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Where does your dog sleep? It is obvious that your bed or your couches are among the options, but they are not always the best option. A dog needs a place of its own that represents a sort of retreat where it can relax comfortably. A special bed for your dog is not among the things that are considered whims. On the contrary, it is a necessity just like its food and water bowls. Choosing between the best dog beds recommended by specialists is not an easy thing to do since the variety is overwhelming. However, there are certain factors that can help you decide.

While most of us do not think of our own bed as a priceless object, it still is a piece of furniture without which it would be almost impossible to live. A good bed ensures insulation, warmth, support for our back and joints, as well as it contributes to our feeling of safety. When a dog gets its own bed, it benefits of all the comfort mentioned above.

In fact, a future dog owner should be buying a bed along with all the other accessories needed for the new member of the family even before getting it. Buying a bed for your dog should always be a priority and situated on the top of the list. There is no dog, regardless of its age or size that does not need a bed.

The importance of a bed for a dog

When you think of getting a dog, you also have to think where it will sleep. Any dog needs a place of its own that is quiet and protected from drafts and direct sunlight. It cannot sleep directly on the floor, on cement or on hone because they are cold and it would definitely not feel happy, but abandoned and lonely.

Even those dogs that live outdoors in little wood houses need a sort of bed that is suited for any weather conditions. A soft bed is always a great choice for any type of dog living indoors or outdoors.

Dog bed outdoor

Sleeping in a comfortable bed is a pleasure for anybody, therefore for any dog as well. Although a dog might prefer to sometimes sleep in bed with its owner if he or she allows it or on the couch, any dog wants a place of its own where it can go when it wants to be alone or when it is alone at home. So, in case you already have a pup and it doesn’t have a bed, you should definitely browse for options online or go to a pet shop.

However, before you do that, you can find out more here about which factors you should consider prior to making a purchase. The fact that the offer is so generous in our days is amazing, so choosing the perfect bed is actually something you can accomplish for the sake of your canine friend. Among the factors you should consider are your dog’s size, sleeping style, age, indoor or outdoor temperatures and so on.

Having a dog bed isn’t a luxury, as many people may think. In fact, a dog bed is the best thing you can do for your dog in terms of:

  • Protection. Some dogs may tend to shed their hair a lot. Imagine if they’re also doing that whilst they’re sleeping. Besides, many other dogs tend to drool, and the owner of a drooling dog knows exactly what it means to clean that up. Moreover, the best beds on the market are way better than a blanket in terms of hygiene. If your dog got to play outside all day long, he may still have some bacteria or dirt you couldn’t have properly cleaned, even if you wash him regularly. This may all end up on your carpet and furniture if you aren’t careful.
  • Comfort. Dogs also need to have their comfort, especially when they’re sleeping. Finding the most appropriate bed for your friend means picking the right size, to let him enjoy his nuzzle. It doesn’t have to be much wider than the size of your dog, but it should give him a bit of room to move around. Dogs are more comfortable in a bed than on a blanket, because a blanket can crinkle underneath them. The carpet isn’t a good solution either, it doesn’t provide the level of reassuring coziness that settling in a dog bed does.
  • Ownership. Having a dog bed can give your dog a sense of ownership, of having something of his own, where other people or pets aren’t allowed to sleep in. That is one of the most important psychological advantages of a dog bed. Plus, giving him a good night’s sleep will make him happier, which can solve some of the more stringent dog behavior problems like: separation anxiety, barking, biting and aggression. At the end of the day, having a calm dog can really help his training because he can focus more on the commands he has to learn.
  • Health. There are a number of health benefits that the beds on the market can offer your dog. Firstly, they can help keep his body temperature constant, as well as providing a good support for his spine and limbs. If you own an older dog, you must know he has more acute needs of sleeping in a supportive dog bed, to alleviate his age-related problems, like arthritis. The best dog bed for this type of dog doesn’t put extra-pressure on his skeleton, but takes some of that pressure off, giving him a chance at a good night sleep. Some dogs may need orthopedic beds for health reasons, and we’ve listed the best ones in a previous article, so go see it.

Some of the bigger size dogs can experience bone problems as they get older, but smaller size dogs aren’t exempt from them either. In fact, joint or hip pain is a common ailment that afflicts our furry pals, as we’ve cited in our piece on the effects of hip pain in dogs.

As a dog owner, you can choose between different types of dog beds such as, special mattresses, wicker baskets, soft-edged beds, lounge chairs and so on. The mattresses are made of cotton, nylon or canvas-type bed linen. Dogs usually prefer beds that have soft edges because the edges can support their heads. Dog owners prefer beds that are made of plastic because they are easy to clean. In such beds there is a big pillow that fits right in or a mattress, both being easy to clean as well thanks to their pillow cases.

