How to Get Dog Hair Out Of Carpet: Effective Cleaning and Prevention Tips

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Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

When we choose to live with a pet dog, we should be prepared for both the good and the bad things that they bring. Sometimes, these can be intermixed. For example, long-haired dogs are really cute and if you take good care of them, their hair can feel smooth as silk.

But no amount of care will keep that hair out of your carpet. A carpet full of dog hair can not only make the people who live in the house feel uncomfortable but may also be a source of embarrassment if a guest comes over. Times like these, don’t you wish you knew how to get dog hair out of carpet?

Image showing a dog laying down on the carpet

Getting dog hair out of a carpet can feel like an impossible task at times. There’s always some left, no matter how thorough you feel you’ve been. But don’t worry, because we are going to teach you how to do it effectively. With our tips, you won’t need to resort to purchasing some high-end specialized vacuum cleaner. Simply by using some supplies that can be found in most homes, you will be able to completely rid your carpet of dog hair and let your house gain that spotless shine again.

In this article, we will talk about how you can get dog hair out of your carpets and how to keep the shedding at a minimum as a prevention tip. We’ve got several methods ready for you. By the end of it, you won’t be forced to think that dogs and carpeted floors just don’t mix anymore.

Ways to get Dog Hair Out of the Carpet

Dogs love to lie down and enjoy the softness and warmth of our home carpets as much as we do. That’s why we can’t just tell them not to get anywhere near our precious carpet. Knowing this, if ever you decide to purchase a new rug or carpet, do consider the possibility that you might end up spending a lot of time and effort to clean it.

How much time you actually spend on the cleaning depends on many factors, such as the type of the carpet. Carpets with short piles are easier to clean when compared to carpets that have deep piles because the hair easily gets tangled or stuck in the latter.

Image showing a tool used to clean the dog hair out of the carpet

Still, regardless of the trouble, our dogs are worth the effort, right? I hope you say “right.” So to help you get dog hair out of your carpets, here are some proven methods that we have tried ourselves:

With Water

Don’t have any problem getting wet to get the dog hair out? Then try these methods that are proven to work, although some might be messier than others. These normally work on carpets with short piles and carpeted furniture.

Method #1: Use Wet Hands

This is pretty simple. Get a small basin or pail, put some water in it, and soak your hands. While your hands are still wet (don’t wipe them dry because that wetness is what makes this effective), drag the dog hair on your carpet in a downwards motion.

Image showing a woman clening the carpet

Wet hair turns heavy, so it will be unable to stick to other surfaces, such as your pants, while you clean. The hair will just roll up into a ball of fur that you can pick up and throw in the bin. If you choose this method, be prepared because the doggy hair will stick to your hands. It’s really messy, but it works.

Method #2: Use a Sponge Mop

To do this, you’ll need a clean kitchen sponge mop, a spray bottle with some water, and a vacuum. It doesn’t have to be a vacuum that specializes in picking up pet hair. Any vacuum will do. The mop will pick up what little hair remains after using the vacuum.

Mopping the white tiled kitchen or bathroom floor using a colorful yellow plastic squeegee in a household chores, cleanliness and hygiene concept

First, use the vacuum to suck all loose dog hair from your carpet. After this, lightly spray some water onto the sponge mop. Alternatively, if you don’t have a spray bottle, just lightly dampen the sponge mop by submerging it a bit. Rub the sponge mop across the carpet to remove dog hair. The fur should form clumps that you can pick up and throw into the bin.

Method #3: Use Fabric Softener

Fabric softener can be used to loosen the dog hair’s grip on the carpets, so it will be easier for you to pick it up. If you don’t mind the risk of adding some mild chemicals into you and your dog’s living environment, you can use this method.

Image showing fabric softener in a store

Mix three parts of water and one part fabric softener in a spray bottle. Lightly spray your carpet with the solution, then let dry. Remember to spray very lightly, or else the process will take longer, and there’s the danger of soaking your carpet.

You don’t want this because the water may seep down into your carpet’s base and wet everything underneath. This might produce odor problems, and even problems with the floor if you have wooden floors. After your carpet has dried, use your vacuum to finish it up.

With Adhesive

Now we move on to the next category. Using adhesive to pick up dog hair is pretty simple, but it might cost you over time especially if your dog sheds hair like some trees shed leaves during autumn.

