Beauceron: A Strong, Confident, Versatile Breed

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Throughout history, dogs have been known to be fiercely loyal and loving and will do just about anything to keep their humans happy—some breeds more than others. If you’re looking for a dog that is strong and confident, and will have the ability to keep up with you, then the Beauceron is the right choice for you!

The Beauceron (also commonly known as Berger de Beauce, Bas Rouge, Beauce Shepherd, and French Shorthaired Shepherd) is an old French breed that was bred as a herding dog. They are handsome, large dogs who can be imposing and dominating if not trained properly. But if proper instructions are given early, the Beauceron will turn out to be the most loyal and trusted friend you can ever ask for.

In this article, you will learn all that you need to know about this powerful breed. Read on to find out their main characteristics, history, size, personality, and whether they will get along with other pets and family members. We have even added additional information like care features and feeding schedule, so you know exactly what to expect before you get a Beauceron!

Breed Characteristics

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  • Adaptability: Above Average; can live in small houses or apartments as long as they are getting plenty of outdoor exercises; females are better suited to smaller spaces as compared to males

  • Trainability: Good; can be trained easily due to their high intelligence, but they need a firm handling

  • Health and Grooming: Good; doesn’t have many notable health problems and sheds an average amount; these dogs have double coats, though, so watch out during shedding seasons

  • All-Around Friendliness: Moderate; has strong protective instincts, so can be wary or suspicious of other people and animals, but this can be corrected with proper training and socialization from an early age

  • Exercise Needs: Above Average; needs daily exercise to expel energy. Otherwise they can become destructive

Dog Breed GroupHerding Dogs
Height24 to 28 inches
Weight70 to 110 lbs
Lifespan10 to 12 years

The Beauceron looks like a mix of German Shepherd and Doberman Pinscher, but it’s a dog that belongs to a breed all its own. In fact, some people believe that the Dobermann is actually a descendant of the Beauceron. The breed originated in France and has played many roles in society since then. These dogs have played the part of rescuers, herders, and soldiers.

This is a fairly large dog with a balanced muscular built and is known to be the largest herding dog originating in France. Although they have a serious nature, these dogs are very loving towards their family and are keen to protect them from any harm. Their quiet and calm persona makes them ideal for people who do not want a dog who is very noisy or boisterous.

Beaucerons are also known for being very intelligent, which makes it important for their owners to offer them a lot of mental exercise along with physical exercise. They take well to being trained and should also be socialized early so that their protective instincts don’t make them overly suspicious or fearful of strangers. Due to this inherent nature, however, they make excellent watch or guard dogs.

This breed is not for everyone, especially those who have had no experience with dogs before. They require a steady and firm owner who is just as confident as these dogs are, and who can be assertive when need be.

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If you have what it takes to raise a Beauceron, then you will never regret your decision to adopt one! They will stand by you all their life and will prove to be the ideal companion.

Main Highlights

Beauceron playing with a red toy

  • The Beauceron is one of the most intelligent and powerful breeds in the world.

  • These dogs are quiet and calm by nature, but loving towards their family.

  • They are protective of their family, which makes them suspicious or wary of strangers. Therefore, they should be socialized from an early age.

  • This is a large and powerful dog. Thus, Beaucerons require a lot of exercise on a daily basis. If not exercised properly, they can become destructive around the house.

  • This dog is an excellent watchdog and has also been used as a guard dog throughout history.

  • They like pleasing their humans and are very intelligent, but a firm hand in training is important to ensure they don’t exhibit stubborn behavior and listen to their owners.

Breed History

Beauceron puppy wearing red collar

Beaucerons came from an agricultural region in southwest Paris. These dogs’ history can be traced back to the late Middle Ages, and they have been used for many roles since then.

They make wonderful bodyguards but have also been given the roles of rescuing people during wars, offering companionship to people in need, competing in shows, and herding livestock. Because of their powerful personality and versatility, they have fascinated dog lovers around the globe for ages.

The Beauceron that was recognized in Paris, at the Universal Exposition held in 1863, was a little different than the breed we have all come to know and love today. Back then, their muzzles were narrower, and their coats were rougher. Although, they weren’t officially known as Beaucerons back then.

The name was only given to the breed much later in 1896 when leading authorities decided that shepherd dogs native to France should be classified properly. It was then that the short-coated dogs became known as Beauceron, while the long-coated ones were called Briard.

This breed is known to be just as versatile as it is strong. When fulfilling the role of a shepherd, it herds the flock from a distance, unlike other herders who like working close to the flock. Their calm and quiet nature allows them to be excellent as herders, as they do not create confusion, fear, or panic among the flock.

Other than shepherding, the Beauceron also has a history of being a military and police K-9 dog and was made to help out in World War 1. The breed was readily used by Germans in their war against the British.


Beauceron standing on stones

The Beauceron has a standard large size, standing between 24 and 28 inches in height. They have upright ears like a wolf’s, and a long, slightly wide muzzle. They have double dew claws, a thick tail, and highly expressive eyes.