In addition, you should avoid buying a random bed or just something a seller suggests without being aware of your dog’s requirements. For example, when you take into account the size of your pooch, you can buy a larger one in case it hasn’t reached maturity yet. A big bed is not a problem, but a bed that is too small is. Usually, you should measure your doggy when it lays and stretches. However, when you have large dog breeds like the ones we’ve featured in an earlier article, it may pose some issues for obvious reasons.

Importance of dog bed

When it comes to colors, this is an aspect that does not have a high degree of importance. However, as a quick advice, it would be best not to pick a fluorescent color, but a discrete one that may match your dog’s fur color or the general decorations from the room the bed will be placed in. The used materials are much more important than the used colors.

The most indicated mattresses are those made of memory foam because they are very comfortable for any dog and they are typically covered with an anti-moisture material that can be washed whenever it is necessary in order to prevent illnesses due to inadequate hygiene. Impurities, dust and various smells can accumulate inside the fabric and cause discomfort to your doggy.

In short, among the benefits a dog bed can provide for both you and your dog are the fact that it provides the necessary temperature regardless of season, it represents a personal space where your dog feels safe and comfortable even when you are not at home, it is a way of controlling where your dog lays the most and makes collecting its hairs in just one place a lot easier and it is also useful for situations when a dog would have to jump from a couch on a hard floor, risking injury.

In addition, dogs that live outdoors can find a dry spot in their special bed if it is chosen wisely and it is waterproof. Humidity should be a problem for them anymore.

Beds for small, large and old dogs

Generally, small sized dogs prefer round beds that have some sort of walls because they provide a sense of security and keep them warm easily. Even if your dog is not small sized, but you notice it going round in circles before lying in bed, then you should think of buying a circular one for it as well. Conversely, if your dog is large, you might find that rectangular shaped beds are the most recommended. Those dogs that like to sleep with their legs stretched would also need a rectangular shaped bed.

In conclusion, your biggest concern is to make sure not to choose a bed that is too small. The rest of the aspects are not as important as size is. If you are not sure of the needed dimensions, it would be better to choose a larger bed than a smaller one. This situation is similar with a human’s needs. You would not like a bed that is too small for your feet to also fit in, so the same goes for your dog.

Older dogs have special needs, fact which should also be considered when purchasing a bed for them. They might have joint pain, therefore you should focus on finding mattresses made of memory foam because that takes the shape of the dog’s body and it helps a lot at enhancing its comfort. These old seniors require special care and our article on taking care of these canine furballs is a necessary read.

Pick the perfect size for your dog

When you test the fabric from a dog bed, you should make sure it does not stay compact after several compression. Also, check if it is a fabric that retains moisture or if there is an anti-moisture layer attached on it. If you ignore these aspects, you might be surprised of how fast your dog’s bed will become unsanitary and really hard to clean.

Types of beds made for dogs

The standard bed

A standard bed made for dogs does not have anything fancy. It is usually simple, looking like a pillow. Its shapes, sizes and colors are varied and mostly suited for an owner’s aesthetic taste more than a dog’s needs. Some of these standards beds contain pieces of cedar inside them. This is because cedar is known to keep insects away as well as unpleasant odors.

In addition, most of these beds come with special covers that can be changed or just taken off and washed. The standard bed is suitable for most dog breeds, however there is an exception. Dogs that have orthopedic problems would not feel best in such a bed.

The nest shaped bed

The nest shaped bed is pretty similar with the standard bed. The only difference between them is that the standard bed does not have tall edges, but the nest shaped bed does. Because of these edges, it tends to look like a nest, therefore its denomination.

Also, this type of dog bed can be built in a way that would make it resemble a couch, encouraging dogs to cuddle in a tight space. There is also another type of bed shaped like a peanut, which is provided with tall edges that are also very fluffy.

The nest shaped dog bed

Most dogs love the fluffy feeling, the round or the peanut shape. However, these preferences are not the same for sick dogs. Some might find it very hard to climb in or get out of such a soft bed cause of their bone or joint problems.

The orthopedic bed

Finally, the orthopedic bed is the one suited for the needs of sick dogs. Those pooches that are older or that have orthopedic problems can relax in a special bed made for them. This bed is filled with dense foam in order to not put pressure on a dog’s fragile joints.

The orthopedic dog bed with foam

Also, these beds are recommended for skinny dogs, such as those from the Greyhound breed or the Whippet breed because of the same considerations. Of course, these beds have different features that can enhance their basic characteristics and become more suitable for each dog in need of such a bed.

The elevated bed

The elevated dog bed is rather interesting for humans than it is efficient for dogs. Because it is situated above ground, it keeps dogs away from dirty or cold floors.

Also, the insects would have a harder time reaching the dogs compared with if they were on the floor. It goes without saying that these types of beds are not indicated for dogs with joint problems or for dog breeds that are predisposed to developing back problems, such as the Dachshund breed is. Our feature on the hotdog-shaped Dachshund will give you more insight on this dog.

