Vegan Dog Food Recipes: The Vegan Alternative for Your Canine Friend

Vegan Dog Food Recipes
Anna Smith
Written by Anna Smith

Veganism is a trend which has been adopted by some individuals, as a more healthy and humane alternative to eating meat and animal products. Some people are taking it even further, more or less encouraging their dogs to adopt veganism and even switching their diet to a vegan one for the sake of the dog’s health.

There are some veterinarians out there that actually recommend this alternative in order to cure certain diseases or simply to improve the health of dogs with certain illnesses or deficiencies. There are vegan products on the market for your dog, but the problem is that they are not exactly the cheapest of alternatives, sometimes racking in serious bills and costs.

Vegan dog food

That being said, we will provide you with a few recipes that will help you cook vegan food for your dog, without having to seriously injure your wallet in the process.

Sweet-Potato Peanut-Butter doggy delight

Ingredients (the cup is the main measure here so use one cup at your choice for every ingredient):

  • about 6 cups of water (make sure to be filtered)
  • in a cup mix together rice and quinoa in equal parts
  • 1 cup of lentils
  • pick 3 medium sweet potatoes or 2 bigger ones and slice them in cubes (about 1 inch)
  • 3 cups of peanut butter (make sure it’s natural)
  • measure around 8 to 12 oz of apple cider vinegar
  • about 8 grams of hemp protein (you’ll need a scale for this)
  • 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil (it is best if it is oil with DHA)
  • finally, get some 200 or 250 mg of cranberry extract

Preparation method:

Start by bringing the water to a boil and add the potatoes, rice and lentils just when the water starts to boil. After they are tender, reduce the heat for about 45 to 60 minutes and let the entire thing simmer. Don’t forget to stir occasionally and, if needed, add more water. When they’re done, mix everything together (you can use a fork or a blender, your choice) and allow the composition to cool.

Sweet Potato Peanut Butter doggy delight

In the end, include the vinegar and the peanut butter in the composition by stirring until everything is uniform. When serving, add the hemp protein, the flaxseed oil, and the cranberry extract. You should give no more than 2 or 3 cups per meal (the recommended dosage is two meals per day) and you can store it in the freezer.

Chickpea Stew

Ingredients (pay close attention to the quantities with this one, because it’s quite easy to get it wrong):

  • no more and no less than 3 cups of cooked chickpeas (make sure that they are thoroughly cooked)
  • Set aside about 3 tablespoons of organic oil, you will have to mix them in later on
  • Take 3 tablespoons of organic peanut butter, make sure that there are no chemical additives or preservatives because they will alter the taste of the stew
  • Measure 2 cups of water or veggie stock (salt-free or low sodium would be preferred in order to keep the meal healthy and not cause damage to your dog’s internal organs) and set them aside
  • Take 1 carrot and dice it thoroughly. Make sure that the slices are as thin as possible to allow your dog to chew and digest them properly
  • Take 1 celery stalk and chop it into thin bits, again this will help your dog digest it better and not lose out on precious nutrients
  • Last thing that you will need is one finely sliced beet.

Preparation method:

First off, take the chickpeas and mash them in a large bowl until they have the consistency of toothpaste. Take the oil that you have measured earlier and add it to the mix. Mix thoroughly and while you are mixing, add the peanut butter and one cup of water or veggie stock, depending which one you went with.

Chickpea Stew

The mix should not be slightly thinner than toothpaste and should actually start dripping off of the spoon, so put it all in a blender and on top of it all, pour the remaining water or vegetable stock, the carrot that you have diced earlier, along with the beet and the celery.

Start the blender and switch it to medium, allowing the whole mix to blend together for around 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes have passed and the mix has been thoroughly blended, you can serve it to your dog; remember though that it is best served warm.

Rice-Millet vegetable dish


  • Take one cup of brown rice that has been thoroughly cooked in a pan
  • Take 1 cup of cooked millet, again make sure that the millet has been cooked properly
  • Set aside 3 cups of leftover vegetables, make sure that it is something that your dog will not have a problem digesting
  • After that, measure 3 tablespoons of organic oil and put them aside in a cup
  • Last thing you will need is 1.5 cups of water or veggie stock, depending on what your dog prefers.

Preparation method:

First thing you will need now is a pot, in which you will want to combine the rice, the millet, the oil and the water, and mix them together for about 3 minutes. At the same time, put the vegetables in a blender and blend them together using the medium speed until the mix is nice and creamy.

Rice Millet-recipes

After the blending is done, add the creamy vegetable mix to the mix in the pot, warm up and stir together for about 5 minutes and serve it to your dog nice and warm.

