Portuguese Dog Names: Beautiful Names Inspired By a Beautiful Country

Portuguese water dogs
Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

The country of Portugal is located to the south of Europe and is known for its many charms and one-of-a-kind Porto wine. Portugal is also the home of many famous football players, decadent pasteis de nata, and awe-inspiring beaches and landscapes. The Portuguese people themselves are charming, expressive, and warm. If you love Portugal, Portuguese dog names are good options for your pups.

There are many dog breeds that originated in Portugal. The Portuguese Water Dog (PWD), for example, became popular in the United States when former President Barak Obama was gifted this breed which he named Sunny. He later adopted another PWD called Sunny.

Even if you don’t have a PWD or other Portuguese breed, you can still give your dog a Portuguese name. Football fans, for instance, would probably want to name their pet Christiano or Ronaldo after the famous Portuguese footballer and dog-lover.

If you’re looking for a Portuguese dog name, you’re in the right place because we have a lot of options for you. We’ve divided our names into categories based on gender. Whether your dog is male or female, rest assured that the perfect name for them is waiting just below.

Male Portuguese Dog Names

defendive dog

  • Abraao — Portuguese form of Abraham.

  • Aco – pronounced as a-sso. It means “steel.” For tough dogs.

  • Adao – means “earth.” For down-to-earth dogs or those that love the outdoors.

  • Adelmar – from the German word adal meaning “noble” and mari meaning “famous.”

  • Adriano – Portuguese version of Adrian, meaning “sea” or “water.”

  • Agostinho – This is the Portuguese version of Augustine means “to increase.”

  • Alberto – means “noble.”

  • Albino – means “pure” or “pale.”

  • Alcides – this name is derived from the Greek word alkeides, meaning “strength.”

  • Aleixo – means “defender.” Perfect if your dog belongs to one of these 10 best guard dog breeds.

  • Alfonso – means “noble” or “ready.”

  • Alfredo – means “sage” or “wise.”

  • Amerigo – means “power.”

  • Amigo – Portuguese word for “friend.”

  • Andre – means “manly” or “masculine.”

  • Angelo – means “angel.”

  • Antonio – means “highly praiseworthy.”

  • Anxo – means “angel.”

  • Armando – this is the Portuguese version of the name Herman, meaning “army man.”

  • Artur – Portuguese version of Arthur, meaning “courageous” or “noble.”

  • Beijinho – means “little kiss.”

  • Benedito – Portuguese version of Benedict, meaning “blessed.”

  • Benigno – means “kind” and “friendly” in Latin.

  • Bento – means “blessed.”

  • Bola – Portuguese word for “ball.”

  • Bonifacio – means “good.”

  • Breno – means “king.”

  • Brento – means “king.”

  • Bruno – means “brown.” Good name for a dog with a beautiful brown coat.

  • Calisto – means “most beautiful.”

  • Caramba – slang for “wow.”

  • Carlito – means “little man.” Good idea for small dog breeds like Poodles and Chihuahuas.

  • Cecilio – means “blind.” Funny name for a seeing-eye dog.

  • Cesar – means “hair.”

  • Chico – short form of Francisco.

  • Chinelos – Portuguese word for “flip-flops” or “slippers.”

  • Christiano – after Christiano Ronaldo the famous football player. This name means “Christian.”

  • Cornelio – means “horn.”

  • Cosme – from the Greek word kosmos, meaning “order.”

  • Dado – a shortened version of Edward.

  • Daniel – Hebrew for “God is my judge.”

  • Danilo – Portuguese for Daniel.

  • Davi – means “beloved.”

  • David – old Hebrew word meaning “beloved.”

  • Demetrio – after the Greek god Demetrius, the goddess of corn and harvest.

  • Dinis – after the Greek god Dionysus, the god of wine, fertility, revelry, and dance.

  • Diogo – from Diego, the Hispanic version of James, meaning “supplanter.”

  • Donato – means “given by God.”

  • Duarte – Portuguese version of Edward, which means “prosperity,” “wealth,” “guardian,” and “protector.”

  • Edmundo – means “protector of prosperity.”

  • Eduardo – another Portuguese version of Edward.

  • Elias – Portuguese version of Elijah, meaning «my God is YAHWEH.»

  • Emmanuel – means “God is with us.”

  • Ernesto – meaning “serious.” It’s hard to get your dog to have some fun—he’s too busy keeping you safe.

  • Estevao – Portuguese version of Stephen, meaning “crown.”

  • Fabiano – from the Latin word faba, an ancient type of broad bean.

  • Fado – means “destiny.”

  • Faro – the capital city of the Algarve region known for its cathedral.

  • Faustino – means “lucky.”

  • Fausto – means “ever ruler.”

  • Feijoada – a traditional Portuguese dish made with beef and beans.

  • Felipe – Latin version of Philip; it means “friend of horses.”

  • Felix – means “lucky” or “successful.”

  • Figo – he was a Golden Retriever who became famous after he jumped in front of a bus to save his owner Audrey Stone. This name means “cool.”

  • Fofo – means “cutie” or “soft.”

  • Francisco – means “French man.”

  • Frederico – means “peaceful ruler.”

