being aware of what’s out there will definitely making your purchasing experience a lot easier so that you know exactly what you’re getting with no surprises. So here are just a few of the most important features to consider when looking for a grinder that’s suitable for your dog.


When it comes to trimming your dog’s nails, you don’t want to spend all day working on them. And as much as a hassle it is already, getting the job done quickly will reduce the stress on your dog. That’s why it’s important to find a nail grinder that’s capable of multiple speeds so that you can pick one that takes care of the task efficiently.

Image showing a woman trimming her dog nails

Alternatively, you also want a grinder that has a speed that’s also comfortable for your dog. The experience, overall, is not very comfortable for them, so it’s very important that you ensure your dog’s aren’t afraid of the device or what you’re doing to their feet. It may be best to start off at a slow speed and work your way up to faster ones to a level your dog is comfortable with.


Do you have a dog that’s nervous around vacuum cleaners or hair dryers? He’s probably not going to be any calmer around a device that’s near to him or his paws. That’s why it’s important that you consider how loud your nail grinder is. Dogs don’t like loud noises in general, so finding one that’s quiet will make the experience a lot easier for him.

Image showing a person grinding the dog nails

Look for devices that have quiet motors so that you can help your dog to get adjusted to it being around him. Just remember to exercise patience and not force your dog to be around the grinder if he’s not comfortable. Doing so will only make him hate it even more.

Safety Covers

You’ll find a lot of nail grinders that have the option for safety covers or not. Don’t worry: the nail grinding process itself is not dangerous. What is called a «safety cover» is really just a small plastic housing around the grinding/sanding part of the device that catches the «dust» from the removed parts of your dog’s nails.

Man owner is making manicure of retriever puppy after shower

Without this cover, the dust typically falls to the floor where you can clean it up later; otherwise, it all collects in this plastic housing where you can dump it in your garbage between each nail trimming.


There’s always been the debate as to whether corded or cordless devices are better, as each provides different benefits. On the one handed, corded nail grinders means that you have unlimited power and can work as long as you need to. There’s also the added benefit of not having to pause between charging times or having to buy extra batteries. However, it’s a bit more difficult to manipulate a device with a cord in the way, and it means you’re limited to the length of the cord, which can be a problem if your dog is a squirmer.

Image showing a dog-nail-grinder

Cordless nail grinders, on the other hand, can be moved around however you need to, making it easier for you to get to those back paws without having to move your dog around too much. However, cordless grinders only last a few hours with each charge, which, if you have more than one dog or your pooch is difficult to work with, can run out in the middle of a job.

And once that happens, you either need to put new batteries in or wait for it to fully charge again. With these pros and cons in mind, go for whichever option is best for you and your needs.

Recharging and Power

For those who choose to go with the cordless option, there is one of two options that are provided: plugging it into an outlet to charge the battery, or charging through USB. Newer models are option for the latter, as that means you can charge your grinder through your computer or connect it through the charger that comes with your phone. That makes it even more convenient if you’re not near a wall socket but still need to get the job done.

Image showing a Dog Nail Grinder being chargedImage showing a Dog Nail Grinder being charged

Also look for how long it takes to fully charge the nail grinder you’re interested in. It’s normal for the charging time to be a little over an hour, but you don’t want it to take too long especially if you want the job to get done in one day.

How long does the device run for on a single charge? There’s no use going for a cheap option that only runs for an hour, as that doesn’t give you a lot of time to work with. Find a balance between run time and price so that you can find a device that meets your needs but also doesn’t break your wallet.

Best Products on Today’s Market

Keeping these features in mind, you have a great head start on finding a product that is perfect for what you’re looking for. Even so, it can be difficult to know which brands out there you can trust. Instead of having to waffle through them all in your search, we’ve decided to list some of the top rated products out there so that you don’t have to, making it easier for you to determine which product would be most suitable for your pet. Without further ado, here are the top 8 dog nail grinders in the market for your perusal.

FURminator Nail Grinder FURminator Nail Grinder

Price: Approx. $19.99

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Specific features: Safety guard, LED light, comes with two grinding bands, uses 4 AA batteries, two speeds, cordless.