Large elevated dog bed

Jumping in and out of this type of bed could also cause discomfort for some pooches.

The covered bed

The covered bed is especially designed in order to look like a small house or like a tent and it is usually recommended for small sized dogs. Timid dogs that like to play hide and seek or just hide for a while would be delighted by such a bed.

These covered beds come with heating systems that are convenient for colder days. However, the heating systems are not the only great feature they have. Special cooling systems were also incorporated. The type of technology used is based on water or specials gels. Those dogs that belong to the Bulldog breed are the happiest with such beds.

Covered dog bed

Depending on how much you want to spoil your dog, you can limit yourself to one bed, or you can buy multiple beds for it. If you have a spacious home or if your dog also likes to go outdoors and take a nap, then you might consider purchasing more than one piece of such useful furniture.

Getting two models alike is definitely okay, but if you want to offer some diversity to your dog, you might treat it with two different types of beds that have different features, but which are sized correctly according to your dog’s specific dimensions.

The best dog beds on the market

We’ve perused the World Wide Web in search of topnotch beds for your furry animal friend, to find out what people around the globe tend to choose.

The best selling dog beds have most of the characteristics discussed above, they’re affordable and comfortable for your dog. So here’s a list of the most liked dog beds:

Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed

With a review of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 799 customer reviews, this dog bed is donut shaped, comfortable and costs only $53.99. It is 52 inches by 36 inches on the outside, while on the inside is 46 inches by 30 inches.

Its base is a heavy duty water-proof Denier, while the bolster and cushion are made out of Fau by Suede. Its filling is made out of Premium High Loft Polyester, and can be washed in a washing machine. It also comes in different colors: chocolate, rust, sage, stone and brown.

Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed

Many people prefer to but this type of standard dog bed for their medium sized dogs, due to its soft cushiony filling and its easy cleaning process. Are you one of them? Order it on Amazon.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric

With 4.4 out of 5 stars from 5950 customer reviews, this elevated dog bed costs just $28.38. You can choose the color you like, as you can find it in green, gray, terracotta and nutmeg.

This is actually one of the best dog beds for bigger dogs. As you can see, it’s quite sturdy, can hold a dog which weighs up to 100 pounds, and its size is more than capacious at 51 inch x 31.5 inch x 8 inch. In fact, its frame is powder-coated steel, which is very light but sturdy at the same time. It allows for a quick assembly and comes with included rubber feet, which won’t let this bed slip.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric

Moreover, it’s made out of a certain fabric – HDPE knitted mesh – that allows the air to pass through it. This breathable fabric allows your dog to stay cool in the summer, should you choose to use it outside. However, keep in mind that it can also be used as an optimal indoor dog bed.

If you find this is a good option for you, check it out on Amazon.

Stella Bed. Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed for Large Breeds

This is one of the top-rated dog beds you can find: although it has only 15 customer reviews, it still gets 4.8 out of 5 stars for a number of advantages. Costing $139.99, it’s a pretty pricy item, but it’s one of the best choices on the market for larger breeds at 48 inches. You can also choose the extra-large option, at 52 inches and $159.99. If your dog isn’t THAT big, you can always go for the medium option of 34 inches and $99.99.

This orthopedic bed has a strong cotton top. If it gets too warm, you have the option of flipping it on the other side, so that your dog can enjoy the cooler cotton top.

Best Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed for Large Breeds infogrpahic

The cover is made from a washable material, lined with water-proof backing. If your dog drools a lot, or if you spill something on it, water won’t get to the foam. This material is better than plastic, which can become irritating because of the noise it makes.

The Stella Bed has Structured Reflex Support Foam, which can accommodate bigger dogs and you won’t have to be afraid of it bulging out. You can also find a layer of Gen II Hybrid Gel Memory Foam which keeps dogs cool during summertime, as well as a Plush Crate Memory Foam Layer which insulates better during the winter.

You’ll also get a special offer: another free machine-washable cover, if you decide to buy it now on Amazon.

MidWest Quiet Time Pet Bed

This standard dog bed comes into a variety of sizes, from 18 inches to 48 inches, which means your dog can be as small as 6 pounds or as big as 110 pounds. If you pick the smaller sized bed, it’ll cost you only $3.30, while the bigger size bed costs just $26.82.

You can likewise choose the color you like: Gray, Mocha and CoCo Chic. It has an average review of 4.3 out of 5 stars, thanks to the votes of 2327 happy customers.

MidWest Quiet Time Pet Bed

You can use it inside a crate or a kennel, but it can also be a valid option for a travel bed. Another good news is that you can clean it in the washing machine. Being made out of ultra-soft Synthetic Fur, this can be a really good choice if your dog has arthritis, joint problems or other age/ health related issues.

