Strongest Dog Breeds: Top 10 of The World’s Most Physically Gifted Canines


All dogs are nice, all dogs are beautiful, and we’ve just counted down 9 of the strongest, however we have reached the champion, the strongest of them all. There is only one breed that can take this spot, the Kangal. This is no ordinary dog, this in fact one of the oldest breed around, and can be traced to times predating the original Mastiffs. Indeed the Kangal has been on this earth for longer than we can remember, and it has served man by helping him with livestock.

Kangal dog bread

Make no mistake about it, this is not a herder, this is not a sheep dog, this is not a cattle wrangler, this is a guard dog, the biggest and most powerful guard dog in the world. Standing on all 4 legs, the top of a Kangal’s head reaches just above the elbow of an average man standing upright next to the dog.

This dog is not all fat and body weight, this dog actually packs a lot of power, and the average man has next to no chance stopping a Kangal on a leash by simply pulling. Indeed this dog will overpower humans with ease, so you might end up wondering who is actually walking who. This dog is of Turkish origins however it has spread to Africa and Asia, and there have been a lot of stories, sightings and even videos circulating on the internet with Kangals that took on tigers, lions, packs of wolves, bears, and successfully taking them down without too much trouble.

When it comes to endurance, this dog is the very definition of it. No other dog has managed to achieve the level of endurance of the Kangal. Combining that endurance with a hefty dose of love and loyalty, you have yourself what can be considered as the perfect dog.

This dog has a very powerful set of protective instincts, and he will literally take a bullet for you and throw himself in harm’s way just so that you can walk away without a scratch, without the slightest hesitation.

This dog also has a very high threshold for pain, being able to endure a lot of physical punishment while fighting large and potentially dangerous animals.

We have chosen the Kangal as the strongest dog because of the ancestry, the performances that the Kangal displays and the general development of the breed itself.

That being said this is our list of the world’s strongest 10 dog breeds, with brief information and a bit of insight into every single one of the aforementioned breeds. If you choose one of these breeds as a pet, remember that these dogs are a little more pretentious and a bit more demanding than your standard dogs.

Now, to lighten the mood a bit! These dogs are indeed strong and they can be dangerous if not raised properly. However, when trained and raised in a loving family they prove their loving nature, big heart, and witty personality. So, if you’re looking to have a bit of fun or you want a Halloween partner that will guard you against evil and score you the most candy in the group, you should take a quick look at costumes for dogs.

For instance, one of the greatest costumes for a big dog is a lion wig – it won’t bother Fido and you’ll get to have the time of your life with your best pal.

About the author
Wyatt Robinson
Wyatt Robinson

Wyatt Robinson had a great 25-years career as a veterinarian in United Kingdom. He used to be a member of British Veterinary Association and worked in 3 pet hospitals in London and Manchester. He is shining when he sees his pets healthy and full of energy and it is his duty to help other dog owners to keep their best friends full of life.

  • Matt Quinn

    The rottweiler does not have any temper problem. If it does then it is the fault of the owner. Not the dog. And if you have trained your dog to walk well on the lead, like you should regardless of the breed, then your lead arm need not be well worked out. An inaccurate article enforcing the already unnecessary bad reputation the breed has.

    • Hello Matt,
      The temper problem mentioned here is exactly that: if not trained correctly he/she will be difficult to keep on track as the dog is quite energetic and needs an authority figure in its life. No dog is born violent and we don’t even dare to think that. However, without proper training, some breeds tend to be more difficult than the others.

  • DeathFromTheShadows

    The Rottweiler does not nor never HAS had a temper issue. It didn’t surprise me in the LEAST when I found out this author was from the UK where this myth started. The truth was exposed when the Rottie became very popular in England Proper, and lead to eventual inbreeding for the purpose of unadulterated greed. ANY dog that was inbred can NOT be listed as characteristic of the breed, due to the known specific issues that it develops such as bipolar personality, excessive aggression, joint degeneration that results in excessive pain and as a result, irritability… But sadly pseudoscience reigned on this and reality was hidden from the world.

  • Megan

    I have two pit bulls, one boy, one girl, and each are very kind and friendly. It depends on how you train them, they weren’t originally used for fighting, people just saw that they were muscular and decided to train them to fight. Just like any other dog small or big it depends on how you train them. They can be the most kind and gentle breed you just have to train them right. I had neighbors who trained them to fight which was sad because I literally watched them die. I couldn’t do anything either, it was all the owners fault. It’s just like when we are at war and the enemy steals our people and brainwashes them. They didn’t want that and they can’t help it or do anything about it. They were never supposed to be fighting dogs we just made them that way, and by we I mean the bad people who torture dogs because training them to fight is torture. This is coming to you from a 15 year old. Thank you for your time.

    • We greatly appreciate your opinion, Megan! It is nice to know that even young girls like you are doing more than what they can, all for the sake of our beloved dogs.

      • Megan

        Thank you Mr.Robinson I appreciate it?

        • You are very welcome! You can learn more about dog health and care from other articles here at dogsaholic, and feel free to ask if you have any further questions. We are here to help!

    • Edina

      You could have done something actually about the neighbor’s dog, like calling animal control or a shelter for example…. :( Why turn a blind eye to animal cruelty?!?!

  • Sam Spencer

    No Bull Terrier? It’s basically all muscle and arguably the pound for pound strongest. What about English Mastiff’s & Bullmastiff’s?

    • Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs are strong, and they live the look. However, there are far more stronger dogs than them.

  • Luke Slawinski

    There are far more powerful dogs the top two should be boerboel an Caucasian orchava both can reach 100 kg while being athletic easily the two strongest dogs

    • While the list is non-exhaustive, your recommendations are indeed some of the strongest dogs we have right now.

  • She must’ve gotten scared, but I’m sure she’ll have this as a learning experience.

  • LordCheezus

    English bull terrier

    • Wyatt Robinson

      Definitely a strong breed in terms of looks and physical strength. However, there are a lot more stronger dogs before the English Bull Terrier.

  • Wayne

    Wondering why the Great Pyrenees isn’t in this list. I have 2 boys. My older boy(5yrs) tore a loose pitbull apart that tried to attack my son while they where on a walk. I heard the commotion, came running and had to pull my Pyr off the pit. By the time I got the pits neck out of my dogs mouth he was not in good shape. Also you should see my fence! My Pyr jumps and pushes on it and the metal beams have been bent beyond repair not to mention they have broke the gate latches so now there are 3 latches and 3 chains holding the gate closed. Last note… Throughout history they have been used to protect against wolves, bear, etc… Just saying. Otherwise great article. Thanks…

    • Wyatt Robinson

      This article is non-exhaustive, Wayne. Although I would have to agree that the Great Pyrenees is a very strong dog breed, and has enough stamina and mass to support its immense strength. It is also one of the solid colored dog breeds that are worth considering if you are looking for a powerful dog in your home.

  • Bruce O’Handley

    Not only should the Belgian Malinois made this list, but been at the absolute TOP of it. They absolutely bury the German Shepherd when it comes to raw athleticism. If there were one breed that was close to being the perfect athlete, it is the Malinois.

    • Wyatt Robinson

      It was a tough call, Bruce. But your points are duly noted and we do adore the Belgian Malinois. Its speed, wit, and heart are definitely unquestionable.

    • Mikaela Myers

      Um the GSD is a lot stronger than a Belgian Malinois! They would easily take down one.