Best use: Trimming the nails of large dogs

Description: When it comes to the nail care of your pets, the FURminator Nail Grinder has everything under control. The handle is very ergonomic so it feels great in your hand while you’re using it, and is lightweight so you won’t strain your wrist.

Nothing is more troublesome than trying to keep your pooch under control while you’re trying to trim his nails, and this nail grinder definitely helps you get the job done, especially with no cord to get tangled in. That makes it a lot easier for you to trim your dog’s hind legs, which would be even more problematic with a cord in the way.

The added LED light provides you with enough illumination so you can see exactly what you’re doing and ensuring that you’re not trimming your canine’s nails too low. You have better control and manipulation over your task, and the LED doesn’t drain the battery too much, resulting in less use time.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to use


  • A bit too loud
  • Replacement bands tend to slip

Related: While you’re working on your dog looking his best, you’ll have to keep his fur clean too. Instead of having to work a brush through his fur to get rid of all that undercoat, you should consider using FURminator Deshedding Shampoo to help you get the job done.

It’s enriched with natural materials, such as Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and papaya leaf extract to help remove your dog’s undercoat and reduce shedding around the house. This one gallon bottle will definitely last you a long time, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder

Price: Approx. $19.99

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Specific features: Safety guard, two speeds, two coarse stone bands, one coarse stone, one fine band, cordless, uses 4 AA batteries.

Best use: Nail trimming for small dog breeds.

Description: If you’re looking for a nail grinder that will ease the fears of your nervous pooch, then the Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder will definitely do the job for you. It’s whisper-quiet, and is a little louder at the high speed, but not loud enough that will instill anxiety in your dog. Definitely a must for those dog owners whose dogs stress easily; just remember to take breaks or put the device on the lower speed if you sense your dog becoming anxious.

On top of that, the product also comes with different bands to help you polish out your dog’s nails a bit more. The coarse band can be used to file them down to the appropriate length, while the fine band can soften the edges so that you’re not gouging yourself on harsh edges. You can give your dog that professional look with this nail grinder, without having to pay a fortune at the groomer’s every time.


  • Very quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Underpowered to deal with nail trimming for larger dogs
  • Bands don’t fit well and slip off

Related: Everyone’s going to make a mistake the very first time they trim their dog’s nails, and it’s important that they have Cardinal Laboratories Professional Groomers’ Styptic Powder on hand to take care of those mistakes. It causes blood to clot quickly to minimize the risks of blood loss and staining the floors and carpets of your home.

Just apply a little to the bleeding nail, and it should stop within a few seconds. The great thing about this powder is that it doesn’t expire either, so it will continue to be effective, no matter how long you’ve had it for.

Check the price on Amazon

Dremel 7300-PT Pet Nail Grooming Tool Dremel 7300-PT Pet Nail Grooming Tool

Price: Approx. $29.99

Weight: 19.2 ounces

Specific features: Two speeds, removable battery that charges in 3 hours, cordless, four replacement bands.

Best use: Filing nails of all dog breeds

Description: With the reputation Dremel has in the tools and hardware realm of life, it’s surprising to see that they’d delve into pet care with the development of the Dremel 7300-PT Pet Nail Grooming Tool. It was developed to have two speeds so that you can find one that is comfortable for your dog, and to ensure that you’re not filing off too much of your dog’s nails.

It’s also cordless, so there’s no fiddling and getting tangled as you try to work on all your dog’s feet without having to turn him around. The experience is already uncomfortable enough as it is that you don’t need to add further stress to your dog’s life.

The grooming tool is also compatible with a large number of Dremel sanding drums, so once the bands wear out, it’s incredibly easy to find replacements in almost any store, whether it’s a pet store or a hardware store.


  • Extra batteries can be purchased and charged separately so you can continue using the grinder
  • Very quiet
  • Professional finish


  • Battery makes it a little heavy
  • A bit difficult to assemble

Related: Although the Dremel Grooming Tool doesn’t come with a safety guard, you can add one very easily with the Dremel AT01-PGK Pet Grooming Nail Guard Attachment. It’s a plastic housing that can be added to your grooming kit that keeps the fur on your dog’s paws away from the grooming tool so that it doesn’t get caught.