Another advantage provided by this bed is that it’s bottom surface is non-skid. That’s something very important to consider if you’re planning to place the bed on a slippery surface.

If you want to give this bed a try, find it on Amazon.

How to choose the right option?

As mentioned before, there are certain factors that should be taken into consideration before buying a bed for your canine friend. Your dog’s sleeping style is just as important as your dog’s size. The need of getting a bed in which your dog fits perfectly cannot be emphasized enough.

Also, once you make a purchase, you have to put the dog’s bed in a certain place from your apartment that meets all the requirements regarding light, temperature and intimacy as well. The situation is similar for dogs that live outdoors. Their bed needs to be placed accordingly too.

Dog on dog bed

Your dog’s sleeping style is among the essential factors that you should consider before buying a bed for it. A dog that likes to sleep lying needs an edgeless bed, so that its head and members can stretch freely. Therefore, a big bed is the best choice for it.

Conversely, if your dog likes to sleep in a small place, looking almost like it hugs itself, then it needs a small bed with margins on which to lean on and support its body weight while sleeping. The plastic baskets accessorized with a soft cushion are a good option if you cannot afford to spend more money on something else, more pretentious.

A dog’s bed size is, as said, essential. If you have a puppy, you should consider how large it would get before you buy a bed for it. Unless you want to invest in a dog bed twice or more, this is the best option you have. A puppy does great with a larger bed, but an adult dog will not like to curl up on an undersized pillow. If you still have the feeling that a bed is too large for your pup, you can add a few pillows to restrain the space and thus make it feel safer and more comfortable until it gets bigger.

The best method to find out how much space your dog needs to sleep comfortably is to measure it while it sleeps. There is no better way to figure out what it needs. However, add one or two inches to the result just be sure. Never go for the smaller version of a bed even it has the best characteristics on the market.

Look for dog bed size twice

In order to protect your dog from cold, make sure not to place its newly bought bed between doors or windows or in other areas that are exposed. Also, the bottom of its bed should be thick enough to keep it warm. If it is not, you can add a piece of isoprene or something similar underneath. Intimacy is also important when it comes to choosing a place where to put your beloved pet’s bed in. A dog needs a place to consider its own where it is not stressed or nervous because of any reason or because of anyone.

Dogs that live outdoors have different needs. They need a bed that keeps them warm when the temperatures drop and, at the same time, a bed that cools them down when the temperatures rise. Regardless of the season, the bed should be waterproof. If moisture infiltrates in a pillow, it will retain humidity and feel cold. During summer, ventilation is the keyword, so these two aspects might be difficult to encompass in just one bed. Thinking of two types of beds would probably be the best choice in the case of a dog that lives outdoors throughout the year.

In areas with extreme temperatures and in case of healthy dogs, elevated beds are best. This is because not being on the floor ensures separation from cold and warmth. The addition of pillows is a great solution for chilly weather, while replacing them with thinner ones is a solution for hot days. These beds can be more versatile than they might look at the beginning and a dog will definitely learn to enjoy them as soon as they recognize them as their own special places where they feel best at any given time of the day or the night.

As said, if your lovely pooch has problems with its bones or joints or anything regarding orthopedic issues, then your choice is much simpler. The beds for old or sick dogs are made of memory foam. You can check this aspect by putting pressure on it. If the foam goes back to its initial shape in a matter of seconds, then this is what you are looking for. Only these types of pillows are comfortable for dogs with special needs. In addition, this bed should be placed in an accessible place that does not require any effort from your dog in order to reach it.

Buy a dog bed that can be perfectly integrated in one of your rooms. Do not invest in something that would completely ruin the theme or a room and make you hate it because of that. The offer is so varied that it would be impossible not to find a match. For example, there are couches for dogs made of natural leather that would be a great addition to your living room. However, those cannot replace a proper sleeping place for your canine pet. The main idea is that if you look close enough, you will find the perfect product from all points of view.

Soft and comfortable conclusions

While browsing online or going in different pet shops, you can definitely find exactly what you are looking for in terms of beds for dogs. There are so many types, that you could be overwhelmed, so try to make a better idea about them before actually going shopping. They come in various types, shapes and sizes, but not all of them are suited for your pooch. Your choice should be based on usefulness, not on aesthetic aspects, but your requirements regarding looks might be met as well given the variety.

If you decide and you buy a bed for your doggy, the next step you need to take is to help it get used with it. By using simple commands and rewards, you can train your dog to sleep there and spend time there pretty fast. Teach your friend some basic commands but start them young, as we’ve espoused in our earlier article on techniques for dog training that you might want to see. Remember not to wash the pillow cases for as long as your dog is still getting used with that place as being its own private space. Having its smell impregnated there will be of great help at the beginning.

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