Dog Names Ending in O: Coolio Suggestions for Your Doggo

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Owning a dog is an exciting experience. Before bringing a puppy or even a grown dog home, you need to make a lot of preparation to ensure that your furry bundle settles in and lives as comfortably as possible. This may require some adjustments to your home environment, a little training on pet etiquette, stocking up on dog supplies, and choosing a name that befits your pooch. Dog names ending in O is a good place to start.

These names cut across different themes. Dog names that end in O are available in various languages. Most actually have variations in several languages. This gives you a wide scope of names from famous men and women in history, plants, and language—all representing different character traits.

Whether your dog is male or female, we have selected just right mix of boy and girl dog names. Should you like your dog to have a common name, a unique one, or a cuddly cute one, we’ve got you covered. We have also summarized important details that you may want to take a look at before you settle on a name. Indulge yourself below.

Dog Names Ending in O by Gender

If you’ve just adopted a new canine companion and you’re now looking for a name for them, chances are their character traits haven’t become obvious to you yet, which is why choosing a dog name by gender is the easiest way to go.

#1: Female Dog Names

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Every individual dog is unique, so your dog’s name should represent all or at least most of her traits. Female dogs are known to be easier to get along with, easier to train, and due to their mothering abilities, they may be more connected to their companions than their male counterparts.

Here are several names to choose from.

  • Brio. The name is of Italian origin and means ‘spirited’. The moniker is unisex, meaning it will do for your male pup as well. If your dog is a free spirit who whiles her day away without much worry, then look no further for a befitting name.

  • Callisto. The name comes from tweaking the name Callista, a Greek feminine name which means ‘most beautiful.’ The moniker is associated with the Greek nymph who was Zeus’s lover. In the mythology, Hera became jealous of her and changed her into a female bear. The Great Bear constellation is named after her.

  • Caro. The name is a shortened version of Caroline. In French, the name means ‘manly,’ while in Old Germanic, it stands for ‘free man.’ Whichever version you choose to go with, Caro remains one of the most recognizable names that end in O.

  • Cielo. The name has Spanish and Italian origins; it means ‘heaven’ or ‘sky.’ It will do for either male or female fur babies since it’s used as both a masculine and feminine name. Ciel is a variant of the name.

  • Consuelo. The name is of Spanish origin, and it stands for ‘consolation’ or ‘comfort.’ In Latin, it means ‘she who brings consolation.’ It is also sometimes used to refer to the Virgin Mary. Among its famous bearers was Consuelo Yznaga, a Cuban-American who became the Duchess of Manchester after marrying Viscount Mandeville. The name will do for an elegant and loyal dog.

  • Kleio. The name originates from Greek mythology, Kleio or Clio was the muse of history. She was one of Zeus’s daughters and the goddess of memory. The name stands for ‘make famous’ or ‘to celebrate.’ The name will do for an intelligent pooch since the namesake is credited with bringing the alphabets to the Ancient Greeks.

  • Marlo. This name means ‘pearl’ or ‘cluster of blossoms.’ Variants of the name include Margurite (French) and Margarita (Latin).

  • Rosario. The name refers to one of the largest cities in Argentina. It’s also a feminine Spanish name. The moniker can also do for a male dog since, in Italian, it’s a masculine name. The name also refers to the Rosary. Among the famous bearers of the name is American actress Rosario Dawson and Canadian Musician Rosario Bourdon.

  • Shilo. This moniker is the shortened form of Shiloh, a biblical Hebrew name which means ‘peaceful,’’ tranquil,’ or ‘his gift.’ The name is certainly authentic, having been a title for Neill Diamond’s song and also a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe.

  • Socorro. The name originates from a Portuguese-Spanish word which means ‘relief’ or ‘help.’ Socorro Herrera is a famous bearer of the name; the American actress is renowned for her role in ‘High School Musical’ film, where she played the character Mrs. Montez.

  • Valo. The name is of Finnish origin. It means ‘man of the light’ or ‘light.’ The moniker is closely associated with the English words valor and valiant. The name is gender neutral and will do for your brave and bright furry friend.

  • Vero. This is a nickname for the moniker Veronica, which means ‘to bring victory’ or ‘she who brings victory.’ One of its famous bearers was Saint Veronica, the lady who wiped Jesus’ face with a towel, leaving an imprinted image; this compassionate story of a woman helping a man on his way to being crucified has seen the name gain popularity. The name will do for a loving and caring dog.

  • Willo. Derived from ‘willow tree.’ The name will do for a graceful and slender pooch—one who moves just like the leaves of a willow tree in the wind. With flower names making a comeback, your dog will be in the good company of many lovely and flowery celebrities—Blue Ivy, Willow Smith, and the like.

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#2: Male Dog Names

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Whether your male dog is dominant and territorial or playful, you will find a name that suits your dog in the list that we have compiled below.