It also stops the debris that’s stripped from your dog’s nails from being sent all over the place. A clean and effective way of keeping your dog’s nails trimmed while still being able to see how much you’re really taking off.

Check the price on Amazon

Innopaw Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder Innopaw Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder

Price: Approx. $8.99

Weight: 4.9 ounces

Specific features: Powered by 2 AA batteries, cordless, 3 different ports for breed size, cordless.

Best use: On any-sized dog that needs its nails trimmed.

Description: For the price tag of the Innopaw Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder, you’re getting a lot of versatility. This nail grinder does away with the guesswork on figuring out how much you should be taking off. The head of the product comes with three ports that are sized differently for dogs’ nails. Port 1 is for small breeds, Port 2 is for medium and large breeds, and Port 3 is for fast-wearing nails for those dogs whose nails just grow a little too fast.

The product doesn’t feel cheap either. It’s made from sturdy and durable plastic, and the emery wheel will last a long time. It does take some effort on your part for it to work, but the tool can’t do everything for you. Sadly, this product only has one speed, so it’s best that you exercise some care and patience when introducing your dog to it.


  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Versatile for different breed sizes
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Not strong enough
  • Noisy
  • Only one speed

Related: The best to get your dog accustomed to something new is with the lovely distraction of treats. Zuke’s Mini Natural Dog Treats are small enough to fit several in the palm of your hand, but your dog will love the big flavor just the same.

These chicken-flavored treats can be used in training, to reward your dog at the end of the day, or to acclimate your dog to new surroundings/experiences to diminish their stress. They’re available in a wide variety of flavors and are made with only natural ingredients that are good for any dog’s tummy.

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miPets Rechargeable USB Pet Nail Grinder miPets Rechargeable USB Pet Nail Grinder

Price: Approx. $14.86

Weight: 0.8 ounces

Specific features: Removable trimming heads, USB rechargeable, cordless, four different ports

Best use: Trimming nails for dogs of all breeds

Description: Convenience is all wrapped up in one product with the miPets Rechargeable USB Pet Nail Grinder. Not only does it look great and work wonders at trimming your dog’s nails, but it also feels great in your hands and provides you with more trimming options than other products out there.

It comes with four ports for you to work with: Port 1 is perfect for large pets; Port 2 is for medium-sized dogs; Port 3 is for small breeds; Port 4 is the completely removal of the plastic housing so that it’s perfect for fast grinding and extra-large pets.

And that’s not where the options stop. You can charge this product using the USB cord it comes with, so you charge it just about anywhere: in your car, with your computer, from your phone, the choices are endless. You’ll never have to worry about the battery dying often ever again, and gives you more time to get the job done, even if your dog is one of the stubborn ones.


  • Quiet
  • Powerful
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Not very powerful
  • Not suitable for thick nails

Related: One of the most important parts that people often forget about is their ears. This is usually because dogs tends to clean themselves when they can, but even they aren’t perfect.

With Pet MD Aloe and Eucalyptus Ear Cleaner Wipes, you can ensure that your dog’s ears are free of yeast and mites, eliminating those hot spots that can put your dog into a scratching frenzy. Nothing is more troublesome than having to deal with a dog’s ear infection — giving him medication, applying ear drops, et cetera — so eliminate the problem before it starts.

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URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

Price: Approx. $16.99

Weight: 5.9 ounces

Specific features: Charges with USB, cordless, three different ports, diamond bit grinder, run time: 3 hours, charge time: 2 hours.

Best use: Great for trimming nails of small- and medium-sized dogs.

Description: Want a nail grinder that is affordable, looks great, and is very quiet? The URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder meets all three, and have even more to offer. Instead of having to charge the grinder by plugging it into a wall socket, you can connect it to your computer to charge, allowing you to use it wherever you are. The option of USB power makes this product more versatile when it comes to charging the batteries, so you can even use the car adaptor for your mp3 player to charge it for you.

There are also three different «ports» that provide variety in how you trim your dog’s nails. Port 1, which is the complete removal of the cover, exposes the grinder completely so that you can trim your dog’s nails quickly. Port 2 is suitable for the nails of small dogs, and Port 3 is best for trimming the nails of medium-sized dogs.


