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A cross-breed of the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever, the Goldador is a versatile breed that is intelligent and affectionate in nature. Aside from its invaluable role in detecting bombs, it is also typically used as a search and rescue dog, a therapy dog and a service dog.

Indeed, the Goldador possesses all the innate skills and characteristics that you would look for in a pet companion. Intelligent and highly trainable, this breed can greatly contribute to your household. But aside from its impressive genetic pool, it is a top-of-the-line dog breed primarily because of its loyalty to its human companions.

Whether you are a military searching for dangerous bombs within the vicinity or a senior citizen in need of guidance, you can rely on this dog breed to devote its life to you and to other members of your household.

Breed characteristics

TrainabilityAbove Average
Health IssuesHigh
All Around FriendlinessHighest
Exercise NeedsHighest

Dog Breed Group:Hybrid dogs
Height:Around 1 foot and 10 inches – 2 feet tall at the shoulder
Weight: About 60 — 80 pounds
Life Span: Approximately 10 to 15 years

A crossbreed of two remarkable lineages, the Goldador is an exceptional pet companion that showcases one-of-a-kind characteristics. Because of its undeniable intelligence and trainability, it is a popular breed of choice for those in need of a therapy dog, service dog, search and rescue dog and bomb detection dog.

Working like a pro on the training field, it is highly versatile and adaptable, which explains why it can effortlessly take on a variety of roles. Whether you are in the military camp or in a simple household, you can count on this dog breed to be the loyal and devoted pet companion you have been longing for.

Furthermore, since it is happiest when it is working with its human companions, it is an ideal breed for first-time pet owners. Smart, charming and good-natured, this dog breed can become a valuable part of your household as long as it given proper training and exercise.

Lastly, it is a perfect canine pal for both young and old members of the household. As sociable and as sensitive as Golden Retrievers, this dog breed interacts well even with other domestic pets. With all of these amazing characteristics combined, this dog breed is, without a doubt, a dream-come-true for aspiring owners who are looking for both a versatile and a warm-hearted pet companion.

Main Highlights
  • This dog breed is a great choice for first-time pet owners since it is highly trainable.
  • It is an ideal family dog since it can interact well with both young and old members of the family.
  • Highly sociable in nature, this dog breed mixes well with other domestic pets. However, early training is still highly recommended so it can become a well-rounded dog.
  • This dog breed has a healthy appetite, making it prone to weight-related problems. Hence, owners must always supervise its diet so it won’t go overweight.
  • To avoid weight-related complications, this breed requires daily exercise. 30-minute walks a day are enough to suffice its need for physical activities.
  • Ideally, this dog breed must be raised in a home with a highly fenced yard so it can walk or run off leash. Nonetheless, since it is highly trainable and adaptable, it can cope well in an apartment setting as long as it is given proper exercise.
  • Weekly brushing is recommended for this crossbreed.
Breed History

A crossbreed between the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever, the Goldador has been around for over a decade. Originally, the primary goal of breeders was to create a new lineage that perfectly mixes the unique characteristics of the two aforementioned breeds.

Fortunately, their efforts proved to be successful as this dog breed is not only highly trainable and adaptable, but it is also sensitive and tolerant, making it a popular dog choice for those who are looking for guidance and therapy dogs.

Nonetheless, while the crossbreed was a success, a standard for this breed is yet to be established. Despite its versatility, it still hasn’t gained as much as attention as other designer crossbreeds such as the Labradoodle.


Since the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever are almost the same in height and weight, this dog breed also falls in the large breed category. Both male and females stand at around 22 to 24 inches while their weight ranges from about 60 to 80 pounds.

Personality and Character

As a product of two genetically-gifted breeds, the Goldador can definitely brag about its unique characteristics. Not only is it physically capable of undertaking difficult training, but it is also tolerant and sensitive in nature, which explains why it is a popular breed of choice for those who are looking for guidance and therapy dogs.

While it can work as an expert in the field, it is the happiest when it is around its human companions. It is warm, affectionate and highly sociable, making it a perfect canine pal for younger children who know how to properly socialize with dogs and other domestic pets. Plus, it is also a loyal and devoted companion to older members of the family.

Furthermore, even if it is intelligent and independent, it is never difficult to train. With positive reinforcement methods, this dog breed can easily learn and adapt to new training techniques.

Inside the household, the Goldadors prove to be an efficient guard dog since it is alert enough to sense new and unfamiliar stimuli. Nonetheless, since it is extremely sociable and friendly to humans and animals, this dog breed is not an ideal guard dog.

Overall, if you are looking for an intelligent, warm and affectionate pet companion, the Goldador is the perfect crossbreed for you as it is a devoted household pet that can offer you years of companionship and a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

Health and Potential Problems

Dog breeds are susceptible to a number of health disorders, and the Goldadors are not an exemption. While not all crossbreeds may have to deal with conditions common to their parent’s lineage, it is always vital for owners to be more proactive in providing the necessary care for their pet companions.