Lentil and Barley loaf

This one is a simpler recipe, and it is advised that you actually start with this one if you are a beginner.


  • First of all, measure 2 cups of water or veggie stock (low sodium and without any impurities)
  • Take 1/2 cups of dried lentils, wash them thoroughly, and set them aside for later
  • You will also need 1/3 cups of barley, make sure that the barley is clean and that there is no unwanted debris or dust on it
  • Chop the equivalent of ½ cups of celery, measure it and set it aside (you will need an actual cup for this)
  • Set aside about 1/2 teaspoon of sea kelp, make sure it has been properly washed before doing so

Preparation method:

Start by grabbing a large pot and boiling water into it. As soon as the water starts boiling, add the barley and the lentils to it and let them boil for a bit. Turn the temperature down and cover the pot and let them simmer for 25 minutes.

Lentil and Barley loaf

While you are letting the pot simmer, blend the celery at medium blending speed for one minute. After the blending is done, add the resulting mix to the pot, as well as the rest of the ingredients, stir them together thoroughly and let the resulting mix cook for another 5-10 minutes.

After the cooking process is done, allow it to cool off for a bit but make sure that you serve it warm.

Vegetable Medley for puppies

This one is addressed more to small puppies and small dogs in general, however all dogs of all ages can enjoy it if they so desire.


  • The first thing that you will need is 1/2 cups of veggie stock or water, make sure that the sodium count is low and that whichever one you go for is pure and without any contaminants.
  • Take 2 carrots and dice them really thin, into the smallest bits that you can cut them
  • Take 2 celeries and dice them just thin and into bits just as small as the carrots that you have just finished dicing.
  • 1 medium-sized zucchini
  • Set aside 2 teaspoons of wheat germ, you will need it in the mix at one point in time
  • Measure 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and set them aside for later use in the mixing process

Preparation method:

Take the carrots and the celery that you have diced earlier, as well as the zucchini, put them in a blender, and blend them together for 1 minute at medium blending speed. After that minute has passed, stop blending and add the water or veggie stock, the peanut butter and wheat germ to the mix. Proceed to blending them at the same speed for another 1-2 minutes.

Vegetable Medley for puppies

After all that is done, take the freshly blended mixture and pour it into a pot. Warm the mixture up and serve it to your dog.

The small dog’s daily meal

Again, this is another meal which is more or less aimed towards small dogs, however big dogs can enjoy it as well if they please.

Ingredients (The vast majority of them all are measured in tablespoons, so grab a tablespoon of your choosing and start measuring):

  • The first thing that you will need is 1 cup of quick cooking oats — this is to make sure that you don’t burn the rest of the ingredients while cooking the actual oats.
  • Measure ¼ cups of soy flour — make sure that it is soy flour because it blends better with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Next thing you will need is ¼ cups of Wheat Bran. After measuring it, set it aside until the cooking process begins.
  • After that, measure 1 tablespoon of Soy Lecithin and set it aside
  • Grab 1 tablespoon of Yeast, this is actually what will be added last into the mix, so set it aside
  • Another thing that you will need is 1 tablespoon of wheat germ. Make sure that the measurement does not exceed 1 tablespoon otherwise it will temper with the taste of the meal
  • Next up, start grinding sunflower seeds, and set aside 1 tablespoon of ground sunflower seeds
  • After that is all said and done with, measure 1/6 tablespoons of Molasses, it is very important that you don’t put too much Molasses into the mix, otherwise your dog will not enjoy it
  • After all that, grab 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds, and set it aside for later
  • The last thing that you will need is ½ tablespoons of organic unprocessed oil, this one is actually very important because it will help give the meal a special flavor and the ability to win your dog over.


The cooking process is actually a very basic one. Start off mixing everything together in a bowl. Make sure that it is evenly and thoroughly mixed. Let the mixture set for a bit, and in the meantime start warming up some water in a pot for about 3 minutes.

After the water was warmed up, mix the ingredients again and soak them in the warm water for 20-30 minutes. And there you have it the meal is now ready to be served.