  • Alejandro. This is the Spanish form of the name Alexander. The name means ‘protector’ or ‘defender.‘ It is common among popes and emperors. Another famous bearer of the name is Alexander the Great, king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon. This is a rewarding name for a dog that never leaves your side especially in the presence of strangers.

  • Antonio. The name originates from Latin. It is a Greek, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese version of the name Anthony. Its probable origin was Anthon, son of Hercules, a Roman hero and god. Some variations of the name include Tonio, Antonito, Tonino, and Tono. If your canine friend is ‘worthy of praise’ as the name means, go ahead and reward him.

  • DeNiro. For a fan of everything Hollywood, this is the perfect name for a dog. The name is of Italian origin; nero means ‘black.’ The name is probably used to refer to a person with black hair. Among the most famous bearers of the name is American actor and producer Robert De Niro. Another inspiration for the name would be Drena De Niro, an American actress.

  • Emiliano and Emilio. The name originates from Latin name Aemilius, an old Roman family name. It is used interchangeably with Emilio. Aemilius is derived from Aemulus which means ‘rival’ or ‘trying to equal.’ You don’t have to go far if your pup is the kind that tries to outshine you. He will be sharing a name with actor, writer, and director Emilio Estevez.

  • Fernando. This is the Spanish and Portuguese version of the German name Ferdinand. Its original meaning is ‘adventurous; bold journey.’ This is a befitting moniker for your outdoor-loving companion. Famous owners of the name include Fernando Cueto Amorsolo.

  • Hugo. The name has Germanic origin. It means ‘mind’ or ‘intelligent.’ Its English version is Hugh while the Italian version is Ugo. Among famous Hugos is Tottenham Hotspur’s goalkeeper and French national team captain Hugo Lloris, and then there’s the Australian-British actor Hugo Weaving. The name befits an intelligent pooch.

  • Leonardo. The name is the Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish version of Leonard, which means ‘lion strength’ or ‘lion-hearted.’ It can be shortened to Leo. Apart from the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo da Vinci the famous Renaissance artist and the fictional Ninja Turtle character are other known owners of the name.

  • Lorenzo. A Spanish and Italian version of Lawrence/Laurence. Its origin can be traced to the Latin name Laurentius which means ‘someone from Laurentum.’ The name Laurentum, which is an Ancient Greek city, comes from the word ‘laurel’ which denotes ‘wisdom and accomplishments.’

  • Maximiliano. This is an Italian name. Common nicknames include Maxi, Max, Maxie, Miliano, and many others. The name means ‘the greatest.’

  • Pedro. This is the Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician name for Peter. The French version is Pierre. Other variations of the name include Petro, Pietro, Petros, Pero, and Pejo among others. The name means ‘rock or stone.’ Famous bearers of the name include Dominican-American baseball player Pedro Martinez and Pedro Rodriguez Ledesma, the professional FC Barcelona player.

  • Santiago. This is the Spanish version of the Hebrew name James. Various versions of the name were used to refer to St. James the Great, the brother of John the Apostle. Other variations of the name that you can choose from include Thiago, Tiago, Diego and, surprisingly, Jacobo.

  • Sergio. The name originates from the Roman clan name Sergius. Its meaning is not clear, but it has possible relation to Latin word serviens which stands for ‘soldier, servant, or vassal.’ The name is a sure fit for your loyal canine companion.

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Unique Dog Names Ending in O

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Unique means that not many people are likely to call their dogs by that name. All the names in the list below are not ones you’d likely hear being called out by some other dog owner at a dog park.

  • Aero/Eero. The name is unisex. It simply means ‘air or flight.’ It is the Finish version of Eric. It is just the right name for a fast dog or one that is free-spirited.

  • Akiko. This is a feminine Japanese name which means ‘bright,’ ‘sparkle,’ ‘crystal,’ or ‘clear.’ The element -ko stands for child, which makes the name excellent for your furbaby. The name will do for a dog with a bright coat and sparkling eyes. Variants of the name include Keiko, Mariko, Tomiko, and Kimiko. These names are primarily used for females.

  • Garbo. The name is of Italian origin and it means ‘polite’ or ‘kind.’ One of its famous bearers was the legendary Swedish-American actress Greta Garbo. The name will do for a fashionable and show winning pup.

  • Gizmo. Is your dog into gadgets? Do they love watching the TV? This name is modern slang for devices or gadgets.

  • Juno. If you are into mythologies and ancient religions, then here is a name for a guard dog. The name originates from an Ancient Roman goddess who was the protector of the state. She is depicted as a warlike heroine with a goatskin shield and cloak. According to different theories, the name translates to ‘love,’ ‘youth,’ or ‘heifer.’

  • Kahlo. In old Germanic, Kahl is a surname which stands for ‘bald.’ Frida Kahlo de Rivera was a Mexican artist who tackled gender, class, and discrimination using portraits. The name will do for a talented dog—one who is good at tricks and mind games.

