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Goldendoodle Haircuts

Top 5 Different Golden Doodle Haircuts + DIY Guide

We believe that people are more than just dogs. We’re people too and when we walk past you on the street, we need to...
Hog Hunting Dogs

Hog Hunting With Dogs: What First Timers Need to Know

Before dogs were considered pets, they were working animals first. They helped the early settlers hunt for food and protect livestock. Hog hunting with...

Housebreaking a Puppy and Working Full Time Can be Done – Leaving Puppy Alone

There’s a lot of “how long can I leave my puppy at home” advice out there. But, as we all know, puppies are very...

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over – Dog Training Tricks

Did you constantly intend to instruct your pet dog on this technique yet you however are as well tough? Follow these straightforward actions: To show...

How to Leash Train a Dog That Pulls Loose Leash Walking

I’m going to walk you through a simple, practical example. Let’s say you’re trying to train a dog. You’ve got a dog and you want...
Stop Your Puppy From Biting

How I Found a Way to Stop My Puppy From Biting – Stop Your...

This is a must-read article if your puppy is biting continually, chewing your furniture, or being aggressive at an early few weeks of age. Me...
Raising a Pit bull

How to Raise a Pitbull: Tips From One Owner to Another

This article will provide advice on how to raise a pitbull right and prove the stereotype wrong. Over the years, the American Pitbull Terrier...
Golden Retriever fun facts

50 Fun Facts About the Amazing Golden Retriever

I’ve gotten a number of emails from people who are not sure what I mean by golden retriever facts. I guess the term is...
Training dog the basic commands

How to Teach Your Dog the Basic Commands – Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Rest

Instructing your canine his name Action 1: To begin with, equipped with delicious deals with and also take your young puppy someplace with much less...

11 Ways to Stop Puppy Biting and Nipping – Problem Solved

We’ve all had that experience. You’re walking down the street and there’s a puppy running around who is chasing you. And you’re like “AHHH!...