Vegan Cookies

Ingredients (Literally, every single ingredient is measured in cups, apart from the last one, so grab a cup that you are particularly fond of and start measuring):

  • The first thing you will have to do is measure 4 cups of Quick Rolled Oats
  • You will also need about 1 cup of Wheat Bran, it goes well with the oats
  • Next up, grab 1 cup of 100% Soy Power and set it aside for later
  • You will also need 1/3 cups of Soy Lecithin which you will mix in later on
  • After that, measure 1/3 cups of yeast and set it aside, preferably in a cool place
  • Measure ¾ cups of vegetable oil and set it aside, make sure that it is clean and that it has no impurities.
  • Grab 1 cup of brown sugar, you will need it to sweeten the mix a bit
  • Set aside 1/5 cups of Molasses, you won’t need much but you will still need some to give the mix that cookie flavor
  • Make sure you set aside 1 cup of cooked beans, and make sure that the beans are thoroughly cooked
  • Start grinding sunflower seeds and have 1 cup of ground sunflower seeds at hand or the mix
  • Last but not least, grab 2 apples and blend them until you get them to the consistency of mush.


Take all the ingredients that you have gathered and set aside, and mix them together. Keep mixing them until you get the resulting mix to the consistency of cookie dough. Start grabbing small clumps, and proceed molding them into different shapes: cookie, biscuits, small bones, paw prints, whatever you feel is right.

Vegan Cookies

Preheat the oven until it reaches around 300 degrees. Place the shaped cookies onto a cookie sheet and slide it into the oven. Bake for around 30 minutes or until the cookies turn golden brown.

And there you have it, vegan dog cookies ready to be served.

Vegetable stew

This is a light alternative to traditional dog food, allowing the dog to relax and enjoy it even on hot days, without being lethargic later on.

Ingredients (you will have to do quite a bit of slicing, so make sure that you have a sharpened knife ready to go):

  • First thing you will need is a measure of 3 tablespoons of olive oil, not sunflower oil, make sure it’s olive oil
  • Grab 3 cloves of garlic and crush them thoroughly, this will help with the flavoring later
  • Take 1 large sweet pepper and slice it really thin
  • Get 1 medium sized zucchini and slice it thoroughly just like the pepper
  • You will also need 1 sliced yellow squash of medium size
  • Grab an eggplant, peel it and cut it into small cubes
  • Do the same thing with a potato, peel it and cut it into small cubes
  • You will also want to set aside 1 tablespoon of either basil or oregano (your choice), depending on what your dog has a taste for
  • Set aside some salt and pepper, you will be adding them later to balance the mix out

Preparation method:

Start by heating the oil in a pot. When the oil is nice and hot, add the crushed garlic and sauté it until it is thoroughly softened, the main clue there is when it turns golden brown. Add the rest of the ingredients into the pot and mix them together thoroughly until the mixture is homogenized.

Vegetable stew

Cover the pot and boil the mixture for a couple of minutes. After that, lower the fire and let it simmer for about 30 minutes. After that is all done with, add the seasoning and balance it out with the salt and pepper you have set aside earlier.

Let it cool off and then serve it to your dog.

Veggie Vittles

This one is a bit iffy, and not all dogs like this particular food, but the ones that do tend to not get tired of it.


  • First of all, you will need to take 1 egg and make sure that it is thoroughly beaten
  • Set aside 1/3 cups of applesauce for later
  • Make sure that you have 1 cup of cooked vegetables – the way you cut them is your choice, just make sure to be small;
  • Grab 1 cup of cooked rice, and make sure that it is cooked thoroughly
  • Measure 1 tablespoon of brewer’s yeast and set it aside for the mixture as well
  • Have a stock of any type of veggies you want, like as peas, carrots, potatoes, and whatever else your dog might prefer.

Preparation method:

Grab a big bowl and mix all the ingredients together. Make sure that the mix is homogenized and that the end result is the consistency of the cookie dough. Using a rounded spoon or teaspoon, grab bullets of the mixture and drop them onto a cookie sheet that has been properly greased before.

Veggie Vittles

Preheat the oven at around 350 degrees and cook the mixture for 12-15 minutes, or up until it turns golden brown. After that, take the mixture out and let it cool. Store the entire thing in the fridge or freezer.

Voo-Doo biscuits

A nice little snack, or some treats to help with the training, either way, these are a nice healthy alternative to what you can find in stores.


  • First off, you will need about 3 cups of minced parsley, make sure it is properly minced
  • After that, grab about one quarter of a cup of carrots that were chopped in small bits
  • Set aside about 2 tablespoons of olive oil, make sure that the oil has no impurities
  • Grab 2 thirds of a cup of flour (whole wheat), you will need it for the dough
  • Measure precisely 2 tablespoons of bran, it will add flavor, however too much is never a good thing.
  • Make sure you have at your disposal about 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • And last but not least, half of a cup with water to help soften the dough out


Start with the oven: it needs preheating to around 350 degrees. The rack in the oven must be placed at middle level.