  • Margo. If you are going for an old name ending with O, then this is it. This name is of French origin; it is a tweaked old variant of Margret. You can also settle on Margot or Margaux. Among the most famous possessors of the moniker is Margo Timon, the American magic performer and actress.

  • Milo. The name traces its origins back to Germany. Whether it is from the word mild, milan which means ‘to crush or mill,’ or milu which means ‘merciful’ is unclear. The name gives you a wide scope of qualities to work with.

  • Rocco. The name has shared Germanic and Italian origins. The name either came from Germanic rohon which means ‘roar/battle cry’ or rhok which means ‘rest/repose.’ The names English version is Roch while the modern German version is Rochus. Whether yours is a noisy or calm companion, the name is just right.

Cute Dog Names Ending in O

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A cute name makes your dog sound cuddly. It endears you to your dog every time you call them, and besides that, others are going to love calling your dog too. Here is our collection of cute dog names that end with O.

  • Bo. The name is derived from a Swedish/Danish name Bua which means ‘to live.’ It can also be a shortened version of names such as Bonnie, Bonita, Beaufort, or Beauregard. It is great if you are looking for a simple and short name for your ‘full of life’ pooch.

  • Cleo. This is a shortened version of the name Cleopatra. In Greek, the prefix translates to ‘pride,’ ‘fame,’ or ‘glory.’ In Ancient Greek, Cleopatra was a name that was common among the monarchs. One of the famous bearers of the moniker was Queen Cleopatra VII who was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. Klio is a variant that you can also go with.

  • Coco. Does your dog hide in the shadows and only makes sudden moves to startle or scare people? If so, then you are in luck! Coco is the Latino equivalent of a boogeyman. The mythical being was used in stories to frighten disobedient children. Variants of the name include Cucui, Cuco, Coca, Cucuy, and Cuca.

  • Echo. The name is of Greek origin, inspired by one of the mountain nymphs, it means ‘sound.’ In the mythology, Echo was a daughter of Zeus. She was killed by Zeus’s wife Hera after she became suspicious of their relationship. The name will do for a beautiful pup who is overly vocal.

  • Hero. The name originated from mythologies as well as modern literature. For the Ancient Greeks, Hero was a priestess of Aphrodite. In modern times, Shakespeare used the name for one of the lead characters in ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ a tale about a loving and gentle woman who is timid even in the face of accusations. The moniker will do for a heroic but rather quiet pooch.

  • Io. The name comes from Greek mythology; it belonged to a nymph who was a mortal lover of Zeus. She was transformed into a heifer to deceive Hera who was jealous of the women her husband took an interest in.

  • Leo. The name can be a shortened version of Leonardo or Leopold which in German means ‘brave people’. In Latin, it refers to the lion. It is common among some Christian saints and popes. Among renowned owners of the name are the actor Leonardo DiCaprio and writer Leo Tolstoy. It is just the perfect name for a courageous pup.

  • Lilo. The name is of Hawaiian origin. It means ‘the generous one.’ The name was made famous by the animated TV series “Lilo and Stitch.” In the cartoon, Lilo is a girl who has a pet alien. The name will do for a dog who has his nose in everything that you do. The American actress Lindsay Lohan’s name is sometimes shortened to Lilo.

  • Marco. This is the Italian version of Mark. The name was famous in Venice where St. Mark is believed to have been buried. In Italian, the name refers to ‘Mars,’ the Roman god of war. Marco Polo, the Venice explorer, is among the famous bearers of the name. Does your dog have an affinity for roughhousing, traveling, or both? Here is the perfect name.

  • Matteo. This is the Italian version of Matthew. It means ‘gift of God’. The New Testament Matthew is the most famous owner of the name, but it has also been used by many others. If you think your pooch is a gift from God, you just got yourself a winner.

  • Rio. In Spanish and Portuguese, the name means river. The moniker is mostly associated with Rio de Janiero, the second most populous city in Brazil. The city’s name means ‘the river of January.’ Why not give this catchy name to a pup who loves swimming or taking baths?

  • Romeo. A name of Italian origin which means ‘pilgrim to Rome.’ The name was made famous by Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Famous bearers of the name include Instagram star Romeo Beckham and World Music Singer Romeo Santos.

Wrap Up

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Choosing a name for your dog is as important as any other preparation you make before welcoming a dog home. Since your dog gets to keep the name for life, it is important that the name carries some aspects of your dog that will make the name as personal to your dog and to you as possible.

Dog names ending in ‘o’ give you varieties of themes and categories to choose from. The names not only come in different languages and variations but they also sweep across numerous aspects of human life that include character traits, physical features, plants, royalty, the supernatural, and many more.

Did you find the perfect name for your dog? Tell us how you settled on it. Also, leave us any other feedback in the comments section below. And don’t leave before checking out our article on the life cycles of a dog so you’ll know what you can look forward to now that you have the perfect name for your new canine companion!

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