Non Shedding Dogs: Breeds to Have Around If You’re Allergic

Chinese Crested hairless
Wyatt Robinson
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Do you want a dog that sheds no hair? Or do you want to know the breeds of dog with the least of shedding? These are normal wonderments when first getting a dog, especially if you’re an active person who prefers to play with its pet and not groom it all day long.

Many dogs shed hair due to the climatic and seasonal changes. They tend to grow their furry coats for the winters through the spring and shed in summers. Even with a domesticated dog that is perpetually indoors, dog shedding can happen, caused by many climatic fluctuations.

Dogs have a healthy cycle of shedding, except for specific breed of dogs with special genetic resistance of shedding hair.

Dog shedding hair

Low shedding breeds of dogs are renowned for being least hypoallergenic as well as highly resistant to skin flakes and dander.  Every dog sheds a little hair, regardless of the climatic and nutritional health and consumption of the dog. If you are not ready to cleanse, groom and shine the buns and locks of your dog, its time you start to look out for a dog with the least hair shedding like Dachshund, Affenpincher, Terriers and Poodles. There are plenty of other breeds in this article you should check out on hypoallergenic dogs.

Why do dogs shed hair?

Sometimes normal for dogs, shedding of hair in excessive amounts is largely associated with the breed of your dog as well as his health. Apart from the genetic reasons, if your low-shedding dog has started shedding undue amounts of hair, you should be worried about his physical as well as mental health.

Some reasons for your dog shedding uneven hair can be due to:

  1. Low nutrition
  2. Bacterial infections
  3. Fungal infections
  4. Sunburn
  5. Adrenal disorder
  6. Kidney disorder
  7. Food allergy
  8. Dust allergy
  9. Lactation
  10. Pregnancy
  11. Immune disorders
  12. Cancer

Many parasitic infections due to ticks, fleas’ and mites can cause excess hair-fall in dogs as well. In order to examine the high amount of hair-shedding in dogs, one must take good care of the dog’s hair through consistent combing and cleansing schedules as wells as hygienic food and cleansing accessories.

Shedding time

The best time to seek out the care and observation of your veterinarian is when your dog starts to profusely scratch, grow dry hair, foot licking, and face rubbing, grow bald spots and develop sore wounds of any kind to recognize low hair shedding in your dog.

Which are the most known low shedding breeds?

There are many varieties of dog breeds, which shed little or no hair. Apart from the unruly and curled up buns on your German Shepherd’s jet-black fur, there are breeds that need little to no grooming or trimming of the hair, to curb excess hair-fall.

Non Shedding Dogs

In the following lines we’ll discuss the most popular breeds of dogs that can make their owners happy thanks to their natural low shedding properties. First we’ve differentiated them by size so it’s easier to look for the breed you’re interested in and then you can read more specific information on each breed.

Types of low hair shedding in dogs

Hair shedding in dogs can be sudden or gradual as it is dependent on the climatic and nutritional differences that the dog faces.

There are no dogs that can absolutely halt the shedding of hair, except for the negligible amounts cross breeds in their life. Namely, dogs of low-shedding are divided based on their sizes. They are:

Small dogs with low hair shedding

  1. Australian Terrier
  2. Wirehaired Fox terrier
  3. Bedlington Terrier
  4. Border Terrier
  5. Coton De Tulear
  6. Manchester Terrier
  7. Miniature Poodle
  8. Yorkshire Terrier
  9. Welsh Terrier
  10. West Highland Terrier
  11. Silky terrier
  12. Xoloitcuintli
  13. Bichon Frise
  14. Brussels Griffon
  15. Dachshund
  16. Lhasa Apso
  17. Cairn Terrier
  18. Maltese
  19. Chinese Crested Hairless
  20. Dandie Dimount terrier
  21. Sealhyam Terrier
  22. Shih Tzu
  23. Scottish Terrier
  24. Chinese Crested Powderpuff
  25. Scottish Terrier
  26. Toy Italian Greyhound
  27. Affenpincher
  28. Poodle
  29. Miniature Schnauzer
  30. Havanese

Medium dogs with low hair shedding

  1. Lowchen
  2. Kerry blue terrier
  3. Irish Terrier
  4. Puli
  5. Portuguese
  6. Standard Schnauzer
  7. Portuguese Water Dog
  8. Whippet
  9. Tibetan Terrier
  10. Petit Bassen Griffon Vendeen
  11. Soft coated Wheaten Terrier
  12. Lakeland Terrier

Large dogs with low hair shedding

  1. Giant Schnauzer
  2. Komondor
  3. Standard Poodle
  4. Bouvier Des Flandres
  5. Saluki
  6. Adreanle Terrier
  7. Irish Water Spaniel
  8. Standard poodle
  9. Airedale Terrier

Hybrid dogs with low hair shedding

  1. Cockapoo
  2. Labradoodle
  3. Schnoodle

One can also control the hair shedding in dogs after visiting a veterinarian if your breed of dogs is one of a kind.