For the second phase you need to mix together the carrots and parsley. Also add the oil in the mixture. In a different bowl combine the flour, bran, and the baking powder and then add them over the veggies. Next, add the half of cup of water in the entire mix. The resulting dough must be moist but not too wet and knead for about one minute.

Voo-Doo biscuits

Roll the dough on a flat surface and use either an empty glass or a cookie cutter to make some interesting shapes. Get the shaped dough and put on a baking sheet that has been previously greased.

The baking process must be around 20 to 30 minutes until the dough gets hardened and brown in color. Let the biscuits cool down and you can serve them to your dog. Make sure to store them in an air-tight container.

In conclusion

The decision regarding whether or not to make your dog go vegan is not one that should be taken lightly. There are some health risks involved and it is not an easy thing for your dog to do, because dogs don’t really want to go vegan in the first place. However if your dog absolutely needs it, for obvious medical reasons, or if you absolutely want your dog to go vegan for whatever reason, make sure that neither you nor your dog  rush head on into this.

It is a rather slow process, fragile and risky, and if your dog shows any signs that the new diet is not agreeing with him or her, then you should immediately stop. Also, it would be a wise move if you were to consult a veterinarian and a canine nutrition expert, as well as taking your dog to a veterinarian regularly in order to check on his or her health and make sure that everything is all right.

Regardless of all the debates and all the controversy surrounding this topic, it is, at the end of the day, you and your dog’s choice whether or not the vegan diet is an option or not.

About the author
Anna Smith
Anna Smith

Anna Smith resides in beautiful Santa Monica, CA, where she works as a Pet Nutrition Expert in a leading retail pet store. She is responsible for nutritional strategies for different breeds and development of new products on the market in compliance with Association of American Feed Control Officials. Anna's passions are education about proven methods and best practices in the industry and her dog Max, who is always well-fed.

  • Suzanne Feld

    Is this for real? Dogs are carnivores, plain and simple. They don’t need cooked food, or anything other than raw meat and organs. Dogs fed vegan/vegetarian DIE, plain and simple; I’ve seen it.

    • Not necessarily, Suzanne. Nowadays, there are vegan dog food recipes that can sustain a dog’s nutritional requirement.

  • Charlotte Queens

    Wow! I love all the recipes in this article — they’re all healthy and nutritious. I started being a vegan 3 years ago and I had a difficult time deciding whether to make my dog a vegan too. I’m afraid the veggies might do more harm than good — since dogs need more protein. What do you think?

  • Michelle Ramas

    Ever since I went vegan, I wanted to also get my dogs to be vegan so they won’t experience getting overweight. I will definitely try these dishes! Looks like I will be spoiling my dogs again! Please post more of these so we can have more options of food to choose from! :)

    • Let us know if your dogs will like them, Michelle! This is definitely something worth trying.

  • John Porter

    I definitely treat my dogs as my babies! So I want them to be happy and healthy. While I don’t believe that a completely vegan diet is good for dogs, I do treat them with vegan dishes from time to time.

  • A balanced diet is the best way to go, John. We all want our fur babies to live happy and healthy.

  • It can be done, Charlotte. Although it can be a long and challenging process because dogs will require gradual adjustment and not something that will be shifted overnight.

  • Paula Perreira

    I’ve read various articles that, for dogs, we need to make sure when we are making dog food that we provide a complete protein (essential amino acids). That something like chickpeas are not a complete protein. People can just eat chickpeas, but for dogs, it is better to assure they get complete proteins. Therefore, for example, chickpeas, should be with whole grain brain rice. Quinoa, Buckwheat (both are seeds not grains) are complete proteins and can be paired with legumes or not. Is this true?

    • Anna Smith

      It is quite true. It should be cooked and in small amounts. It is a great gluten free seed with high levels of essential amino acids. Your dog can likely eat quinoa, but start out with small portions as well. Pair it up with legumes and i can perhaps be a form of super food for your dog.

  • Really great article, I love the recipes! I will have to try out the Veggie Vittles, they look amazing!

    • Anna Smith

      Hi Hellen! This may be a tad bit late, but thank you! I hope you were able to try out the recipes! How did the Veggie Vittles go? I wish you well!

  • Sara

    So first of all who puts something in a blender for 30 minutes? I think it is supposed to be seconds. Second thing I saw is at least 1 recipe calls for an egg so should be deleted from a list of vegan recipes since it’s obviously not vegan. Finally, garlic is NOT good for dogs! I find some of these recipes helpful but some are very questionable.

  • Dave Dorsch

    I agree with Sara. After specifically naming garlic as «bad» one of the recipes calls for 3 cloves of it!