Healthiest Dog Breeds: 7 Dogs With The Least Health Problems


Australian Cattle dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is a relatively healthy breed of dog and does not have a history for having any life threatening illnesses or defects. There are only three conditions that often present themselves in the Australian Cattle Dog and with proper care and safety procedures, any dog with these conditions can live a perfectly full and happy life.

Australian cattle dog

One of the conditions that may show up in the Australian Cattle Dog is PRA or progressive retinal atrophy. This condition usually sets in when the dog reaches adulthood around 5-8 years of age. PRA is a condition where the dog will slowly loose his eye sight, but due to the fact that it sets in slowly the dog will easily adjust to not being able to see. You will have to take certain safety procedures to keep your dog safe if he has PRA.

Hip dysplasia is also something to consider, but this goes for all large dog breeds. This can be treated with one or more of a few different surgical procedures including reconstructive surgery or a joint replacement. The only other thing you need to look out for is the possibility of having a deaf pup – but many deaf dogs lead full lives with a bit of special training, so this should not really be a worry.

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John Walton

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