Beaucerons have muscular, balanced bodies which can weigh anything between 70 and 110 lbs; males are usually heavier than females.

Personality and Character

Beauceron running in the field

Breeds that come under the herding group are working dogs who like having some purpose in life. The Beauceron has proven itself to be a brave, strong, and intelligent breed who is eager to please its human.

These dogs are very obedient if made to understand that their owner is the pack leader, and will, therefore, respond well to commands.

Their work with the police in the past has further proven that they possess a great deal of patience, are faithful, and are quick to understand. They can keep a careful watch when required to do so, and have a knack for detecting danger.

However, since they were bred as herding dogs, they have very strong herding instincts; this means that they may show the tendency to push their humans and other pets around the house. This behavior should be corrected from an early age, and should not be considered acceptable because the dog will then establish himself/herself as the pack leader and will be hard to train.

This breed is highly energetic, lively, and needs a great deal of exercise every day. Taking these dogs to a dog park is always a good idea because running around expels energy, and external environments work their minds as well. As long as they are not cooped up inside all the time, they will be calm and peaceful.

Some dogs develop the tendency to become fearful of new people and situations. Training should be started as soon as possible, as well as socialization. People should be introduced to them whenever possible so that they do not feel threatened by them, and so that any aggressive tendencies can be curbed in time.

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Just keep in mind that training should be consistent and that you should establish yourself as the boss so that stubbornness is never a problem with your Beauceron!

Health and Potential Problems

The Beauceron does not have any major health problems. However, some have been known to develop hip dysplasia or be prone to bloating. Just ensure that you get your dog from a certified breeder so that the risk of health problems is minimized.

Since this breed is highly active and might be spending a lot of time outdoors, owners should keep a look out for fleas or ticks, especially in humid climates.

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Care Features

Beauceron and her puppy lying together

The Beauceron has a short, coarse coat that does not shed too much, except when it is the shedding season. However, these dogs should still be brushed whenever their owners get a chance to do so. A good brush is needed for this purpose.

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Also, pay heed to your dog’s lifestyle. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors should be groomed regularly to get rid of any dirt or debris that gets stuck in their coats.

Their nails should also be trimmed every other week, so a nail clipper should be kept around the house. Lastly, their ears and teeth need to be cleaned regularly to enable your dog to live a long, healthy life.

Feeding Schedule

You can prepare quality food for this large dog at home, or buy any of the quality packaged foods recommended by the vet.

Feed them two or three times a day, preferably in the morning and then in the evening. This will provide them with plenty of time to digest their food between meals. Walk schedules should be consistent with the feeding schedule.

Large dogs need to consume a considerable amount of water. Make sure you keep a full bowl of fresh water in an accessible area of the house at all times.

Coat, Color, and Grooming

Beauceron having unique coat color

Beaucerons have double coats, which are short in length. The upper coat is longer than the undercoat, as well as denser and smoother. Grooming should be a weekly activity if you don’t see them shedding much. Otherwise, they can be groomed every day or every other day just to maintain a good, healthy coat.

The breed is available in two colors: black with tan markings and harlequin. The tan markings consist of tan marks above the eyes, on the throat, chest, bottom of the legs, near the upper lip, as well as under the tail.

Harlequins are known to be patchy and can have gray, black and tan patterns to them. However, this variety should also be black predominantly.

Children and Other Pets Compatibility

Beauceron dogs near the river

Beaucerons would be fine around children if they were raised among them. If you do not have any children in the house but are planning to welcome a baby into the household, you will need to train your dog accordingly.

Acquaint them with children in the extended family and make them learn to trust these little humans and their playful ways. Once they fall in love with children, they might want to stay around them always to protect them.

It is important for new owners to know that these dogs might not get along with animals they are not acquainted with. For this reason, owners should make sure that they raise their Beaucerons around other pets so that they can learn how to behave around them and trust them.

Small animals should also be introduced early on as otherwise, Beaucerons might develop the tendency to chase or even hurt them.

Beaucerons are also known to not get along with other dogs of the same gender. Therefore, firm handling is required when they are around other dogs, and they should be made to understand that bad behavior is not acceptable.

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Wrap Up

Beauceron lying on grass in the sun

The Beauceron is one of our favorite breeds, mainly due to its versatility. These dogs can be so many things their owners require them to be and will do so very eagerly. In light of all of the things you have learned above, you can safely say that they will prove to be a worthy companion for owners who exude confidence just like they do.

Now that you know everything there is to know about this breed, you can surely make your decision on whether this is the right dog for you! Faithful and brave, they will be willing to follow you everywhere you take them, while also looking out for your safety.

If you have had any experience with the Beauceron, or if you feel like we have missed out on any important details, please tell us in the comments below! If you decided that you needed a Beauceron in your life, like, yesterday, then you’ll need to find a suitable name for your new friend ASAP. Our article on big dog names should come in handy.

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