Method #1: Use Adhesive Tapes

One of the easiest, albeit time and money-consuming, ways to rid your carpet of doggy hair is by using adhesive tapes such as:

  • Duct Tape: Get some duct tape and wrap your hand in it, with the sticky side up. Pat it around your carpet, focusing on the hairy areas and the corners.
  • Sellotape: Cut strips of sellotape and pat it around the areas that are covered with dog hair. Since sellotape is transparent, it will be easier to see the portions that can still be used to pick the dog hair up.
  • Masking Tape: This is a relatively cheaper option. Tear a piece of masking tape and place it on top of the infested areas, then pick the dog hair up.

Alternatively, you can make the job easier by tearing a piece of these adhesive and placing it on top of a pile of dog hair. Then you can attach another piece to another pile.

Image showing an adhesive tape on the table and a man in the background

Repeat this process until all areas are covered. Doing this allows you to create one large piece of adhesive that you can pick up all at once.

Method #2: Use Sticky Clear-Sided Labels

If you’re in the office, you can also make a neat hair-picking glove using sticky-sided label holders. These are usually provided freely by shipping companies, so you won’t need to spend money on it. You may run out if you haven’t had any shipments for a while, though.

Method #3: Use Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are also great dog hair removers. Just roll them over your carpet to pick dog hair up. This method is quite expensive though, as you’d need to dispose of the used piece after it’s filled with dog hair. Lint rollers also work well with furniture. Just roll them on your couch or other carpeted furniture.

Image showing a dog sitting next to lint rollers

Keep in mind that using any adhesive item in cleaning carpets will take a lot of time. The wider the carpet, the longer it will take. If you don’t have a lot of time, try our next option.

With Static Electricity

There are several ways you can attract or gather dog hair using static energy. You won’t need water, won’t need any adhesive material, and will probably have more fun cleaning using these methods. Some of them will require you to use reusable items, helping you go green in the long run.

Method #1: Use a Balloon

Do you remember classroom experiments in which you had to inflate a balloon, then rub it onto your shirt or wool fleece and then see if it attaches itself onto what you’re wearing or “pulls” your hair? If you do, you’ll get what this does.

silhouette of person holding balloon during sunset

Simply inflate a balloon and rub it on the portion of the carpet that has some dog hair on it, and see the hairs attach like iron filing sticks to a magnet. Collect the hair, and repeat the process on another area. As a bonus, this method might also help you discover sharp or pointy objects hiding in your carpet. Carefully inspect your carpet if the balloon explodes as you rub it.

Method #2: Use a Rubber Glove

Those long, heavy rubber gloves used for cleaning will also work in taking out dog hair. If you will purchase a rubber glove for this purpose, choose gloves with a textured surface rather than a smooth one, as the small nubs will add more surface area.

Latex gloves might work, but heavy rubber gloves will work better and add more protection to your hands. To clean using rubber gloves, you can either wear a glove on one hand only or both if you prefer and then gently sweep your carpet to gather the dog hair into clumps. You can then pick the clumps up or vacuum them.

A woman wearing rubber gloves scrubs a kitchen counter top

Rubber gloves can help you take out dog hair in detailed carpets with crevices, even furniture. However, because they cover one small area at a time and do not cover any area you can’t reach with your hands, they aren’t the best choice for carpet floorings.

Method #3: Use a Rubber Squeegee

I have to admit, when I tried it, I was surprised by how effective rubber squeegees are in taking dog hair out of carpets, especially short-piled ones. You can use any rubber squeegee (even the type used in gas stations). They are sold pretty much anywhere home improvement items are available, and can be bought at a cheap price.

Image presenting Squeegee Rubber Profiles

Just grab a squeegee and make short strokes gathering dog hair in a central location where you can pick them up or vacuum them. The rubber acts as a magnet that’s able to sweep dog hair, making it easy to pick them up.

You can use rubber squeegees on carpet-lined staircases and carpeted floors. They work best in short-piled carpets. If you want to use squeegees on the floor but find the handle too short, just attach it to a mop handle. Some squeegees aren’t that wide, though, so be prepared to give it more time and effort.

Method #4: Use Rubber Brooms

Rubber brooms are effective in taking out dog hair on a variety of surfaces. It’s more effective than a rubber squeegee, especially on carpets with deeper piles, thanks to its rubber bristles.