If you are considering a Goldador, find a breeder that can offer documents that serve as proof that the puppy and its parents are cleared from certain disabilities.

To help you become a better caretaker of this breed, below are some of the health conditions common to its bloodline:

  • Hip Dysplasia: A medical condition where the bone in the thigh does not fit snugly into the hip joint, hip dysplasia largely impacts a dog’s quality of life. It can either be symptomatic or asymptomatic, so owners should be proactive in scheduling their dog for regular check-ups. While it may be a hereditary condition, hip dysplasia can also occur once the dog suffers from arthritis due to old age.
    Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers that suffer from this condition are not allowed to breed, so before buying a puppy, always look for a reputable breeder and ask for a medical clearance for both the puppy’s parents.
  • Cataracts: Cataracts in humans are similar in canines. The condition usually starts with cloudy spots on the eye lens that grow over time. While medical interventions can be given, this condition worsens as the dog ages.
    Once this condition is not given prompt attention, it can cause complete vision loss. Fortunately, a surgery can be conducted to successfully remove the cataract.
  • Diabetes: Just like in humans, diabetes is an aggravating condition for dog breeds. Medically speaking, it is a condition which is manifested by excessive thirst, hunger and urination. To control the fluctuation of blood sugar levels, owners must religiously provide their dog’s daily insulin injections. Also, adopting a healthier lifestyle can help alleviate the symptoms linked with diabetes.
  • Elbow Dysplasia: Common to large dog breeds, elbow dysplasia is a painful condition that can affect Goldadors over time. It is mainly caused by the differing rate of growth of the bones that make up the dog’s elbow, which consequently results in problems associated with the conjunction of the bones.
    While medications and weight-control programs can help alleviate the dog’s condition, surgery can also be recommended once the condition worsens.
Care Features

Susceptible to weight-related problems because of its healthy appetite, the Goldador requires daily exercise. Ideally, it should be raised in a home with a fenced backyard so it can walk and run off leash. However, since it is highly adaptable and versatile, it can also cope well in an apartment or condo setting as long as its owners allow it to regularly walk and exercise. Typically, a 30-minute walk in the park can suffice its need for physical activities.

While this dog breed is highly sociable and active in nature, it is happiest when it is around its human companions, so it should be kept indoors. Being the friendly pet companion that it naturally is, it can be lonely and depressed once it is left outside for extended periods of time.

In terms of training, this dog breed is intelligent in nature, so it can effortlessly learn new tricks. This basically explains why it is a popular dog choice for people who are looking for bomb detection dogs, guidance dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs.

When training this breed, do not resort to harsh punishments as it is a highly sensitive breed. Instead, always incorporate positive reinforcement methods that include praise and food rewards.

Feeding Schedule

The Goldador also has nutritional requirements which can vary depending on its size, metabolism, and level of physical activity. Since it is a large dog breed, the ideal food intake is at around 3.5 to 4.25 cups of dry food a day, divided into two equal feedings.

Coat, Color and Grooming

At first glance, the Goldadors greatly resemble the Labrador Retriever since it is covered with the same double coating as its pure breed parent. The outer coating is dense and short while the undercoating is thicker. Some crossbreeds are also characterized by a slightly wavy coating that runs at the back.

Since it is a crossbreed, its color can vary depending on its parent. While most Goldadors are covered in gold, yellow or reddish gold coatings, others may be jet black in color particularly because of its Labrador parent.

Even if it inherited the thin coating of the Labrador Retriever, this crossbreed still necessitates weekly brushing. During shedding season, owners might also have to brush their pet companion’s coat on a daily basis so they can get rid of dead hair and keep the shedding away from their beddings and furniture. Bathing should only be done as needed.

In addition to that, preventing gum disease and bad breath is done by brushing the dog’s teeth every day. Tartar build-up, on the other hand, can be inhibited by brushing the dog’s teeth at least 3 times a week.

Also, owners should make regular nail trimming a habit so their dog won’t accidentally scratch the delicate areas on their face. Owners who are inexperienced in cutting their dog’s nails must ask guidance from professional groomers.

Furthermore, looking for signs of impending health conditions is crucial as owners groom. This breed is prone to ear infection, so owners must always check its ears for foul smell. By being knowledgeable about some of the most common danger signs, owners would be able to ensure the overall wellness of their dog as it ages.

Children And Other Pets Compatibility

Sociable, free-spirited and good-natured, this dog breed is an ideal pet companion for children who know how to properly interact with their pet companions. However, as a puppy, this crossbreed can be playful, so it can unintentionally knock down smaller children. Hence, adult supervision is always required when there is pet-child interaction.

In terms of pet compatibility, this breed is a friend not only to its human companions, but to other domestic pets as well. With parent breeds known for their overall friendliness, there is no need to wonder why the Goldador can mix well with other animals. Nonetheless, early socialization is still highly recommended so it can grow up to be a well-rounded dog.

A highly versatile crossbreed that is more than willing to devote its life to its human companions, the Goldador can light up any household. A people-friendly and family-oriented dog breed, it rightfully deserves to be called man’s best friend.

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