  • Funchal – the capital of the Madeira region. It is one of Portugal’s main tourist attractions.

  • Gabriel – Hebrew for “God is my strength.”

  • Gaspar – the Spanish and Portuguese form of Jasper, meaning “treasurer.”

  • Geraldo – Portuguese form of Gerald, meaning “to rule with a spear.”

  • Gil – Spanish and Portuguese version of Giles, meaning “young goat.”

  • Gilberto – Latin version of Gilbert, meaning “pledge.”

  • Glaucio – means “blue-gray”.

  • Godofredo – Spanish and Portuguese version of Godfrey, meaning “God” and “peace.”

  • Gonçalo – means “battle” or “fight.”

  • Gregorio – means “watchful” or “vigilant.”

  • Guilherme – the Portuguese version of William.

  • Gustavo – Spanish and Portuguese version of Gustav, meaning «staff of the Geats.»

  • Henrique – the Portuguese form of Henry, meaning “ruler” or “power.”

  • Horacio – this is a good name for a dog because it means “good eyesight.”

  • Hugo – from the old English word hyge, meaning “mind spirit.”

  • Iago – is a Spanish and Portuguese name. It is often associated with the character in Macbeth’s Othello.

  • Ignacio – Portuguese version of Ignatius; it means «fiery one.»

  • Isaias – Spanish and Portuguese version of Isaiah, meaning “God is my savior.”

  • Jaime – Spanish and Portuguese form of James.

  • João – this is the Portuguese version of John. It is pronounced as zhoh-OW.

  • Joaquim – Spanish and Catalan version of Joachim, meaning “God has granted a son.”

  • Jordao – Portuguese version of Jordan, meaning “to flow down.”

  • Jorge – Latin version of George, meaning “farmer.”

  • Jose – the Portuguese equivalent of Joseph, meaning “He will add.”

  • Josue – French, Spanish, and Portuguese version of Joshua, meaning «YAHWEH is salvation.»

  • Julio – from the Latin name Julius, meaning “downy beard.”

  • Kaka – famous Brazilian football player.

  • Leonardo – means “strong as a lion.”

  • Lisbon – the capital city of Portugal.

  • Lourenço – Portuguese equivalent of Lawrence, meaning “from the place of the laurel leaves.”

  • Lucas – means “bright” or “shining.”

  • Luiz – means “famous warrior.”

  • Mancha – a good alternative name for “spot” especially if your dog is spotty.

  • Mano – this is the Portuguese slang for “brother.”

  • Marco – Spanish and Portuguese version of Mark, meaning “to be war-like.”

  • Marcos – means “defender.”

  • Martim – this name comes from the Latin name Martinus, meaning “of Mars” or “war-like.”

  • Mateus – means “gift of God.”

  • Maximiano – means “greatest.”

  • Miguel – this is the Spanish or Portuguese version of Michael.

  • Nadar – Portuguese word for “swim.” Have a dog that loves to swim? Build a DIY dog pool for him!

  • Neymar – famous Brazilian footballer. He plays for Paris Saint-Germain F.C. and the Brazilian National Team.

  • Nuno – means “ninth.” This could be the ninth puppy’s name.

  • Pablo – Latin version of Paul, meaning “humble” or “small.”

  • Pedro – the Portuguese version of Peter. It means “rock.”

  • Pele – famous Brazilian football player.

  • Pequeno – Portuguese word for “small.”

  • Placido – means “calm.”

  • Porto – after the coastal city known for its wine.

  • Rafael – means “God has healed.”

  • Rinhaldo – Portuguese name meaning “wise ruler.”

  • Rio – after the Rio Grande, a river in Brazil.

  • Rodrigo – means “ruler.”

  • Ronaldo – for footballer Christiano Ronaldo. It means “rule with counsel.”

  • Rufino – means “red head.” Accurate and cute name for a dog with red fur.

  • Rui – a contraction of Rodrigo.

  • Salvador – means “savior.”

  • Santiago – this is the Portuguese version of James.

  • Simao – meaning “listen.”

  • Tomas – means “twin.”

  • Urso – Portuguese word for “bear.”

  • Valentim – means “strong.” You can give this to big dogs or working dog breeds.

  • Vicente – means “conqueror.”

  • Vitor – famous Portuguese football player.

  • Zorian – means “happy.”

Female Portuguese Dog Names

white dog lying on grass

  • Agueda – means “good-hearted.”

  • Albina – means “white.”

  • Alexandra – means “defending men.”

  • Alicia – means “noble” and “kind.”

  • Amanda – means “she who must be loved.”

  • Ana – “favor” or “grace.”

  • Andreia – means “daring.”

  • Anita – “invaluable” or “priceless.”

  • Aurora – Latin word for “dawn.”

  • Balei – symbolizes the intelligent and inquisitive.

  • Beatriz – the Spanish and Portuguese form of Beatrix, meaning “brings joy.”

  • Bebe – means “baby” in Portuguese.

  • Bela – means “white.”

  • Beleza – means “beauty.”

  • Bianca – means “white” or “shining.”

  • Branca – means “white.”

  • Calista – means “most beautiful.”