Image presenting Rubber Broom & Hand Brush Set

Rubber brooms actually combine the benefits of rubber squeegees, a broom, and a rake in one amazing cleaning tool. You can pull dog hair towards you or push it away from you and off of the carpet. If your carpet reaches the corner where the floor meets the wall, however, you might need a smaller tool or a vacuum to take out all the dog hair.

Method #5: Use Rubber Soles

Shoes with rubber soles can also be used to attract dog hair. You can wear a shoe on either foot, then rub them onto the carpet where there is dog hair, or just hold the shoe with your hand and do the same. Just be sure to use a shoe that’s clean and is devoid of dung and dirt—or else.

With a Hairbrush

Rubber items aren’t the only weapon of choice for taking out dog hair without water and a vacuum cleaner. Hairbrushes are also effective in taking out dog hair, especially along staircases and carpets with deep piles. Just avoid using it on furniture as the bristles might damage them.

Image showing a hairbrush laying down

Get a hairbrush that has stiff metal bristles and carefully brush from side to side. The bristles will attract the hair and clump them up for easy disposal. Be careful not to use a hairbrush that you or anybody in your family uses for their hair (husbands, be careful not to use your wife’s hairbrush). Make sure the hairbrush is either bought for the purpose or is a hairbrush repurposed just for cleaning carpets. Old hairbrushes will work fine.

With Carpet Rakes

Aside from fluffing up the carpet pile, carpet rakes can also be used to take out doggy hair. Don’t be fooled by the name, though, carpet rakes are totally different in form and function from garden rakes.

While garden rakes look like a huge fork with widely-spaced bent tines and are meant for raking leaves and other things outside the home, a carpet rake looks like a brush with a long handle and is designed to clean rugs and carpets. Garden rakes can damage your carpet (not to mention it is unable to rake in dog hair), so don’t ever use them.

Image showing a Groom Industries Perky Groomer Carpet Rake

Use carpet rakes by placing the rake head on the carpet. Press it down gently, then pull it towards you. The rake’s bristles will catch dog hair. Once the rake gets clogged, you’ll need to take out the hair so you can rake the whole carpet.

Deep-seated dog hair—the type that has stayed for years in your carpet—can still be taken out using carpet rakes. Thus, they are very helpful for those who are unable to clean their carpets for long periods at a time.

With a Good Vacuum

One thing that we haven’t talked about is a good vacuum. I deliberately left this last because I promised in the beginning that you would not rely on a vacuum—especially since it’s not as affordable as a squeegee or a rubber glove—but if none of the above methods appealed to you, investing in a good vacuum can be some sort of a last resort.

Close up of vacuuming carpet with vacuum cleaner

While vacuums generally do a good job sucking away dust and dirt, not all vacuums are totally effective in ridding carpets free of dog hair. If you have heavy shedders (more on that in a while), you might want to invest in a vacuum specifically designed to suck in pet hair, such as the Dyson Animal.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Now that we’ve talked about how to clean the carpets, let’s talk about preventing dog hair from getting stuck there in the first place, shall we?

  • First, make sure to give your dog a good grooming. Brush his coat every day so you’ll be able to get to all the loose hair before they reach the carpet. He’ll also look great after a good brushing!
  • Second, ask your vet about what food to give him so you can improve his coat health.
  • Third, you can also add skin and coat supplements to his diet to help his coat stay healthy and strong.
  • Fourth, avoid bathing your dog frequently. A once-a-month bath should be enough, as any more than that might cause his hair to dry up, and thus he will shed even more.
  • Lastly, if your dog has allergies, do get him treated quickly. Untreated allergies can be the main cause for shedding.

Wrap Up

Though we cannot totally eradicate the shedding, we can at least lessen it. Dog owners should all learn to groom their canine friends and give them the right diet so that their coats would be healthy and less prone to shedding. If your dog has a healthy coat that does a normal or minimal amount of shedding, you may only need to clean your carpet once every two weeks.

A woman working on dog stain carpet cleaning

There are many ways to get your dog’s hair out of your carpets, with some of them being more time-consuming than the others. Still, even if you have to resort to tiring or expensive ways to de-hair your carpet, the effort you put in will all be worth it because we all love our dogs.

Has this article helped you? I hope it did. If you have anything to share or you have some tips of your own to add, do post them in the comments section below.

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