Characteristics of hair shedding in dogs

  1. Australian terrier: A purebred Australian terrier is genetically capable of having a low rate of low shedding of hair. One of the spunkiest dog breeds to have, Australian terrier is high-spirited and courageous all the while. This breed of dog is, used for many hunting techniques and tactics as well as indoor companionship. The temperament of Australian terrier that echoes with his shiny coat, which requires little or no shedding practices. Australian terriers are also least hypoallergenic, for petting apart from being a low-shedding dog breed.
  2. Wirehaired Fox terrier: With handsome thick and thick coats, wire haired Fox terriers are one of the least hair-shedding breed of dogs. Titled for their ability to protect and guard crops from foxes, this breed of dog has the dense coat with a masculine lion like face that makes them pretty stylish and fun. A deeply inquisitive breed of dog, Wirehaired Terriers also are highly sensitive to the drive for targeting the prey.
  3. Bedlington terrier: This dog is commonly known as the poacher’s sidekick, this breed of dog is well-known for its stylish body with little or null shedding of hair all through its life-span. This dog is highly smell-sensitive but is not the technically efficient dog breed selected for hunting purposes. These dogs are, trained to be attractive, appealing and friendly among the public. If you’d like to learn more, please check out more on the Bedlington Terrier.
  4. Border terrier: With a thick multi-layered coat, the Border Terriers are some of the best pets to have in order to please, appease or even hunt! He has a high tendency to bark as well as dig. The hard-coated fur is rather a double coat that requires very little grooming as well.
  5. Coton De Tulear: a very well-known domesticated dog, Coton De Tulear has a thick cottony coat for his fur and is the best fur ball companion anyone can find in the clan of dogs. This breed of dog sheds very little hair in the season of spring and requires two-three grooming sessions per week.
  6. Manchester terrier: One of the best mannered and clever companions of a dog, Manchester terrier also sheds the least. One of the best watchdogs among dogs, this breed of dog sheds very little if there is consistent grooming apart from being a low-shedding dog breed.
  7. Miniature Poodle: a very autocratic and gentle dog for pleasing and pleasuring the company up, miniature poodle was, crossbred with a terrier to produce truffle-hunting skills in the dog. A very loyal and pleasing companion, this breed of dog has highly attractive coat that requires good grooming, but has low shedding.
  8. Yorkshire terrier: Small, this breed of dog has a good attitude along with its genetic capability of shedding lo hair in all seasons. Experts name this dog as a big animal in a small body and hence, they are good as watchdogs as well as faithful companion around the house.
  9. Welsh terrier: With a masculine attitude, coat and face, Welsh terrier is a highly energetic and active dog with exemplary skills of hunting, chasing and tracking. This breed of dog also sheds too little and independent personality. To find out if this breed is right for you, please read more here in this article about the Welsh Terrier.
  10. West Highland Terrier: A highly positive and cute dog, the West Highland Terrier is an amazingly patient and calm dog to be around. As he does not shed his beautiful coat too much, a west Highland terrier is also less irritated throughout the year and in public and renowned for being a low-shedding dog breed.
  11. Silky terrier: The tiny terrier with the smoothest and silkiest coat of hair, this breed is well known for its adaptability at home and with other animals. An active and energetic terrier, Silky is not lazy about hunting or chasing the prey, just like a true terrier!
  12. Xoloitcuintli (Show-low-it’s-queen-lee): this is an amazing Mexican breed of dog with the least hair and shedding, which possesses the smoothest and the softest coat of hair that does not shed off during any season. This dog can be trained to adapt to indoors, houses, residential colonies as well as the wild, conveniently.
  13. Bichon Frise: Titled from French as the curly lap dog, this breed of dog is exceptionally pretty, small and convenient with low hair shedding at any time of the year. Known to originate from the Poodle and Water spaniels, this breed of dog has a dense coat of hair that sheds null.
  14. Brussels Griffon: Also known as the monkey face, Brussels Griffon has an ultimately human-like expression on its face. This breed of dog has a lovely dense coat that remains intact all through year unlike their perpetually swinging moods.
  15. Dachshund: smallest of the category of hounds in dogs, dachshunds are amazing hunters as well as pets. Among the standard and miniature varieties of dachshunds, there are long haired, wire haired and short haired dachshunds, all of which shed the least of hair.
  16. Lhasa Apso: commonly titled for its goat-like features, Lhasa Apso is not a sporting, but a good watchdog indoors. Mostly having the history of Buddhist monasteries, Lhasa Apso responds well to discipline and are peace loving non-shedding dogs.