  • Carina – means “beloved.”

  • Carlotte – “her strength is like a man.”

  • Carolina – from the name Carlos, meaning “free man.” It can also mean “song of happiness.”

  • Cascias – this is the name of a resort town in Portugal.

  • Catina – translates to “pure.”

  • Celia – means “heaven.”

  • Chica – a young woman.

  • Clara – Latin name that means “clear.”

  • Cloe – the Portuguese version of Chloe. It is the summer name of Demeter which means “blooming” or “verdant.”

  • Comida – Portuguese term for “food.”

  • Dulce – means “sweet.”

  • Dylla – means “self-reliant individual.”

  • Enia – means “fiery.”

  • Estrela – means “star.”

  • Fatima – a city in Portugal. It is famous as a Catholic pilgrimage site.

  • Felicia – means “happy.”

  • Galena – means “small, intelligent one”.

  • Garda – means “guard” in Portuguese.

  • Genoveva – means “leader of the tribe.” For the alpha dog.

  • Gloria – is Latin for “glory.”

  • Graca — means “grateful.”

  • Guida – means “guide.”

  • Ida – means “diligent” or “prosperous.”

  • Idonia – means “industrious.”

  • Ines – the Portuguese variation of Agnes, which means “chaste” or “pure.”

  • Ipanema – fashionable neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Iria – means “woman of peace.”

  • Iris – means “rainbow.” It can also refer to the flower.

  • Izabel – the Portuguese equivalent of Elizabeth. It means “God is bountiful.”

  • Jacinta – Latin form of hyacinth.

  • Jéssica – for Jéssica de Barros Augusto, a Portuguese runner.

  • Kaci – means “brave” or “watchful.”

  • Lara – a variant of Larissa and Laura.

  • Leonor – “the bright one.”

  • Leticia – means “happiness.”

  • Lindeza – means “beautiful beyond the physical.”

  • Lua – Portuguese for “moon.”

  • Luana – means “graceful battle maiden.”

  • Lucia – “light.”

  • Luisa — means “famous warrior.”

  • Madeira – the main island in the Madeira archipelago known for its volcanic landscape.

  • Mafalda – means “powerful battler.”

  • Mara – means “bitter.”

  • Marcia – means “defender.”

  • Margarida – Portuguese form of Margaret, meaning “pearl.”

  • Marian – the feminine form of Marian, a name derived from Mars.

  • Matilde – means “mighty in battle.”

  • Nalda – means “strong.”

  • Nata – after Pastéis de Nata, a famous Portuguese custard cake.

  • Noela – means “day of birth.”

  • Noemia – Portuguese version of Naomi, meaning “pleasantness.”

  • Nossa – means “our.” It is also a nickname for the Virgin Mary in Portugal.

  • Octavia – means “born eighth.” For the 8th puppy, perhaps?

  • Olena – means “pretty.”

  • Pabla – means “small.”

  • Pedrina – feminine version of Pedro, meaning “rock.”

  • Praia – means “beach.”

  • Ramona – means “wise protector.”

  • Rania – means “queen.”

  • Rosa – for Rosa Mota, a famous Portuguese marathoner.

  • Rute – means “companion.”

  • Sara – means “princess.”

  • Sintra – a famous mountain town near Lisbon.

  • Sofia – means “wisdom.”

  • Sorvete – Portuguese word for “ice cream.”

  • Suzana – means “lily.” If you like this name, also check out our article on flower names for dogs.

  • Ticha – for Ticha Penicheiro, former WNBA player.

  • Ulrica – means “wolf ruler.”

  • Ursula – means “little bear.”

  • Uxia – means “well born.”

  • Valere – means “brave.”

  • Vande – means “wanderer.”

  • Vanessa – for Vanessa de Sousa Fernandes, a Portuguese triathlete.

  • Vitoria – means “woman of victory.”

  • Vixi – slang for “oh my god” in Portuguese. Pronounced as vee-shee.

  • Welda – means “ruler.”

  • Xandra – means “protector of mankind.”

  • Xavia – means “protector of mankind.”

  • Xoana – means “God is gracious.” Pronounced as ZO-ana.

  • Ylva – means “she-wolf.”

  • Zeva – means “sword.”

Wrap Up

portuguese water dog puppy

Your dog does not have to be given typical names like Spot, Patches, or Max. There are many Portuguese dog names that you can choose from.

Portuguese dog breeds are also not the only type of dogs that can have these names. Water-loving dogs such as Golden Retrievers, Newfoundland, and Labrador Retrievers are good candidates for Portuguese dog names.

The country is also famous for their professional football players and teams, so football-related names can also be considered for your pets. Aside from this, names derived from the Atlantic Ocean or the beach—since Portugal has a lively beach and seafood culture—should also be considered.

Another dog breed that can be given Portuguese dog names are breeds that love to eat like the Pug, Welsh Corgi, Bull Terrier, Beagle, and Siberian Husky.

What do you think of our name suggestions? Did any of the choices make it to your consideration? Tell us by leaving your comments below. Next, check out our relevant article on tricks to teach your dog, since Portuguese dogs are known to be very smart!

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