  • Quiet
  • Easy to use


  • Not strong enough for thick nails

Related: With your dog’s nails taken care of, why not get a handle of his breath too? Dog owners are familiar with the stench of doggy breath, as they can get into a lot of things throughout the day, however, Petrodex Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste can help to curb the smell of your dog’s mouth and promote healthy gums and teeth as well. This product is poultry-flavored, so your dog will definitely enjoy the taste as you work it on his teeth and gums. You’ll notice fresher breath in no time.

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CONAIR PRO 741027 Dog Nail Grinder CONAIR PRO 741027 Dog Nail Grinder

Price: Approx. $30.77

Weight: 15.2 ounces

Specific features: Corded, interchangeable attachments, variable speed, five replacement bands.

Best use: For trimming nails on all dog breeds.

Description: When it comes to finding a quiet nail grinder that will get the job done, the CONAIR PRO 741027 Dog Nail Grinder could be exactly what you’re looking for. It was built with sturdiness in mind, so that it won’t fall apart, even after extended use, and is so quiet, you’ll have no problems helping your dog to adjust to the feeling of the grinder against his nails.

The sanding heads can also be changed quiet easily without any hassle, allowing you to get the job done, no matter the size of your dog or how thick his nails are. Just pop off a sanding head once it’s no longer getting the job done and attach another one, it’s as easy as that. The grinder also feels great in your hand, and is small enough that you can maneuver it exactly how you need to to get to all of your dog’s paws.


  • Quiet
  • Compact


  • Not very powerful

Related: If nail grinding isn’t your thing and you still prefer to cut your dog’s nails the old-fashioned way, the Coastal Pet Products Stainless Steel Dog Nail File can help you to smooth those jagged edges to save your skin and your clothing.

Be careful that you don’t file the nails incorrectly — it’s not the same as doing your own nails — to minimize the risk of your dog’s nail splitting. Moving the file from the back of the nail to the front, following the natural contour, will smooth out your pet’s nail for a professional finish.

Check the price on Amazon

Wahl Professional Ultimate Nail Grinder Trimming Kit Wahl Professional Ultimate Nail Grinder Trimming Kit

Price: Approx. $27.69

Weight: 17.6 ounces; actual grinder: 5.7 ounces

Specific features: Variable speeds, comes with a case, corded, large sanding drum with three sanding bands, small sanding drum with three sanding bands, drum changing wrench.

Best use: Trimming, smoothing and shaping nails on any-sized dog.

Description: The Wahl Professional Ultimate Nail Grinder Trimming Kit isn’t only suitable for dogs, it can be used on cats, birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs as well. This tool is so versatile, you won’t remember what it’s like to be without one. It comes with two different sanding drums of different sizes, and three sanding bands each to fit them. This makes this product very versatile in trimming nails, no matter what size they are.

And don’t worry about having to struggle with changing the drums if you have several dogs of different sizes. It comes with a handy wrench that helps you to remove the drum easily so you can slip the next one on and start again. No fiddling with screwdrivers to remove heads and losing the screws in the process. They couldn’t make it any simpler for you to get the job done.


  • Lightweight
  • Quiet


  • Lack of safety guard
  • Have to guess when enough nail has been removed

Related: If you really enjoy the use of this product, then you may want to consider the Wahl Professional Nail Grinder Replacement Kit. It comes with two replacement drums (one large, one small) and 12 replacement bands (6 large, 6 small) so that you can keep using this product for as long as you want. The price for this many parts is definitely worth considering, as it’s very affordable and will ensure continued use in the future.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrap Up

With everything we’ve covered so far, you’ll come to realize that there’s more to buying a nail grinder than picking up the first one you see at the store. There’s plenty of features to take into account to ensure that your dog will be comfortable and that you’ll find a product that can get the job done. Don’t toss your cash to the wind and hope that it will bring you a reliable product; instead, take these considerations into account and invest some time into finding a product that will serve your needs.

Image showing a pet doctor trimming a dogs nails

Have we missed out on a product that you absolutely love? Want to share your experiences with us? Please leave your comments with us at the end of this article so that we know we’ve helped you in some way. It really helps to know that our articles are aiding readers in their product purchases.

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