  17. Cairn terrier: an overwhelmingly amiable and lovely dog, Cairn terrier is a smart dog that is sensitive to companionship and master of multiple tricks and techniques. This breed of dog loves company and care as well as hunting and chasing.
  18. Maltese: another infamous dog, Maltese breed of dogs are amazing low-shedding dogs that are naturally anxious and a master of hunting as well. Another amazing fact about the Maltese is that they are amazing friendly and bold, always irrespective of their toy size.
  19. Chinese Crested Hairless: one of the most elegant pooches, this Chinese Crested Hairless breed of dog is commonly famous for being the best companion for an invalid. This breed also takes necessary time to take into strangers, but is extremely amiable with time apart from being a low-shedding dog breed.
  20. Dandie Dimount terrier: commonly trained well to badger as well as otter, this breed of dog is a very reserved type of dog. This toy or tiny type of dog is the lone dog after a fictional identity.  This lovely type of dog is exceptionally quite as well as indifferent around strangers.
  21. Sealhyam terrier: this type of working dog is a unique type of dog that does not shed any hair and is consistently active as well as happy. This breed of fearless and alert dog is mostly, used as watchdogs and a calm tempered type.
  22. Shih Tzu: for a healthy and fit dog, a Sealhyam terrier is the best low-shedding dog that has unique hair instead of fur. Their glamorous train of ground-long hair is the exclusive trait of this breed.
  23. Scottish terrier: this aristocratic dog with high airs of respected brave type of dog is an independent watchdog. This type of dog is also a very well mannered hunter that is lovely around people and easy to groom.
  24. Toy Italian Greyhound: this type of miniature greyhounds is an incredible good kind of dogs that shed the least of hair. They are highly amiable as well as brave for their size so if you’re into small size dogs that don’t shed this is the breed for you.
  25. Affenpincher: another efficient toy breed, Affenpincher is an incredible dog with one of the least rate of hair shedding. Even though the hair on this dog does not have visible shedding, it eventually sheds hair every once a year. The hair is, shed with the death of the shaft of hair.
  26. Poodle: One of the most loved dogs of our world; a poodle is differently, sized but never sheds any hair. It is also an intelligent and clever dog that is pragmatic and practical. The dog uses its dense coat of hair to protect and guard the sensitive area from freezing.
  27. Miniature Schnauzer: a unique breed of dog with exceptional ratting abilities, this breed of miniature type of schnauzer is small-sized who is alert as well as obedient to the master.
  28. Havanese: National dog of the country Cuba, Havanese is a silk dog with exceptionally stunning fur. This breed of dog is the best companion or family pet that one can get, which is the least of hair shedding dog breed, but the best of hair!
  29. Lowchen: Commonly translated from the meaning ‘Little Lion Dog’, this breed of dog is hyperactive, energetic, lovely and to-sized. The dog is, known to have dense long coat in various colors apart from its immortal strength!
  30. Kerry blue terrier: One of the strong, medium sized dogs with healthy hair that resists shedding, Kerry Blue Terriers are renowned for their playful and strong tactics of pleasing and gaming.
  31. Puli: As the name suggests, this breed of dog is more like a beautiful bunch of dreadlocks. Puli is known as a hardworking dog with dense and thick dreadlocks as its coat. The dog is also renowned for its sensitivity and intelligence in domesticating.
  32. Standard Schnauzer: One of the smartest dogs amongst the different dogs with an attractive look is the standard sized schnauzer. One of the best additions to your family, Schnauzers is entertaining as well as energetic apart from being a low-shedding dog breed.
  33. Portuguese water dog: One of the best dogs to grow indoors with little or null maintenance and grooming woes, Portuguese water dog is a good hunter breed of dog. The dog is extremely energetic with a high rate of stamina prevalent in them.
  34. Whippet: a gentleman that definitely deserves your company and an exceptional hard worker. The Whippets have beautiful hair that is strong and healthy allowing you to enjoy his company without having a house full of dog hair.
  35. Komondor: one of the best watchdogs, Komondor is well known for its stunning hair and personality. With genetic attribute of low hair shedding in Komondor, the hair remains stylish forever!

Apart from the genetic characteristics of maintaining the health of your dog’s hair shedding rate, you can also adhere to many grooming and brushing techniques.

This will help keep the fitness of the same.

Grooming dog hair

Remember to take care to groom your dog’s hair every day after a good wash with the help of good shampoo and conditioner. Select the right comb for your dog’s hair. Teach patience and obedience during grooming time, to your pet. Once a year, take care to get your dog shaved off or trimmed. If you plan to do it at home, you may want to check out what some of the best dog shedding tools exist in the market. Finally, take care to love your dog and let him rest while he is sick through loving and caring more for him.

Good Luck!

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